Top 10 Most Expensive Concessions at Sporting Events

Have you ever gone to a baseball game or other sporting event and longed for some of the foods they have on display? These snacks can be very enjoyable and in some cases a unique experience. They can range from relatively simple things like fruit slices on a stick to classic two-foot-long hot dogs to hamburgers that have Krispy Kreme doughnuts as buns. There are also local delicacies like cheese steaks in Philadelphia, chicken and waffles in Atlanta, deep dish pizza in Chicago and pulled pork barbeque sandwiches throughout North Carolina.

These places can have many foods of interest to sports fans, but many of them don't come cheap. For instance, during the 2013 MLB season, the most affordable beer you could purchase at a Washington Nationals game was $8 for a sixteen-ounce can. Meanwhile, a twenty-ounce bottle of Coca-Cola at the same Nationals game would go for around $5.

In other words, you're clearly going to spend lots of money to get concessions at an average sporting event, unless of course you go during a special promotion like a one-dollar hot dog day. That same bottle of Coke you'd get for $1.50 at a convenience store will be a luxury at a game. Still, there are plenty of foods that are worth even more money than the staples you'd expect to find at a stadium.

This listing of the most expensive concessions at sporting events includes a variety of different foods that are unique to certain venues. However, the novelty comes at a price, as many places will charge huge premiums just so people can say that they've tried out one of these crazy dishes. The experience may be worth it as you probably won't be able to enjoy some of these foods anywhere outside of where they originated from, and in some cases the associated health risks make it better that way.

10 New York Yankees - Lobel's Prime Beef Sandwich - $15

NYC's Lobel's is a prominent sandwich shop on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. It has been noted for making fine prime beef sandwiches for more than 170 years and today it has many of its sandwiches on sale at New York Yankees games at Yankee Stadium. These sandwiches are made with fine ingredients and cooked to the exact specifications of each client. However, you will have to pay $15 to get your hands on a sandwich like this at Yankee Stadium. This doesn't even come with any additional side orders like chips, fries or even a drink to go with it. However, the sandwich itself is made with prime cuts of meat to make it all the more appealing to the average customer.

9 Miami Marlins - Supreme Helmet Nachos - $16

The Supreme Helmet Nachos that the Miami Marlins sell at Marlins Park will set you back only $16. Much of the expense comes from the large collectible helmet that you'll get to bring home with you once you're done. The nachos themselves include salsa, jalepenos, cheese, chili and green sauce all mixed into one entrée. The nachos are piled high inside the helmet to allow for easy sharing with people surrounding you during a game. The price tag could be worth it for some, as it can take several innings to finish one of these badboys off.

8 Toronto FC - Triple Pork Poutine - $18

The Toronto FC MLS soccer team has a product called the Triple Pork Poutine that is available for $18 US at its games. This poutine, served at BMO Field, is the stadium's take on a food that is particularly popular in Canada. It features fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, plus a series of meats. It includes bacon, pulled pork and sausage all mixed up into one heart attack waiting to happen. It's served in a box that is large enough for two and makes for a new twist on an interesting and classic staple of Canadian cuisine. It only makes sense for it to be sold in Canada; after all, poutine is so popular that you can actually order it in McDonald's locations in Quebec.

7 Los Angeles Dodgers - Victory Knot - $20

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a unique take on the soft pretzel called the Victory Knot. It is a large two-pound pretzel designed in the shape of a traditional soft pretzel. It is covered in salt, although a customer could also order it without salt if one is particularly health conscious. It is served with sweet cream cheese, mustard and beer cheese and is so large that it comes in a regular-size pizza box. If there's one pretzel that's worth about two hours of work from the person who made it, this would be the one.

6 Baltimore Orioles - Crab Cakes - $20

The crab cake is a delicacy that is extremely popular in the state of Maryland. The Baltimore Orioles capitalize on the popularity of the local cuisine, selling Maryland crab cakes at their games at Camden Yards. Two crab cakes are typically served straight up on a plate where you'll have enough space to share them with a friend. However, you will have to fork out $20 just to give it a try. If you don't want to part with a 20, you could go for she-crab soup for $7. They are also served in burger form.

5 Oakland Athletics - Ball-Tip Sandwich - $23

Be prepared to shell out $23 if you want to order a Ball-Tip Sandwich at an Oakland Athletics game. This sandwich is is so large it needs to be cut in half to fit in its packaging. It comes from the nearby Kinder's Meats shop and features chopped sirloin with barbeque sauce plus lettuce and tomato. It also comes with a side order of chips. The sandwich is very close to a foot long, making it big enough to share. Even if it wasn't the price tag alone is enough to make you want to split it with a friend.

4 Texas Rangers - The Boomstick - $26

The Boomstick is a massive hot dog that's available at Texas Rangers baseball games in Arlington. The two-foot-long hot dog is covered in chili, jalepenos, nacho cheese and carmelized onions. The Broomstick is made on a freshly-prepared potato bun that is surprisingly strong enough to handle the weight and length of the hot dog. While this is a very unique concession, it also costs a steep $26. Then again, it is strongly recommended that you consume this with at least one or two other people as it is often too large for just one person to eat alone, or to even hold on to.

3 Texas Rangers - The Murph-a-dilla - $26

The Murph-a-dilla gets its name from Dale Murphy, a former baseball player who was a star in the 1980s. This twenty-four-inch-long beef brisket quesadilla is believed to be Murphy's favourite snack. It's stacked up on top of a pile of Doritos chips. This mega quesadilla has to be placed on its own custom-made paper tray and is recommended to be served among three or four people at a time. The product's value is around $26, thus making it easy to share and to cut up for people to enjoy at a game. It makes sense that the price of the Murph-a-dilla is quite far from what Murphy's number was when he played. His #3 is retired by the Atlanta Braves. Still, a three-dollar meal like this would be the biggest bargain in all of sports, if it were the case.

2 Houston Rockets - Surf 'n Turf Nachos - $48

The Houston Rockets basketball team has a unique order of nachos at the Toyota Center called the Surf 'n Turf. The dish includes a lobster and ribeye steak, mixed in with a series of nacho chips, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes and peppers. The meats that come with this are the big part of why it costs $48, but it is a very unique item that sets the stadium apart from other venues in the NBA. It is typically best for customers to order this in advance as it can take an extended period of time to prepare.

1 Washington Nationals - The Strasburger - $59

If you have $59 to spare at a Washington Nationals baseball game, why not pick up a Strasburger. Named after Nationals star pitcher Stephen Strasburg, the burger features a design similar to that of a McDonald's Big Mac. It features a series of peppers and olives on toothpicks placed at the very top to keep the burger in place. If you're wondering why this hamburger costs almost 60 bucks, it's because it weighs in at an earth shattering eight pounds. Unfortunately, the stadium does not have any promotions stating that you can get it for free if you eat it on your own. The lawsuits it would inevitably receive from people suffering from cardiac arrest during games would simply not be worth it. Strasburg wore number 37 on his jersey during his playing career. The Nationals would probably sell more of these beastly burgers if the price was a little closer to that number, or way below it. We won't even tell you how many calories it is. On second thought, it's 10,000 calories.

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