Top 20 Sexiest Female Athletes You May Not Know

It just makes sense: an athlete must train their body to make it the best and most efficient competition machine, and the glorious side effect is that their bodies become works of art. As appreciators of all things attractive we thought it was our civic duty to share the word of some of the best-looking women who take part in the sports world but aren’t exactly household names. You won’t find women like Anna Kournikova or Ronda Rousey here but we assure you, there are a lot of women you’ll enjoy discovering.

Our rules for qualifying were extremely simple. Potential entries had to have spent years focusing on a sport and they had to be someone that die-hard fans may not be aware of. It was not a requirement, that potential entries take part in sports on a professional level, though. We’re not saying that every reader will not be aware of all the entries that follow, but we do believe that most people wouldn’t know the majority of the women who made the cut. Enjoy.

20 Michelle Waterson

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An American mixed martial artist who is accomplished enough to have been signed by the sport’s biggest entity, the UFC, Michelle is a former Invicta FC Atomweight Champion. At one time named the top fighter in her weight class by the Unified Women’s Mixed Marital Arts Rankings, Michelle won her UFC debut by submission in the third round. Of Thai descent, Michelle had a burgeoning model career going before she started her fighting career and with looks like hers, it is extremely easy to see why.

19 Laisa Andrioli

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A Brazilian football (or soccer depending on your country of origin) player, Laisa sexy image deserves a hell of a lot more attention, perhaps even more so than her athletic career. An international sensation while she was still in her early twenties, she has been called the hottest woman in her sport by the few who know her for good reason. Having posed nude for an international version of Playboy as well as Sexy Magazine, whose name is certainly on the nose accurate for this cover girl, if North America knew more about her, soccer might be a lot more popular.

18 Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

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Apparently CrossFit has become a big enough juggernaut of the fitness world that some people have managed to become pros in the medium, including this Canadian stunner. Having previously qualified to compete for Canada’s weightlifting national championship; she tried her hand at gymnastics, volleyball, half marathons, skiing, rugby, and even flag football in her youth. A ripped brunette with a muscular and feminine body, she proves that beauty doesn’t come in only one body type.

17 Ellen Hoog

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There is just something about the women from the Netherlands that we enjoy. A Dutch field hockey player who is a member of their national team, her sport requires her to constantly be moving back and forth on a field which has clearly crafted one hell of a body. A part of an accomplished team that has won the world championship, the Europeans once, nationals twice and the World Hockey League Championships in 2013, her greatest achievement has to be two Olympic Gold Medals. Selected alongside her teammate, Eva de Goede, by Sports Illustrated to take part in a swimsuit photoshoot, despite her teammate being smoking, it’s Ellen and her glorious butt we cherish.

16 Alana Blanchard

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A professional surfer who has won competitions in Hawaii, Spain, Maui and Kauai she took first place in shortboard at T&C Women’s Pipeline Championships in 2005. Equally adept at modeling, she works for the company Rip Curl, where she serves as a designer of swimwear and wetsuits alongside serving as a model for the company. A business woman with an appreciation for how her fellow surfers happen to be, she announced plans to open The Surf Look, a sports/modeling agency for surfers. A dirty blonde delicacy with a body that looks so good in a bikini or less, there isn’t an inch of her the world doesn’t want to see.

15 Skylar Diggins

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A member of the WNBA’s Dallas Wings, Skylar led Notre Dame to three consecutive Final Fours and two consecutive NCAA championship appearances before she went pro. A 2014 WNBA All-Star, she scored twenty-seven points in the game which put her at the top of her team’s list of highest scorers and then won the yearly Most Improved Player Award. A statuesque woman with stunning good looks, she has modeled for Vogue and Sports Illustrated, where she too got the swimsuit treatment, which resulted in fantastic photos.

14 Rachel Cummins

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Called the hottest MMA fighter not named Ronda by Busted Coverage, prior to her professional debut fight, it is safe to say that Rachel’s looks are noteworthy for her sport and the athletic world in general. With a pro record of three wins to two losses, The Panther, as she has been nicknamed, won a unanimous decision the last time she fought. A beautiful brunette who looks like she is just as likely to kick your ass or take you home, her tight body may be a fighting machine but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy looking at it.

13 Silje Norendal

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A snowboarder from Norway, Silje’s looks certainly play perfectly into the world’s idea of her country’s magnificent blonde women. Having won gold at the Winter X Games Europe in 2013 and both first and second place in the 2014 and 2015 Winter X Games respectively, she also competed in the 2014 winter Olympics. A model for Nike, she has two hundred and sixty-seven thousand followers on Instagram alone, which makes perfect sense since it is simply a feed of images of this angelic athlete.

12 Antonija Sandrić (nee Misura)

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Another basketball player, Antonija competes for the Croatian national team and as part of the Toulouse Métropole Basket in the Ligue Féminine de Basketball as a point and shooting guard. Similar to the other women listed here, she is typically considered one of the sexiest athletes in the world but unlike her peers, she hasn’t played into that image. Declining the vast majority of the modeling gigs that have been offered to her, and it appears there have been a lot of opportunities, we can only imagine her popularity would be a lot greater if she’d taken more jobs. That means that almost every image of her has been taken while she competes, covered in sweat and with her hair tied up in a bun or ponytail but she still sends tongues wagging. Need we say more?

