Sports Agents Who Will Bring You More Millions

If you are an athlete and you want a sports agent who will genuinely care about you and your family, then go get Jerry Maguire to represent you. Of course, he was able to treat Rod Tidwell, the wide receiver of the Arizona Cardinals, like family because Tidwell was his only client.

If you want an agent who can rake in the money for you, then you will need someone who is cold-blooded and focused in his dealings. Here now is a list of the top 15 sports agents in the business that can do the job for you.

15 Cary Agajanian, Motorsports Management International

Cary Agajanian is the principal behind Motorsports Management International. He represents practically every major sanctioning body in motorsports in the United States. He also represents several of the top drivers in NASCAR and IndyCar, including Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth. The base salaries of the drivers have increased tremendously because of Agajanian’s negotiation skills. Top drivers’ earnings are also now in the millions.

14 Peter Carlisle, Octagon Olympics & Action Sports

Peter Carlisle is the Director of Octagon Olympics & Action Sports. He represents athletes in the Olympics and extreme sports, including Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark. He is also the agent for Michael Phelps, who was able to keep most of his endorsement deals despite a controversial picture showing him puffing on a bong.

13 Ben Dogra, CAA Football Division

Ben Dogra is the co-chief of CAA Football Division. He is a low-profile agent who represents Robert Griffin III and Luke Joeckel. He was also behind Mario Williams’ $96 million contract with the Buffalo Bills.

12 Neil Cornrich, NC Sports

Neil Cornrich is the President of NC Sports. He has an impressive clientele from professional and collegiate football coaches to players. Among the coaches he represents are Bill Belichick, Bob Stoops, Bo Pelini, Kirk Ferentz, Todd Graham and Bret Bielema. He is also the agent of NFL players like Marshal Yanda, Ted Ginn Jr., Riley Reiff and Montee Ball. He was most impressive when he got a favorable $1.65 million contract for Ron Prince, the Kansas State head coach who got fired. He also got Pep Hamilton, the offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts, a contract larger than some head coaches.

11 David Dunn, Athletes’ First

David Dunn is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Athletes’ First. He is considered as one of the best agents in the world, rebuilding his agency after being suspended by the NFL Player’s Association for 18 months. He represents Wes Welker, Clay Matthews, Ed Reed, Matt Cassel, Mark Sanchez and Aaron Rodgers, the owner of one of the biggest contracts in the league.

10 Mark Steinberg, Excel Sports Management

Mark Steinberg is more than just a sports agent, he also helps in image rehabilitation and crisis management. As a partner in Excel Sports Management, he helped control the fallout from the scandal faced by Tiger Woods a few years ago. He has also represented Annika Sorenstam and Vijay Singh.

9 Leon Rose, CAA

Leon Rose is the basketball division chief of CAA. He used to represent Lebron James, but James has since left for another agent. Rose still represents superstars like Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, as well as sixth man of the year J.R. Smith. He also used to handle Allen Iverson and Eddy Curry, who got a $60 million contract from the New York Knicks despite a suspected heart condition.

8 Fernando Cuza, SFX Baseball

Fernando Cuza is the President of SFX Baseball. He has signed more baseball players from Latin America than any other agent. He was responsible for Miguel Cabrera’s monster $152 million contract, as well as Alfonso Soriano’s $136 million deal. He also got an ageing David Ortiz a two-year $26 million contract with the Boston Red Sox.

7 Jeff Schwartz, Excel Sports Management

Jeff Schwartz is the President of Excel Sports Management. He represents Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce, Brandon Jennings and around 30 other players. He got the Los Angeles Clippers to offer $8.2 million to Lamar Odom despite Odom’s off year with the Dallas Mavericks.

6 Eugene Parker, Relativity Sports

Eugene Parker is a partner and contract advisor of Relativity Sports. He represents players like Larry Fitzgerald and Devin Hester. He got Ndamukong Suh a five-year $68 million contract after holding out against the Detroit Lions.

5 Drew Rosenhaus, Rosenhaus Sports

Drew Rosenhaus is the owner of Rosenhaus Sports. He represents more than 170 clients, mostly in the NFL where he has negotiated $2 billion in contracts. He helped Rob Gronkowski get a $54 million contract and NaVorro Bowman a $45 million deal. He also got Willie McGahee drafted in the first round despite the latter tearing off three ligaments in his knee. Rosenhaus also handled Terrell Owens, who signed a huge contract with the Dallas Cowboys after a messy split up with the Philadelphia Eagles.

4 Don Meehan, Newport Agency

Don Meehan is the President of the Newport Agency. He represents more than 125 players from the NHL, including the likes of P.K. Subban, Henrik Lundqvist and Steven Stamkos. He is so powerful that he can make tough guys from the league back off. When Chris Chelios said that Meehan was undermining the Player’s Association, Chelios immediately retracted after Meehan threatened to sue him for libel.

3 Arn Tellem, Wasserman Media Group

Arn Tellem is the Vice Chairman of the Wasserman Media Group. His client list includes 46 NBA players, of which 12 are all stars, including Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook. Six of his clients have maximum contracts, and for the 2012-13 season, his players earned $274 million.

2 Scott Boras, Boras Corporation

Scott Boras is the President of Boras Corporation. He is known for negotiating some of the biggest deals in baseball. Some of those deals have been markedly overpriced. Among his clients are Alex Rodriguez, Barry Zito, Jason Varitek and J.D. Drew.

1 Tom Condon, CAA

Tom Condon is the football division chief of CAA. He has around 80 clients, including Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford and Matt Ryan. Those are a who’s who of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league. He also represents Elvis Dumervil and Manti Te’o.

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