Top 20 Sexiest Athlete Wives and Girlfriends: Past and Present

Athletes seem to have it all: fame, fortune, and beautiful girlfriends and wives. As we all know, it is hard to make a marriage last. Yet how much harder is it when you are both so well-to-do and downright gorgeous?! The women on this list have not always been able to make a marriage last, but they have looked mighty well while involved in a romantic relationship!

Most of these women are models, or very well could be. Others are musicians, actresses, or television personalities. In fact, it may be difficult for athletes to find a significant other who is just as awesome as they are. Well, these ladies are great choices! And they are also strong and independent, making them great role models for the rest of us out there.

We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about these ladies. It is always nice to get an idea of the girlfriends and wives who are on the sidelines at games, or sneaking around in the locker room! After reading this list, you may very well find these gorgeous women scattered across the glossy covers and pages of some of your favorite magazines.

20 Elisabeth Hasselbeck - Married to Tim Hasselbeck

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Most of us know Elisabeth Hasselbeck from her co-host position on The View, but she also appeared on Survivor and The Look for Less, back in the day. She has always been stylish and is a proud mommy to three adorable kids: Grace Elisabeth, Taylor Thomas, and Isaiah. She is married to Tim Hasselbeck, who played in the NFL and also works as a sports analyst. Score for him! Besides being one hot wife, Elisabeth is also an outspoken conservative, speaking about topics such as her bout with Celiac Disease (drop the bread basket!) Republicans, the United States’ war tactics, and abortion.

19 Elisha Cuthbert - Married to Dion Phaneuf

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While being a sexy wife to NHL star Dion Phaneuf of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Elisha Cuthbert has had it kind of rough! She was recently in the midst of a sex scandal (naturally) between her husband and his teammate Joffrey Lupul. The proof is in the tweets, apparently. Elisha is getting slammed with claims and criticism, and it is not even the first time it has happened to her! Back in 2009 she was caught up in a fiasco involving her ex-boo, Sean Avery. Ouch. She can’t help it if she’s hot. Hopefully Elisha can get a break soon!

18 Kendra Wilkinson - Married to Hank Baskett

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Back in 2008 Kendra Wilkinson began her lovey-dovey relationship with Hank Baskett of Indianapolis Colts fame. Kendra was crashing at the Playboy mansion before turning over a new leaf. Now she is expecting her second child with the athlete, even though there has been infidelity. The couple is taking once again to the silver screen and will star in Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Here’s hoping it works! The blonde bombshell appears to have been using the “boot camp” to help her and her hubby push through therapy and get to the root of their probs. Watch the show and see for yourself!

17 Eliza Dushku - Dated Rick Fox

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What do you do when you are hot, hot, hot? You get involved with Rick Fox, former Los Angeles Laker and ex-husband of Vanessa Williams, date for five years, and then split. And then you pull a true Eliza Dushku and bash a British boy band on Twitter. Yes, really. Eliza Dushku is a hottie ex-girlfriend who is not afraid to fight for her right to partay. When she isn’t picking on young men with fabulous hair, she is being a gorgeous girlfriend. She uses and abuses ‘em all right. Yet, more power to her for ditching Fox and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree!

16 Niki Taylor - Married to Burney Lamar

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Niki Taylor is a beautiful supermodel and was at the peak of her modeling career in the 1990s. Nowadays she is a hottie wife to NASCAR driver Burney Lamar. If her name does not sound familiar, you may recognize her from her beyond-gorgeous spreads for CoverGirl and Sports Illustrated (swimsuit edition, of course!) Niki suffered injuries from a car accident back in 2001, but has since made a nice turn-around. She is still absolutely stunning (that lovely face was untouched in the accident) and she is a mommy, too! She has four children: Jake, Hunter, Ciel, and Rex. Hooray for happy endings!

15 Hilary Rhoda - Engaged to Sean Avery

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Supermodel, face of Estee Lauder, 2009 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model…Hilary Rhoda has it all! And now she can add cute-as-ever husband to her list of achievements. She recently announced her plans to marry Sean Avery, a former NHL player for the New York Rangers. This is not the first athlete lover Hilary has had; she was once the girlfriend of football player Mark Sanchez. Now Hilary is planning to tie the knot with Avery and the wedding is to be set in the Hamptons! Talk about lavish. What else will this woman do? Next on her list: complete world domination!

