Top 15 Hottest Female Athletes We Want To See Bare It All

There’s something about female athletes that just impresses you. A mix of gorgeous looks combined with amazing athletic skill and the addition of uniforms can win you over too. Many a female athlete has used their fame in sports to become media darlings with endorsements and such and others are actually a bit more famous for their looks than any championships or winning drives. When a woman has a highly toned body, it’s only natural to show if off and many an athlete has done so. ESPN has had their “Body Issue” of female athletes tastefully nude and Playboy has garnered a few top notch athletes like Gabrielle Reece and Katarina Witt to show off for fans.

There are still plenty of hot athletes out there who have yet to show it all off, despite numerous attempts to get them to. Some want to be more professional and just go by their athletic work, others don’t want to hurt their sponsors and others just don’t want to for personal reasons. Still, one can hope they change their minds (Witt and Reece both waited a while before they nude spreads) and even if Playboy isn’t doing nudes anymore, there are plenty of other magazines that would jump at the chance to show any of these ladies off. Here are 15 of the hottest female athletes who would be terrific showing it all off and remind fans of how beauty and athletics go so well together.

15 Blair O’Neal

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She is better known for her looks than her actual golf game, it’s true. But what looks they are. Blonde hair framing a face marked by a bright smile, amazing legs and a nice chest, O’Neal has showcased all of these in various magazine spreads and endorsement deals. Many mock her for a lack of progress in golf and a bad game but O’Neal knows her fame lies much better with her beauty and works that nicely. A nude spread would be par for the course for a lady who has no championships but still an ace form for her fans to enjoy.

14 Natalie Coughlin

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As a swimmer, Coughlin is more than used to showing her body off in swimsuits. The multiple medal-winning champion is fantastic in the water with her form that wins you over huge and looks great dry as well with her great form and smile. She’s shown off in things like the red carpet and Sports Illustrated as well and one can imagine her showing off even more in a beach setting for a nude spread and feature her terrific form underwater to enjoy a lady able to dive into any form of sexiness.

13 Hannah Teter

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A standout of her sport, Teter is an Olympic gold-medalist and multiple X Games competitor and helping put snowboarding on the map as a serious sport. She’s also became famed for her absolutely stunning form, long blonde hair framing an attractive face and doing magazine shoots in nothing but boots and bikinis to showcase her very rocking body. Going full nude would be a very nice highlight for Teter and her fans as this is a woman whose sex appeal can melt any chill around her the less she has on.

12 Anna Kournikova

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To be blunt, even at the height of her career, Kournikova was better known for her looks than her talent. She had no major championships, often beaten badly but her gorgeous face, long blonde hair and great body made her a media darling. The Russian starlet was terrific in various magazine shoots with her toned legs and build and amazing smile to boot. Retired after injury, Anna keeps busy with charity stuff and a nude shoot isn’t out of the question as her game on court wasn’t much but she had plenty when it came to sexiness.

11 Hilary Knight

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She may not look flashy on the ice but Knight has amazing skills, arguably the best female hockey player on the planet with multiple Golds at the World Championships and some Olympic medal as well. Her long dark hair is great and she showed off memorably for ESPN Magazine to show a stunningly curvaceous body. Knight was covering the most important parts but her daring doesn’t make it impossible she can be far more open in the future. If she does, it will be a great showcase for her as beautiful as she is talented and skating nicely for male fantasies.

10 Gina Carano

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She retired from regular fighting in 2009 but Carano is still notable for paving the way for other women in MMA, proving a woman could take the nasty hits and blows as well as any man could. Her dark hair and intense features are offset by a great body with toned arms legs and chest, showing off in various magazines. Carano has moved to movies like Deadpool and it’s not out of the realm of possibility she shows off sometime there to impress with a very great body belonging to a woman who can easily kick your ass with style.

9 Jennie Finch

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She’s the classic case of “All-American girl next door” looks with her dazzling smile and blonde hair mixed with a very hot body. But Finch is also tops in the softball game, leading the U.S. Olympics team to gold and silver and respected for her game. Yet her body has been shown on display at the beach and other places, terrific curves even better than her game. Showing it all off may wreck her image a bit but add to Finch’s wider appeal and show her form off nicely.

