Top 15 Hottest 2014 Sochi Olympic Medalists

I can’t believe this one hadn’t been done yet! Looking through the Sochi-related articles up here on the site, nobody decided to do an after-action report on which of the numerous stunning female participants actually decided to show up and win something. Thus an idea was born, and I had yet another excuse to write about gorgeous women who are good at sports. With the Olympics roughly a month over and all the smoke having settled, it is most definitely time to take a look back and further congratulate, and look in awe, at some of the 10’s who won medals in Russia last month. I’m a huge fan of physically capable women. While I’m not saying I demand women to look like those who appeared in our “Hottest Female Bodybuilders” article, there is something unique and sensationally hot about a girl who can fire a slapshot at my head.

I am upset that the Olympic committee has not returned any of my phone calls, emails or written letters detailing some of the changes that should take place for the next set of Winter Games. My major complaint to the Olympic committee is that hitting is still not allowed in women’s hockey. It’s 2014 now and women are not second class citizens (in most Olympic participant countries). They are strong, fit and capable, so if the men can throw their weight around, let the ladies do it too. But enough of my ranting, here is a list of gorgeous women who took home medals from Sochi.

To paraphrase a usual disclaimer: there are more beautiful medal winners than just 15 so this list is by no means objective. We gladly accept criticism of both membership and ranking order in the comments section. With that said, it may be better for all of us if you all just sit back in your chairs and enjoy looking at the women. Time to return to Russia with lust and enjoy the hottest female medalists from the 2014 games.

This was originally a top 10, but I couldn’t decide on 10 and even 15 was tough. There were a lot of beautiful Olympians and quite a few of them won medals.

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15 Ashley Wagner

Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports Images

Ashley Wagner was a member of the American figure skating team that won the bronze in Sochi. As a child, she was told that she could either choose ballet or figure skating. Thank God she chose skating. She has been competing internationally since 2005, when she was 14. Now 22, she is a teammate of Gracie Gold, who will be seen later on this list. I feel like this is a theme in this article, but the Winter Olympics sure does bring out some awesome looking blonds.

14 Julia Dujmovitz

There has to be something in the water in Austria. Or maybe they just have just discovered some gene that makes incredible good looking, medal winning snowboarders. Dujmovitz took home the gold in parallel slalom in Sochi and looked truly fantastic while doing it. In other international competitions, she has also won gold and silver in 2013.

13 Elena Nikitina

I have a whole lot of respect for anyone willing to hop on a massive skate with a platform and go top speed down a track. Luge and skeleton are thoroughly terrifying concepts. Football and hockey are two sports that I grew up on, and still have cherished memories of being hit and dishing out hits, both dealt and received. With that said, luge and skeleton introduces a whole new level of danger, but people still participate in these events, and the hottest at Sochi was the gold medallist Elena Nikitina.

12 Lara Gut

Sergei Belski/USA TODAY Sports Images

The number twelve beauty on this list is Lara Gut, the 22 year old Swiss skier who took home the bronze in the downhill last month. She started skiing on the World Cup circuit at age 16 and has had an impressive career already. She is the second youngest Swiss woman to hold the national super-G title. Not only that, she is also the youngest person ever to win a skiing World Cup super-G race, which she accomplished back in 2008. Aside from an injury which sidelined her for 2010, she has been steadily achieving podiums in the World Cup and as previously stated, took bronze in Sochi. Along with that, if you direct your eyes up slightly, you’ll see that she is also very good looking.

11 Elena Ilinykh

Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports Images

The fact that this beauty was born in Kazakhstan really makes me wonder: did tourism improve from the movie Borat or not? It’s interesting how the brain works sometimes. But my stream of consciousness aside, Ilinykh took the gold medal with the Russian team and took the bronze in ice dancing.

10 Christina Bertrup

I had to include a curler on this list and I chose Bertrup for one reason. She took silver with her team and at 37 years old, she is absolutely stunning and looks like she could pass for 10-15 years younger. I don’t care how old she is, or how old she says she is, or how old she looks, she is a great athlete and a truly awesome looking woman.

9 Tessa Virtue

Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports Images

Tessa Virtue and her partner Scott Moir won two silvers at Sochi and took the gold back in 2010. She bares a slight resemblance to Kristen Stewart, but prettier and with actual facial expressions, both of which are excellent. Another positive, there are no overly emotional vampires following her. Finally, as we can all see during competition, she has a much nicer body.

