15Derek Jeter - New York Yankees

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The New York Yankees lucked out with Derek Jeter instantly becoming the face of the historic franchise during the late 90s dynasty. Jeter would lead the Yankees franchise for many years and never looked to join another team. The fan base made it clear the Yankees would have

to pay Jeter big to keep their beloved superstar for the entirety of his career. Heck, the shortstop icon could probably run for New York mayor and win the vote.

Jeter embodied everything fans want in an athlete. The captain of the Yankees hustled on every play, left his all on the field and treated the game with respect. You never saw him involved in bickering or controversy with other players unless it was one-sided with someone going after him. Jeter retired in 2014 with the memorable moment of hitting a game-winning single in his final home game as a member of the New York Yankees.

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