Highest-Paid MLB Umpires - Average Salary of MLB Umpire

How Much Does an MLB Umpire Make?

By looking at the website of Major League Baseball, individuals will be able to learn the amount of money the referees earn. The referees earn around $120,000 at the first part of the season if they start out in the big league. When you are a referee for the MLB, you will not be free for the rest of the year because the umpires have a pretty hectic schedule. During the spring, around 162 matches are schedules. However, the amount of money they take home is pretty good. Not to mention the fact that they get free clothing, hotel accommodation and first class tickets. They also receive four weeks of paid vacation. This is definitely a rewarding career to get into.

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2 Salary Range for the Major League Baseball Referee

As of October 2009, CNN announced that the umpires take home a salary between $84,000 to $300,000 each year. They receive $340 worth of allowance for every game they officiate. Each umpire will start out in the minor leagues where the wages start off at $1,800 a month.

1 Qualification

The umpire will be required to graduate from the Harry Wendelstedt School for Umpires or the Professional Umpiring School. The Professional Baseball Umpiring Corp. will evaluate the top graduates where they will  then recommend the top choices to the MLB.

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