Top 10 most Valuable Soccer Teams in the World

Soccer is the biggest professional sporting game in the world. This particular sport is played by billions of people all across the globe in almost every nation. Millions upon millions of people tune

Soccer is the biggest professional sporting game in the world. This particular sport is played by billions of people all across the globe in almost every nation. Millions upon millions of people tune in to watch local soccer games being played in their home nations as well as their home towns. The game is not only number one in terms of ratings and popularity it also generates more revenue than any other type of sport on the planet.

Almost every country on the Earth has a soccer league that allows various cities within their borders to compete against each other for awards, recognition and financial prizes. Teams not only compete against each other for accolades and money they also serve the purpose of generating revenue for the cities and organizations that provide them support. All soccer leagues and franchises are businesses and since they serve this function each team is valued at a certain amount.

Teams that are situated in cities with extremely large populations tend to be valued more than organizations that operate in smaller markets. The top 10 most profitable soccer franchises on the planet are spread out over 4 different nations and 4 different leagues. Five of the top 10 franchises have an estimated value of about 10 billion dollars and they are able to generate close to 3 billion dollars annually. Here is a list of the top 10 soccer franchises in the world and how much money the produce over a given season.

10 FC Schalke

Football Club Schalke is a German based soccer franchise that has been in existence for well over a century. FC Schalke was established in 1904 and since that time they have won…. Ventis Arena is home for FC Schalke and the Executive Board members of this sports club is Horst Heldt, Alexander Jobst and Peter Peters. FC Schalke is the second biggest soccer club in the nation of Germany and they're also referred to as the Royal Blues and the Miners. This club is valued at $587 million dollars and generates $293 million dollars annually. Blue and white are the team's primary colors but they are sometimes known to wear red and navy blue. This team competes in Germany's Bundesliga League.

9 Juventus

Juventus is Italy's first soccer club that was formed during the last few years of the 19th century in 1897. This organization is valued at $591 million dollars and produces $223 million in profits. Juventus competes in Italy's Series A League. This particular club is Italy's largest and most respected sports organization. They are also supported by millions of lfans at home and abroad. Juventus Stadium is the home team's home arena and the organization's primary colors are black and white though they sometimes wear uniforms that are black, white and pink. The team is owned by the Agneli Family through an Italian investing company known as Exor S.p.A.

8 Liverpool

The United Kingdom's Premier League sponsors some of the most profitable soccer teams in the world. Liverpool F.C. is also known as the Reds and their team colors are red, black, silver and gray. The organization was founded in 1892 and is worth $619 million dollars. Liverpool amasses a total sum of $295 million dollars each year and they are the 7th most valuable soccer franchise on the planet. Their home games are played at Anfield stadium and the organization is owned by the Fenway Sports Group.

7 Chelsea F.C.

Chelsea Football Club is another U.K. Premier League team that ranked as the 6th most valuable franchise in the world. Chelsea is priced at $761 million dollars and they generate $362 million a year in profits. Chelsea was founded in 1905 and the team's colors are designated light blue, white and yellow and black. Chelsea FC is owned by Roman Abramovich and the team is uses Stamford Bridge stadium as their home arena.

6 AC Milan

AC Milan was first established in 1899 and this team competes in the Serie A Italian league. The organization is valued $989 million dollars and it produces a $341 million dollar a year income. Red, white and black are the franchises colors and they're owned by Silvio Berlusconi. The team plays their games at San Siro, Milan. AC Milan is also known as the Devils and the Red and Blacks. This franchise is the most supported team within the nation of Italy and the continent of Europe.

5 Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is Germany's most successful soccer team Germany in terms of awards and financial value. The organization is worth over $1.2 billion dollars and it generates about $466 million dollars annually. The German Gundesliga League is where the organization competes and this sporting club is owned and operated by former team members. Uni Hoenels is the current president of the organization and the club's colors are red, white, yellow and black.

4 Arsenal F.C.

Arsenal F.C. is situated in London, England and is considered the 4th most expensive soccer team in the world. This franchise was founded in 1886 and it displays the colors of red, white, blue and yellow. Arsenal Football Club is priced at $1.3 billion dollars and it generates $364 million a year in profits. The team plays its home games at Emirates Stadium. The Gunners is team's nickname and this sports club is owned by Arsenal Holdings PLC.

3 Barcelona F.C.

The Spanish soccer team Barcelona F.C. wears the colors blue, yellow, black, orange and red within their different uniforms and they were founded in 1899. The team is one of the most recognized soccer franchises in the world and they are worth $1.3 billion dollars. Barcelona F.C. is managed by former team players and Sandro Rosell is the current president of the club. This organization makes $653 million dollars a year in profits. Camp Nou is where the team plays its home games. La Liga is the name of the Spanish league where this franchise competes.

2 Real Madrid

Real Madrid is a top rated Spanish soccer team that is internationally known as one of the best sports franchises of all time. Over the years this soccer franchise has produced more stars, amassed more trophies and defeated more opponents than almost any other soccer franchise that has ever existed. Real Madrid is valued at $1.8 billion dollars and the organization is so successful that it generates close to $700 million dollars a year. Real Madrid made its way into the world of soccer in 1902 and the team plays its home games as Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. The team's colors are white, dark blue and green. The organization is also managed by former players and the team president is Florentino Perez. Real Madrid competes in the La Liga in Spain.

1 Manchester United

Many people in the world who are not even soccer fans probably heard of the most highly valued soccer team in history, the Manchester United. This particular soccer club is based in Manchester, England and it is the most highly decorated soccer team in the world. The team's colors are red, white, black and blue and they are currently valued at $3 billion dollars. No other franchise, regardless of sport, is valued at this amount. The team produces over a half a billion dollars each year. Manchester United is owned by the Glazer family and they play their home games at Old Trafford stadium. The organization was established in 1878 and is one of the oldest professional sports organizations of all time.

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Top 10 most Valuable Soccer Teams in the World