Top 10 Hottest Sports Personalities Who Posed for Playboy

Hugh Hefner is one hell of a man. He has literally built a respectable sized empire off of getting women to remove their clothes. On top of that, he lives in a mansion with an ever changing set of gorgeous women. I have so much admiration for this man that there won’t even be any Viagra/old age jokes. He was even honored at one of the first New York Friars’ Club roasts to be broadcast on television.

Heff started off his career at a time when it was in no way socially acceptable to publish a magazine that contained nudity, but because it offered a product that men wanted all the time (don’t hit up the comments section and deny it, lads, you want it all the time), it became a massive hit and is successful to this day. He and Larry Flynt were true trailblazers not only for the pornography business, but also for freedom of expression and art. Not only that, their contributions to society stand as a glorious and unavoidable middle finger to all things uptight and puritanical.

To follow is a list of the top 10 sexiest female sports personalities that have posed for Playboy. We've used the term sports personalities as opposed to athletes because in order to have the freedom to include women involved with sports, but not exclusively athletes, and mostly just for the three gorgeous ladies who as a group, occupy the number one spot. This list is somewhat subjective, so look up others (there are over 20 more athletes/women involved with sports who have posed for the magazine) and “educate” us in the comments section. If any of my family are reading this, you sent me to Catholic school and this is an example of me rebelling against every aspect of the experience.

Side note: Heff has yet to respond to my list of requests for the 2014 Winter Olympics edition of Playboy, but it includes the three Canadian sisters who participated in moguls. But they all seem like sweethearts, so it makes me feel guilty to even write this as a joke. Other than that, Jamie Anderson (USA Snowboarder) and Silje Norendal (Norway Snowboarder) and a couple of the Austrians. Damn it, Hefner, you’ve ruined me!

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10 Anita Marks – Football: 2002

These days Anita Marks is a radio personality and sideline reporter for football. She has worked for radio stations in Baltimore and the New York area and has covered both the United Football league and the NFL. She currently works for WFAN in New York along with a few other radio stations and is a regular for Giants pre-game shows. Prior to her broadcasting career, she was a women’s football quarterback who played for the Miami Fury and the Florida stingrays from 2000 to 2004. She’s also pretty hot. She posed for Playboy in 2002 and it was simply great.

9 Torrie Wilson and Sable – WWE: 1999, 2003 and 2004 (Between the 2 of them)

8 Katarina Witt – Figure Skating: 1998

This two-time Olympic gold medalist and four-time world champion posed naked for Playboy, which was pretty awesome. Interesting little fact: she posed at 33 years old. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this but, athletes age really well. In her photo-shoot, she said that part of her goal was to shed the image of the cute ice princess that figure skaters usually have. Goal completed.

7 Ineta Radevica – Track and Field: 2004

Ever hear the quote "legs till Monday?" Radevica posed before the 2004 Summer Olympics during which she placed 13th in triple jump and 20th in long jump. I’m not concerned with her performance in sport at this point because she is one fantastic looking woman, and in an article like this, that’s what counts. The Latvian never won medals in World Championships or the Olympics but while at the University of Nebraska she won two NCAA Championships. I’ve never said this before in my life but GO CORNHUSKERS!

6 Katharina Scholz – Field Hockey: 2008

There was an old commercial, for some product I can't remember, featuring a guy playing field hockey with a bunch of women and being roughed up. I can also remember thinking that it looks like a fun time. But enough about my sadomasochism. Scholz was a member of the 2008 German Olympic field hockey team. In that same year she posed for Playboy and if I had seen it back then, I would have cheered for Germany.

5 Christy Hemme – WWE: 2005

This is a stranger entry as Christy Hemme needed to ask her father for permission to pose for Playboy. Pops was a slight roadblock for Christy before she posed for Playboy. Nonetheless, the WWE star got it done and again, I can’t say a bad thing about it, and if you’re a heterosexual male, you probably agree. She’s a model, former wrestler, former wrestling manager, singer in more than one band and currently works as a ring announcer and interviewer. For the purposes of this article however, Christy Hemme is a gorgeous babe without clothes. God bless America!

4 Haley Cope – Swimming: 2004

She’s an Olympic medalist, having won silver in 2004, a multiple time world champion and at one point she was the world record holder for the best 50 meter backstroke. She won all her medals throughout the early 2000’s, participating in both long course and short course swimming events. Her Playboy appearance was in the same year as her Olympic medal, and after that she retired from competing, opting instead for a career as a coach; operating her own swimming school.

3 Maria Kanellis – WWE: 2008

This woman is ridiculously good looking in addition to being multi-talented. Interesting how those two can go together. She was a WWE wrestler for years and has also wrestled with a number of other promotions. She also released an album, but it didn’t do so well, so the jury is still out on whether her “multi-talented” label can include singing. She has however, had some success acting in various small roles and in a couple of appearances on reality TV shows. She was originally against the idea of posing for Pl+ayboy, due to pressures from her family, but in 2008, she did it. Thank God.

2 Ashley Harkleroad – Tennis: 2008

Oh Ashley Harkleroad, the first professional tennis player to ever pose for Playboy. It’s interesting that Jennifer Capriati dated a male adult entertainer, Dale Dabone, for years but never tried out the business. On the other hand it’s devastating that Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova never decided to get in touch with Mr. Hefner. In terms of her tennis career, however, she was never among the top players in any way other than looks. She said in an interview that Amanda Beard’s Playboy appearance was an inspiration to do her own. After the 2008 French Open, she announced the decision and after seeing the results, I think you’ll agree with me that it was a good one.

1 Three UFC Octagon Girls: Rachelle Leah, Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer – 2008, 2010, 2012

If you disagree with these goddesses as the number one choice, it's possible you're an informant for Al Qaeda or possibly the North Koreans. All three are “drop dead gorgeous," simply put. Brittany, the blonde, is an absolute knockout while Rachelle Leah is absurdly sexy, needless to say. Finally, Arianny, probably the most well-known of all UFC octagon girls, is unbelievably good looking, not to mention a body so hot it could melt the polar ice caps quicker than global warming (if you believe in that). All three are perfect 10’s and all three have posed for Playboy. Now all we need is for all three to sign a one-time film contract with Naughty America (or another adult film distributor with a girl-girl site) and we’re all set. I’m convinced a scene like that would bring about world peace. No pun here. Not necessary.

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