11 Soo Yeon Lee

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People may not consider table tennis to be a sport but we’re certain that after a few moments of watching the pros playing, any question whether these people are athletes should wash away. Having appeared in movies as well as on shows like Entourage, The Tonight Show, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians as herself, she is arguably her sports most visible figure but that’s not saying much. Her work as a model for brands like Nike and Adidas or in the fashion world where she is often placed in revealing clothes is what interests us the most. A slender woman with an elegant and beautiful face, her visage is a great one to behold.

10 Meghan Hardin

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While Natalie Gulbis was disqualified from this list due to the immense coverage her looks have garnered over the years, Meghan should be her spiritual successor. After turning down several scholarship offers, Meghan delved headlong into the golfing world, where she was the youngest player to ever be featured on the Golf Channel’s Big break series. Described as a part-time model, this blonde bombshell’s massive bust and sweet smile have helped earn her more photo opportunities than much higher ranked golfers.

9 Marta Menegatti

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Beach Volleyball, is the sport that when played by ladies, features ravishing women from across the world wearing butt-baring bikini bottoms and tiny tops. Is it any wonder that this sport attracts such incredible looking ladies and makes great television? Marta, an Italian who competed at the 2012 summer Olympics in London, alongside her partner Greta Cicolari, she qualified for the quarter-finals before losing their second match. Here’s hoping that Marta, a woman who despite her incredible looks hasn’t received nearly as much attention as other attractive athletes, takes some modeling work soon as we can only imagine how hot those photos would be.

8 Eugenie Bouchard

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The first Canadian tennis player to compete in the finals of a Grand Slam Singles competition, she placed second in 2014 after she’d won the Wimbledon girls' title in 2012. In fact, in 2013, she won the WTA Newcomer of the Year award which goes to show how talented a player she really is. Signed by companies like Coca-Cola, Rogers Communications, Pinty’s, Nike, Aviva Canada, and Babolat over the years, her name and image has become highly coveted by marketers. Signed by agents in 2014, she quickly landed a modeling deal, to the surprise of nobody who’d witnessed how attractive she is, Eugenie is one of the prettiest women to have ever picked up a racket.

7 Blair O’Neal

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Another buxom blonde who has earned her living in large part due to her golfing skills, the looks Blair brings and her accomplished swing landed her a part on Golf Channel’s School of Golf. A competitor on and winner of Golf Channel’s Big Break Dominican Republic, she won her way onto the LPGA tour, an incredible opportunity. Taking the top slot on Golf.com’s Most Beautiful Women in Golf list, it certainly seems like they wouldn’t have had to struggle over that decision for much more than a second.

6 Sally Fitzgibbons

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A surfer who traveled the world as a part of the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour over the years, if you live near a beach that gets nice waves, this lady may have been in a town near you. Having won events in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Brazil, France, and Fiji amongst others, she began to make a significant impact on the surfing world at the young age of fourteen. A professional model on the side, Sally’s sexy midriff, bodacious behind and foxy face makes her one of the most alluring athletes alive.

5 Anastasia Ashley

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Let’s keep riding this wave by looking at another stunning surfer. The recipient of the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award, Anastasia won her first national title when she was just 16, before going on to win several other competitions. Also a part time magazine and fashion model, she was featured in the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, an extremely coveted gig, as well as appearing for Maxim in the same year. Looking great in anything and everything she does, this dazzling lady doesn’t appear to have a single negative feature that we can see. We’re open to examining her further at a moment’s notice, so if all the companies could employ her and take more photos, we’d be pretty cool with that.

4 Anna Semenovich

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Wow, just wow. Anna, a former ice dancer who teamed with male partners to win the Finland trophy twice, she competed for the Grand Prix of Figure Skating and won the Bronze medal at the 2000 Russian Championships. After her sports career came to an end, she became a singer, actress, and model whose curvaceous body won her cover shots for magazines like Maxim and Playboy. Although she has a pretty face and hips that just won’t quit, anyone with eyes has to realize that it is her glorious tits that make her so remarkable.

3 Sierra Blair-Coyle

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Who knew there was such a thing as a professional rock climber? A member of the US team, she was the 2005 and 2007 SCS Nationals NationalSpeed Champion and she has competed and placed in twenty-five other rock climbing competitions. Sponsored by nine separate companies, including Bluewater, and Asana, her career has also gained the attention of Sports Illustrated, Teen Vogue, and Self Magazine to name just a select few. An incredibly fit young woman, the photos that earned her place here include shots of her taking part in her sport of choice due to the tight clothes and revealing poses she finds herself in.

2 Leryn Franco

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A track and field athlete who specializes in the javelin throw, her ability to throw spears may be deadly but we’d say people are more likely to drop dead of a heart attack if they got to see her in real life. A competitor at the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Summer Olympics, she never won a medal but just qualifying, again and again, is absolutely impressive. The fact that she also competed in beauty contests during this period, including placing second at the 2006 Miss Universo Paraguay as well as taking part in the Miss Bikini of the Universe pageant blows our minds. Chosen to model for the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Leryn has appeared on film and the catwalk in various stages of undress over the years. How in the hell, did she not take first place on our list you ask? Keep looking and reading to see.

1 Allison Stokke

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An internet phenomenon at one time after photos of her pole vaulting spread online without any effort of her own, Allison has become a sex symbol for a select few but is virtually unknown by most of society. Now a professional vaulter and model for Nike and Athleta, she also crafted a relationship with GoPro cameras, she uses their equipment to record her training, which results in footage of her body. Gifted with a butt for the ages, her rack is small but sweet and her face is fabulous enough that she is definitely the hottest female athlete you may not have heard of.


Sources: SportsIllustrated

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