8 Lindsey Vonn

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There’s something about ladies in winter sports that intrigues, those bodies all bundled up yet looking quite hot. Vonn is one of the best, four World Cup Championships and Olympic gold among her numerous achievements. She keeps her blonde hair pulled under her cap while skiing but has shown on the red carpet a terrific body backed by some nice spreads in Maxim and ESPN among others. Just imagine her doffing it in a snow-backed setting and Vonn can easily provide plenty of heat to warm up a cold winter night.

7 The Williams Sisters

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They are the most dominant pair tennis has known, Venus and Serena smashing records with more championships than most can dream of. Their power is amazing, their bodies showing toned arms and muscles that have allowed them to dominate all competition. Their beauty is just as great, showing off in ESPN and other places, both very curvaceous and stacked in the right places to win fans over. A dual spread might be a bit much but either sister is fantastic for a nude spread and be as dominant there as they are on the tennis court.

6 Sydney Leroux

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Born in Canada, Leroux emigrated to the U.S. as a child and is currently one of the best players on the nation’s soccer team. Her dark skin and hair make her stand out as does her fantastic play helping the team to gold and championships and great fame. Leroux also looks amazing on the red carpet at events with outfits to show off her nice chest and while she doesn’t flaunt it as much as others, it’s clear her form is amazing. Doffing it all could get even more attention and show Leroux as the hottest of her teammates and soccer not such a dull sport after all.

5 Danica Patrick

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She’s more notable for her lack of main wins but Patrick is still great in the field of race car driving, tops with her skill and handling herself well in what’s been a male-dominated field. Her lush dark hair and attractive face are great but she’s shown off in Maxim a fantastic body and the Go Daddy commercials adding to her fantastic sex appeal. She’d rather be taken seriously on the race track but you can imagine Patrick showing that sexy body in full on a car hood and get more than a few fans’ engines revving up.

4 Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh

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You can’t think of one without the other. The most dominant beach volleyball pair in history, May and Walsh have combined to win three Olympic gold medals and more championships than can be counted. Rocking bikini tops and shorts well, the two ladies are the perfect team spiking balls with skill and looking fantastic doing it. The blonde and brunette mix are a fun motif as their chemistry on the beach is undeniable. Either one of them would be great to show off but one can dream of them doing a dual spread, united as ever and proving their teamwork in sexiness as well as athleticism.

3 Trish Stratus

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Numerous times, Playboy came calling for the WWE Diva but she always turned them down. Starting off as pure eye candy, Stratus soon morphed into one of the best workers in WWE, a terrific wrestler with sex appeal to spare. That stunning chest and even better rear were always showcased in tight outfits to entice fans and made her segments and matches highlights. Today retired and brunette, Stratus remains in great shape to handle her yoga studios and while she has resisted so much before, one can dream she agrees to show she still has the knockout body to top any Diva past or present for fans to love.

2 Ronda Rousey

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She dominated MMA for so long and was taking off in movies as well before her stunning upset loss to Holly Holm last year. Despite that, Rousey remains one of the top attractions of UFC, her upcoming return sure to be a big deal and add to her fame. Her fantastic fighting form is offset by a terrific body with a firm chest and rear and that tight mid-section as well. She had a shot in the ESPN Body Issue and a paint-on bikini in Sports Illustrated but to see her doff it all would be very impressive. She prefers not to, judged by her work in the octagon yet one can dream of Rousey giving her male fans what they want big time.

1 Maria Sharapova

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She’s in a bit of trouble now over admitting to breaking some drug rules but Sharapova is still regarded as one of the best tennis players around. The gorgeous blonde is the only Russian (male or female) to win a Grand Slam and showcases an amazing form on the court as she plays. She’s shown off in bikini numerous times with her lovely legs and alluring accent and even with her current troubles, is still tops for many fans. To show it all off would be a fun thing and even win her back some attention to show her very top form.

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