What Sport Would Your Favorite Superhero Play?

Growing up as a kid we all wanted super powers. Maybe you wanted to have the ability to fly with grace, yet possess the strength to throw around a mid-sized sedan. Or, maybe you wanted to be able to sling yourself throughout the city, saving damsels in distress and beating down crooks. Whatever super power you wanted, Saturday morning cartoons and comic books helped you get as close to being a super hero as possible.

Beginning in the 1930s and 1940s, comic book superheroes began to dominate American pop-culture. Beginning with the rise of Superman in 1938, the comic book industry offered a form of entertainment to a generation that had suffered through the First World War, the Great Depression, and the impending doom from Hitler’s Nazi empire. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Captain America were all hailed as the rag tag bunch of characters that millions of children idolized and wanted to help fight evil.

What began as a somewhat modest industry during the interwar years boomed into a multi-million-dollar industry by the end of WWII. With the massive growth in consumerism, millions of kids began to soar off their couches and back yard picnic tables into the heavens, only to realize they were still just another Midwestern kid from Ohio.

There is no doubt that even by adding just one of your favorite superheroes to your favorite team would make them instant championship contenders. As a kid, we would have loved to see the Hulk play football or the Flash play outfield for the New York Yankees. Hell, most of them would be amazing at any sport they suited up for (except Wolverine playing volleyball for obvious reasons). Have you ever thought about who you’d want on your team? Here is a list of the top 10 superheroes and what sports they would be best suited for.


11 Thor - Baseball

With the strength of 1,000 men and help from his hammer Mjolnir, Thor would be best suited on a Major League Baseball team. While you wouldn’t find him in the field, he would have to play in the American League as a DH. The endurance he has would help to keep him going throughout the 162-game season, while his hammer would provide a home run for every at bat. His teamwork with the Avengers would also help him win over teammates in the clubhouse, although his temper can get the best of him at times. Thor would need a calm and level-headed manager to hold him back from arguing balls and strikes for his team to be successful.

10 Daredevil - Mixed Martial Arts


Growing up blind has helped Daredevil hone his senses past the point of any normal human being. While he may be blind, his greatest asset is his proximity radar ability to sense where people are at and what they are doing. Daredevil probably wouldn’t do too well in a team sport environment, so his best sport has to be martial arts or something that is one on one. His dad was a boxer and he taught Daredevil to fight from an early age. His uncanny ability to throw a hook, catlike reflexes, and his cane doubling as a fighting baton combine to make him deadly in any hand to hand combat situation.

9 The Flash - Baseball Outfield/Football Wide Receiver

While there are several superheroes that would shine in multiple sports, the Crimson Comet’s ability to run at breakneck speeds gives him an edge in individual and team sports. Individually, he would destroy Usain Bolt in any race, and he would run laps around marathoners from Kenya. In a team environment, his speed and agility would best suit him in the outfield on any baseball team or going deep as a WR on the football field. In baseball, the Flash would be able to patrol the outfield all by himself, allowing the other two outfielders to cover the gaps in the infield. On the gridiron, no cornerback in the NFL would be able to cover him off the line and he would routinely find himself in the end zone as long as his quarterback has the arm strength.

8 Wolverine - MMA


With a healing factor that allows him to regenerate his health, Wolverine would be best suited for the octagon in the UFC. While he is a member of the X-Men, Wolverine is more of a lone ranger who often leaves the group to go battle his emotional demons. By becoming a UFC fighter, Wolverine would be able to channel his strength, fighting skills, and durability en route to becoming the greatest fighter we have ever seen. His animalistic instincts would also help him to release a “fight or flight” response that would scare the crap out of any opponent. Skilled in various martial arts, his berserker rage mode would allow him to pull off any TKO within the first round so that he can get back to cozying up with the ringside girls.

