Top 10 Highest-Earning Sports Women in 2014

Women's participation in sports rose in a very impressive manner in the 20th century, especially in the last quarter, reflecting changes in the contemporary sport sectors that emphasized gender equality. Although the level of involvement, performance and achievement still varies greatly by nation and by sport, sports women today have broad acceptance and popularity worldwide. In a few sports, such as figure skating or even tennis, these women have rivalled and edged their male counterparts in performance, popularity and earnings.

In terms of earnings, much like the heavyweight sports men of today, sports women also make millions of dollars in prize money a year. In addition to that, these women also have profitable endorsement deals with various companies, manufacturers and major corporations that provide them with playing equipment, and more. Several of those women also act as the spokespeople for the brands they represent. Therefore, regardless of their performance on their field of play, their ability to gain popularity and earn a lot of money through sponsorships and prizes is by no means a fluke.

Some of these 10 women on our list below have been playing their game for years, and are today the crème de la crème of their field of play, with their prize money, endorsements and salaries clearly reflecting that. So, without further ado, here we list the top 10 highest-earning sports women in 2014.

10 Paula Creamer - Golf - $5.5 million

Paula Creamer is an American professional golfer who turned pro in 2004. Her victory in the 2005's Sybase Classic made her the second-youngest winner in the LPGA event. She has 11 professional wins under her belt, with 9 wins in the LPGA Tour and 2 wins in the LPGA of Japan Tour. Creamer won the 2010 U.S. Women's Open, making it her best result in LPGA Major Championships. She has been ranked as high as no. 2 in the Women's World Golf Rankings. The 27-year-old currently lives in Windermere, Florida, and has a yearly income of $5.5 million. She is the youngest player in the LPGA tour to amass career winnings of $1 million. Creamer also makes about $4.5 million from several endorsement deals.

9 Ana Ivanovic - Tennis - $7 million

8 Agnieszka Radwanska - Tennis - $7.4 million

Agnieszka Radwanska is a professional tennis player, turned pro in April, 2005. In 2006, she won the WTA award for the Most Impressive Newcomer. She was ranked No. 2 in the world in 2012 and is currently no. 5 in the WTA rankings for singles. Radwanska reached the final of Wimbledon in 2012, and became the first Polish player in the Open Era to reach a Grand Slam singles final. Known for her intelligent use of the court and ability to construct points, the 24-year-old has won 13 WTA singles titles and 2 ITF singles events. She has a yearly income of $7.4 million, and makes about $2.5 million from endorsements.

7 Caroline Wozniacki - Tennis - $13.6 million

6 Kim Yuna - Figure Skating - $14 million

Kim Yuna is a South Korean figure skater who began skating in 1996. She won an Olympic Gold Medal in the 2010 Vancouver Ladies' Singles event, and was the Four Continents champion in 2009. She is a three-time Grand Prix Final champion, a six-time South Korean national champion, the 2006 World Junior champion and the 2005 Junior Grand Prix Final champion. The 23-year-old has broken world record scores 11 times, eight of which were ones she set herself. Kim Yuna is one of the most highly recognized media figures and athletes in South Korea. She has a yearly income of $14 million.

5 Danica Patrick - Auto Racing - $15 million

4 Victoria Azarenka - Tennis - $15.7 million

Victoria Azarenka is a Belarusian professional tennis player, turned pro in 2003. She has won 17 WTA singles titles and one IFT singles event. She claimed victory at the Australian Open in 2012 and 2013, and became the first Belarusian player to win a Grand Slam title. She also won two mixed doubles Grand Slam titles at the 2007 US Open and the 2008 French Open, and went on to claim the gold medal for mixed doubles at the 2012 London Olympics. Azarenka is a former World No. 1, and is currently no. 2 in the WTA rankings for singles. The 24-year-old has a yearly income of $15.7 million, $9 million of which is generated from endorsements.

3 Li Na - Tennis - $18.2 million

2 Serena Williams - Tennis - $20.5 million

1 Maria Sharapova - Tennis - $29 million

Maria Sharapova is the highest-earning sports woman in the world, with a yearly income of around $29 million. The Russian professional tennis player has earned about $27 million in prize money in her career so far. She turned pro in 2001, and has since won 29 WTA and four IFT singles titles. She has won all four Grand Slam titles; that includes winning Wimbledon in 2004 (against Serena Williams) as well as the 2006 US Open, the 2008 Australian Open and the 2012 French Open titles. She also won an Olympic silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics. Sharapova has been ranked World No. 1 in singles on five different occasions and is currently no. 3 in the WTA rankings for singles. The 26-year-old has been featured in a number of modelling campaigns and in many advertisements including those for Nike, Canon and Prince rackets. She earns a staggering $23 million a year from endorsement deals alone.

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