8 Therese Johaug

Guy Rhodes/USA TODAY Sports Images

I’m glad I was able to include a Norwegian on this list but it isn’t my favorite Norwegian lady from the Sochi games, Silja Norendal. Norendal gets an honorable mention here, because she wins the gold medal in being possibly the best looking woman at Sochi. Johaug is great looking too however, and after winning gold in Vancouver and more recently taking a silver and a bronze in cross country skiing events just over a month ago, I’m happy to put this gorgeous girl on the list.

7 Tina Maze

I hate that I’m paraphrasing the guy who slept with Stifler’s mom in American Pie here, but Tina Maze just seems to get better with age. She first appeared in the Olympics at age 18 back in Salt Lake City, and also participated in Turin, but not receiving any medals. In Vancouver she performed well, winning silver in both super-G and giant slalom. Her best Olympic performance yet was at Sochi in which she took gold in both giant slalom and downhill.

6 Julia Mancuso

Julia Mancuso won the gold in giant slalom back in Turin, two silvers in Vancouver and most recently she won the bronze in combined at Sochi. In 2006, she was just 21 when she competed in the games. Eight years later she is still an example of everything awesome and gorgeous that the United States has to offer. Will we see her in another Olympics four years down the road? I’m not concerned either way, but if we do, I’m betting she’ll still be hot.

5 Gracie Gold

Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports Images

Even though I am now into my mid-20’s, I still fondly remember the days when I used to hit on gorgeous blond 18 year olds. But enough about last week, 18 year old Gracie Gold is an amazing looking figure skater from the US who took the bronze medal in the team figure skating event. She is another Olympian who has a twin sister, but she has yet to win her Olympic medal.

4 Jamie Anderson

Her presence on this list pretty much goes without saying. I’m a decent skier, but a very subpar snowboarder. This is mostly because I can’t keep my eyes on the hill with all these gorgeous snowboarding girls around. Maybe it’s my artic Canadian upbringing speaking here, but there is something paralyzingly sexy about a girl decked out in boarding gear, with a touque (“warm winter hat”, for the non-Canucks out there) on, blond hair shooting out from under that touque, and gorgeous blue eyes. That’s Jamie Anderson, did I mention she’s also a medalist? She won the slopestyle event at Sochi, which was exciting to watch whether or not the competitors were gorgeous.

3 Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe (The 3rd Sister Maxime gets an honorable mention)

There are a lot of great reasons to visit scenic Montreal, Canada. Family Guy’s best character Glenn Quagmire alluded to the beauty of Montreal and its strip clubs in a song back in the episode “Bigfat.” That said, there is more to Montreal and indeed Canada, than full nude strip clubs and beer. There are tons of amazingly attractive women from the province of Quebec. Many of them also have cute French accents. That brings me to the two Montreal gals who took gold and silver in Sochi, and their also pretty sister who did not medal in that competition. All three are hot and the younger two are medalists. By far the prettiest is Justine, the 19 year old sister who took the gold, but the fact that there are three of them and they’re all attractive helps their ranking significantly.

2 Anna Fenninger

Is it just me or does Austria seem to be one of those places that just specializes in beautiful women? I also notice that this is a skier dominated list, but I don’t care, they’re all so beautiful. It’s not like the international women’s bobsleigh federation is going to come after me for not including members of their sport. Unless they read this and do come after me. If that happens, expect a lengthy and informative feature article. But back to the gorgeous Austrian, Fenninger is now 24 years old and started competing at 17. Her first medal in Olympic competition was a gold last month. Apart from skiing, she is also active in wildlife conservation, being an avid supporter of causes mainly aimed at preventing cheetahs from becoming extinct. Cheetahs are pretty awesome cats, and I’m a fan of their cheesy corn-based snack food too. All bad cheetah jokes aside, Anna Fenninger is an astoundingly beautiful woman.

1 Mikaela Shiffrin

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/USA TODAY Sports Images

Another beautiful young American on this list, Shiffrin won the gold in slalom a month ago, along with many of our hearts. She started competing in World Championship events back in 2010 at just 15 years old, which is the minimum age requirement for such events. Funny that that’s the minimum age for skiing competitions, isn’t it also the maximum age for marriage in some parts of the world? Gross. But I digress. She also celebrated her 19th birthday recently, which leaves her still unable to drink in most of the United States. In Canada, however, she’s now legal across our wonderful nation. So this is an open invitation: Ms. Shiffrin feel free to come party with me in Ottawa, our nation’s capital. Hit me up on Twitter to let me know when you’re on your way.

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