7 Green Lantern - Basketball

As long as Green Lantern has his power ring, he can do just about anything he wants to. With powers ranging from force field generation to teleportation and hypnosis, the Green Lantern is the wild card on any sports team. For our purposes, I could definitely see him on the basketball court as a point guard. By using his force field, no defender would be able to get their hands on the ball while in his possession. This would allow him to dribble up the court and effectively create a one man team, similar to what Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks have this season. On defense, all he would have to do is hypnotize whoever has the ball and he would be there to pick it up and breakaway. While it may be frowned upon, Green Lantern would also be the world’s best cherry picker, as he could teleport himself back and forth under the basket, just needing an outlet pass to score.

6 Captain America - Hockey


Originally a small and frail young man, Steve Rogers became the face in the fight against the Nazi’s during the 1940s after undergoing Vita Ray and super solider serum treatment. By doing so, he transformed into a brick S#&! house of muscle and brawn, as he helped the US government win WWII. Rogers is a total package athlete and would be best suited in a team sport environment. He would be best served as a member of the US hockey team as he has the agility, strength, and endurance to play a complete game. With the ability to have his energy replenish by itself, Captain America wouldn't require very many line changes and his military experience allows him to be a field general for his team. Trained by the US Army in hand-to-hand combat, he would also be a hell of an enforcer on the ice; think of Frazer McLaren on steroids.

5 The Hulk - American Football

Although Bruce Banner is a calm and reserved physicist, don’t get on his bad side, unless you want to see all hell break loose. When in distress, Banner transforms into the Hulk and his strength, durability, and regeneration all increase as his stress levels rise. For this reason, he would be a great football player. In fact, he could probably be the entire team by himself. On offense, nobody would be able to tackle him, like a much larger version of Jerome Bettis. Defensively, the Hulk possesses the agility and strength to be the toughest linebacker in football. Its also been said that he can resist psychic control, which would suit him well when he lines up against Richard Sherman and his trash talking persona on the football field.


4 Iron Man - Golf


Tony Stark likes the finer things in life. And it’s no secret that the billionaire philanthropist isn’t always a team player. With his suit of armor, Iron Man has enough speed, strength, and technology on his side to rival any other superhero. He was trained in combat tactics from Captain America for a brief period of time, so he is certainly capable of putting up a good fight. However, with his smart-ass attitude and extravagant lifestyle, he is probably best suited to be a professional golfer. One the course, he would be able to leisurely tee off and talk a little smack to whoever he is paired up with. His ability to fly would mean that he could play through a round of golf in under an hour, which leaves him plenty of time to make some drinks and mingle with the ladies back at the clubhouse.

3 Spiderman - Basketball

His intellect and radioactive spider bite have helped Peter Parker to become somewhat reserved and alone. In a team setting, he would be best suited on a basketball team for one reason; his web shooters. On defense, all Spiderman would have to do is shoot a web at the ball and pull it back to him whether it is being dribbled up the court or shot from the floor. On offense, his web shooters would help to wrap up defenders and clear the way for his teammates to drive to the hoop or take open shots.

2 Batman - American Football (Coach)


While Bruce Wayne does not have any inherent physical superpowers, he is well versed in various languages and cultures, and business. His intellect would help him to become one of the greatest coaches in NFL history. After his brief playing career as a linebacker or defensive end, Batman would go on to coach and win several Super Bowls. His physical stature and dark personality would help him to get the most out of his players, striking fear into referees on the sidelines and players during practice. His expertise in combat methods and planning would help him to coach up his players to their highest levels of potential, while his methodical game-planning would ensure success on the field and in the offseason.

1 Superman - Every Sport

There probably isn’t one sport that Superman would excel more at than any other. He is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and he can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Seriously, those skills translate to success in anything requiring physical abilities. He could shoot a hockey puck or soccer ball with rocket speed, bulldoze over any defender on the football field, and use his jumping ability to block any shot in basketball. As long as the opposing team doesn’t keep green kryptonite in the Gatorade cooler, Superman will lead any team to a championship.


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