Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Stadiums In The World

When people need to get away from their troubles, they usually turn to leisure activities. One of the most popular leisure activities today is watching sports. Attending your favorite team’s sporting event could change your life and inspire you in ways you never thought possible. But...did you ever stop to think about what holds these massive sporting spectacles? You may be guzzling down the beer and wolfing down the nachos, but those nacho and beer stands are all part of the wonders of the stadium or arena you've entered. When you start to look around at these venues, one question always pops into your mind: how much did these things cost? Well, let's take a look at the top ten most expensive sports stadiums in the world today. Prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor.

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10 Jamsil Olympic Stadium -- Seoul South, Korea -- $923 million

Via gagadaily.com

South Korea is the source of much controversy in today's world, but back in the 1980s, Seoul's Jamsil Olympic Stadium became the focus of the sporting world. Hosting the 1988 Summer Olympic Games, South Korea's gem of a stadium clocks in at a whopping $923 million worth of construction. Originally built for hosting the Asian Games (which they did in 1986), the stadium was only used for major events such as the Asian Games and the Olympic Summer Games. After those two events, the stadium was used to host a Korean football team and their matches. Seating is listed at around 100,000 and definitely shouldn't be missed if travelling in the South Pacific.

9 Rogers Centre -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- $930 million

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The Rogers Centre propels Canada onto this top ten list, worth approximately $930 million. With a beautiful view of the CN Tower, this stadium is truly unique. It supports a 348-room hotel. Even better, a small portion of those rooms actually overlook the baseball field the Rogers Centre holds. While the $900 million-plus stadium anchors the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball, it also doubles as a football stadium. The Toronto Argonauts, playing for the Canadian Football League, clash on the gridiron in the wondrous Rogers Centre. The lavish stadium was previously known as the Skydome. However, that all changed in 2005 when the media company 'Rogers Communications' laid claim to the stadium. It seats 49,539.

8 Stade de France -- Saint Denis, France -- $974 million

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Housing 80,000 people and built for a cool $974 million, the eight spot belongs to the Stade de France. Located in Saint Denis, France, this strand houses a slew of football and rugby teams, including the French national football team. Rugby is a huge sport in France and the stadium also plays host to the French rugby union team. Shifting to a more international spotlight, this particular stadium has been used to showcase the top football teams of the world. The Stade de France hosted the 1998 FIFA World Cup Final (France beat Brazil 3-0). The Stade de France houses 80,000 attendees.

7 Nissan Stadium -- Yokohama, Japan -- $990 million

Via commons.wikimedia.org

In 1999, Yokohama, Japan opened up a brand new stadium to the world. Dubbed Nissan Stadium, this bowl took just a sliver under $1 billion to construct ($990 million to be exact). Also known as 'International Stadium Yokohama', the stadium holds 72,327 eager folks. Most of the time, these anxious fans are there to support their football team, the Yokohama F. Marinos. Sharing a piece of history with the Stade de France (listed above); Nissan Stadium also hosted a FIFA World Cup Final in 2002. In 2020, the stadium is slated to host the Summer Olympic Games.

6 Madison Square Garden -- New York, New York -- $1.1 billion

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Known by some as only MSG, the legendary Madison Square Garden is the first stadium in this list to hop over the $1 billion mark. Costing a massive $1.1 billion to build, the centerpiece of New York was constructed in 1968. Playing host to the New York Knicks, this iconic stadium has become a staple in American popular culture. If you visit New York, you have to visit The Garden. This building plays host to everything, from concerts to sporting events and everything in between. Madison Square Garden is also known for hosting the first sports entertainment spectacular, the event that established Hulk Hogan as an American hero and became The Grandest Stage of Them All. Yes, Madison Square Garden hosted the first WrestleMania. It seats 19,793.

5 Wembley Stadium -- London, England -- $1.35 billion

Via stadionwelt.de

Kicking off the front half of the list, we have to travel across the pond to find the next most expensive sports stadium. Known to hold massive concerts and major sports events, Wembley Stadium houses a whopping 90,000 attendees. Constructed in 2007, the popular London venue was built for $1.35 billion. The stadium actually sits on the grounds of the previous Wembley Stadium, which was demolished in 2003. The gigantic stadium plays host to the English national football team, as well as the FA Cup Final. When the NFL heads overseas to play games, Wembley Stadium is the go-to choice for the League. With 90,000 people packed into the stands, Wembley Stadium (surprisingly) is only the second largest stadium in Europe.

4 AT&T Stadium -- Dallas, Texas -- $1.4 billion

Via thescoopblog.dallasnews.com

"Everything is bigger in Texas." Well, maybe not the biggest, but coming in at the fourth spot is AT&T Stadium, home to the NFL's Dallas Cowboys. Owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones is no stranger to flashing his money around. That's why it shouldn't come as a shock to find out that AT&T Stadium was constructed for $1.4 billion in 2009. The money sure does shine through, as the stadium houses a gargantuan high-definition television that domineers over the center of the stadium. With all this room, it may come as a shock to learn that the arena only holds 80,000 people. Still, AT&T Stadium continues to host everything from concerts to collegiate sports championships and even motocross races.

3 Olympic Stadium -- Montreal, Quebec, Canada -- $1.47 billion

Via en.wikipedia.org

We head back to Canada, Montreal to be precise, to find the third most expensive sports stadium in the world. The Montreal Olympic Stadium may be the oddest arena on this list. It's not because of its $1.47 billion price tag. It's not even because of its ability to hold  only 66,308 people. It may be the oddest on this list because it isn't used on a consistent basis. Up until 2004, the stadium held MLB's Montreal Expos home games. When the team moved to Washington, D.C. in 2004, the stadium was left without a friend. Yes, Olympic Stadium still hosts soccer matches, music festivals, and even the odd football game. But, many have begun to wonder how much longer the stadium will hold up. Who will lay claim to this concrete behemoth and make it their home?

2 Yankees Stadium -- New York, New York -- $1.50 billion

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2009 was a big year for American sports fans. Not only did the Dallas Cowboys snatch themselves up a sharp looking new stadium, but the city of New York didn't do too badly for itself, either. The brand new Yankees Stadium was built next to the classic Yankees Stadium that came before it. Many fans were wrestling with their emotions regarding the new stadium. Will the legends be killed when the old stadium goes away? Once the stadium was opened, most fans accepted the change. The Yankees had 1.5 billion reasons to hope the fans liked the new stadium. With one-and-a-half billion dollars invested into the construction of the ballpark, all eyes were centered on New York when the Yankees played their first home game in the new stadium.

1 MetLife Stadium -- East Rutherford, New Jersey -- $1.6 billion

Via hightimes.com

New York is greedy. No, that's not a slam on the city itself. They're greedy because they have taken the top two spots on this list. While technically located in New Jersey, the city of New York decided to locate their two football teams in this one stadium. MetLife Stadium cost $1.6 billion to build. Home to the NFL's New York Jets and Giants, MetLife Stadium packs in hundreds of thousands of fans per year. Not only do NFL teams play there every Sunday, but the venue also plays host to a variety of other activities. In 2013, it hosted WrestleMania 29, which packed in over 80,000 fans.

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