14 Irina Shayk - Dated Cristiano Ronaldo

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If the name is unfamiliar, then just visit her website. You will never want to look away. Irina Shayk is a drop-dead gorgeous Russian model and has won various awards for her work. She was also a host of Russia’s Next Top Model and even had a place in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games! She does charity work, too. So perfect…and oh yeah, she also had a romantic relationship with super-hot soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Before the butthead dumped her. She can definitely hold her own, so no worries about heartbreak getting her down! Say privet to Miss Awesome!

13 Nicole Scherzinger - Dating Lewis Hamilton

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You can blame the age difference or the competition between two totally gorgeous human beings. Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and Formula One world champ Lewis Hamilton called it quits a whopping four times. Talk about a tumultuous relationship. What keeps them coming back to each other? We can guess… When the two are together however, they are a star-studded combo of hot attraction. Nicole is definitely an independent woman though. She was a judge on the X Factor and has killer singing and dancing talent. She is also physically well-endowed, if we do say so ourselves. No wonder Lewis keeps coming back!

12 Kate Hudson - Dated Alex Rodriguez and Lance Armstrong

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11 Jessica White - Dated Terrell Owens

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Jessica White was a model for CoverGirl and appeared six times on Sport Illustrated’s swimsuit edition. She also was romantically involved with pro football player Terrell Owens but now calls Nick Cannon (Mariah Carey’s ex-husband) her main squeeze. And Jessica White can have anyone she very well wants! She is gorgeous, she is strong, and she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. It is reported that she is gaga for Nick, but she is being respectful of his split from Mariah and she really admires how good he is with his little kids. How very sweet!

10 Victoria Beckham - Married to David Beckham

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9 Brooklyn Decker - Married to Andy Roddick

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8 Abigail Clancy - Married to Peter Crouch

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Abigail Clancy certainly has a charmed life. On top of being so stunningly beautiful, she has a healthy and lovely 4-year-old daughter named Sophia and she is married to Peter Crouch, famed soccer player. Abbey and Peter are set to welcome a second child together as well! Even when she is pregnant, Abbey is a beauty; she is a lingerie model and has also been a television host. She also has some impressive honors to boot! She was the runner-up in the English version of Next Top Model and she won the celebrity competition Strictly Come Dancing. She is unstoppable!

7 Adriana Lima - Ex-Wife of Marko Jaric

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6 Julie Henderson - Dated Aaron Rodgers

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Julie Henderson began as a young girl in Texas, but she quickly catapulted her life and career, becoming a full-fledged model. She has experience in France and New York and has graced several magazine covers, such as Elle Girl, Teen Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Photo, and Vogue (the Italian version!) Another gorgeous woman who was featured on Sports Illustrated, Julie had a brief stint as an athlete’s significant other. She dated professional football player Aaron Rodgers for a bit before calling it quits. Odds are she will stray to a new athletic beau in the future! With her good looks, she can have anyone she wants!

5 Melissa Satta - Engaged to Kevin-Prince Boateng

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Melissa Satta is one of the hottest models out there, but sorry boys; she is taken! Melissa is currently engaged to Kevin-Prince Boateng, professional athlete and apparently, sex aficionado. In a statement, Melissa revealed that she and her boy toy get busy 7-10 times each week! Hey, hey, hey, and why not? Two gorgeous people need to let that pent-up energy out somehow. Melissa even went so far as to say that her fiancee’s hurt thigh was a result of their frequent hanky panky sessions. Wow, we like this girl’s moxie! Let’s hope that she and her hubby-to-be have a long, happy marriage.

4 Katherine Webb - Married to AJ McCarron

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Wife of NFL quarterback AJ McCarron as of 2014, Katherine Webb has got it all: a handsome husband, a beauty queen career, and the good looks to top her own wedding cake. She is now working as a model and is living the life! Her husband even proposed to her with a giant sparkling firecracker that he designed just for her. AW! Katherine is all over Instagram, so if you want to see just how gorgeous she is (and get totally jealous!) then hit her up! Hopefully Katherine will be a great lucky charm for AJ as he powers through another NFL season with the Cincinnati Bengals.

3 Cheryl Cole - Ex-Wife of Ashley Cole

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2 Eva Longoria - Ex-Wife of Tony Parker

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1 Gisele Bundchen - Married to Tom Brady

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We just had to put Gisele Bundchen as the number one, hottest wife of an athlete. She is the wife of Tom Brady and has the cutest kids ever: Benjamin and Vivian Lake. We have got to give it to Gisele; even though she is Brazilian (and thus, naturally beautiful), she is a wonderful human being. She works as a model, actress, and producer while serving as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme. Really, is there anything she can’t do? Have kids and still look fab? Check. Have a loving marriage to a pro athlete? Check. Top our list of sexiest athlete wives? Check check!

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