Top 10 Best Dressed Athletes in the World

Shockingly, athletes have interests outside of sports. Some spend copious amounts of cash on businesses, cars and other extravagances. In recent years one of the most pursued avenues of interest shared by many athletes is fashion. Whether they’re starting their own line of clothing, modelling the latest apparel, or formulating their own trends, athletes and sports have always intertwined with fashion to create unique branding opportunities. Agree with their choices or not, here are ten of the best dressed athletes in sports.


9 David Beckham

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Even though he’s retired, Beckham remains an iconic public figure. Beckham has been a clothing spokesman for several years, regularly appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair, modelling everything from underwear for H&M to shoes for his company Footwear Productions. His wife Victoria has long been involved in fashion, and now she competes against her husband. Both Beckhams are involved in men’s fashion lines. Beckham remains so relevant that he still earns over $20 million a year in various endorsements. Even when he’s not rocking clothing for cash, Beckham never ventures out into public without careful consideration to his wardrobe.

9. Shaun White

It might come as a surprise for Shaun White to make this list. X-Game athletes, snowboarders, and skateboarders aren't exactly known for their cutting-edge style. Most look like they woke from a heavy night of partying, threw-on some day-old clothing and went out to compete. White breaks that trend. He's always dressed in classy threads and looks young and hip while remaining stylish and trendy. Strangely enough, he started his own line of kids clothing. Cutting his carrot locks also helps - giving him a more adult look.

8 Arian Foster


The Houston Texas running back is known for his flashy style. He seems to revel in forging his own path. He’ll confidently wear a suit and scarf combination or a don a stylish hat to accompany his outfit. Foster looks like he stepped out of some crazy fashion college and some of his style choices require confidence that most of us don’t possess. Yet, Foster routinely pulls these looks off. Maybe it’s because he’s an NFL running back with a bit of an attitude who had to succeed in spite of going undrafted. Whatever the reason, Foster’s wardrobe is almost as fun to watch as his on-field accomplishments.

7 Tom Brady

Tom Brady has graced the cover of GQ several times. His iconic all-American good looks and quarterback confidence, combined with a stylish and tailored wardrobe make him a lock for any fashion best-dressed list. Few athletes have appeared on as many fashion magazines as Brady. He is the face for UGGs. No doubt his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen has some influence into the world of high fashion, but Brady has always been conscious of his clothing choices, even before his marriage.

6 Baron Davis


No longer playing, Davis is fond of retro looks and vintage clothing. He’s known to scour antique stores for his accessories, and he’s got a penchant for hats. Davis has given several press conferences while wearing some rather classy and stylish vintage wear. Baron steers clear from the latest fashion trends. He goes out of his way to use his own stylists and wear different brands and fashions, not bothering to immitate what his teammates are doing. Davis once told GQ, “We wear the same uniform on the court; the last thing I want to do is wear the same suit off it.” Well played Mr. Davis, well played.

5 LeBron James

King James is a fixture in the fashion world. James is known for his glasses, his vests, his ties (both bow and regular) and his sweaters. His mixes and matches jeans and t-shirts with sport coats, and is always conscious of his look. No doubt having a large athletic frame helps him pull off some of these looks. That being said, LeBron routinely appears in clean, crisp and elegant choices that are simple, yet stylish. It should come as little surprise that his sneakers retain those features, being some of the least flashy available. James is so stylish he’s only of three men to ever appear on the cover of Vogue.

4 Dwyane Wade


Wade looks like he could step off the court and head right over to a Miami nightclub. He mixes and matches color into his style like a crazy chemist – pulling off looks most of us wouldn’t even consider. Wade has a long established habit of posting his fashion choices to social media and he once gave fashion advice to men via a column in Men’s Health. Wade’s Instagram pictures often include his lovely wife, and his followers can easily see why Wade makes this list. Wade seemingly pulls off the strange shoe choice, the odd color selection and the not-so-normal accessory with a nonchalance and confidence we should all aspire to emulate.

3 Venus Williams

It would have been easy to include both Williams’ sisters on this, but Venus gets the nod, largely because she’s started her own clothing line EleVen. Venus’s clothing choices are often bold, creative and altogether unique. She takes chances and feels comfortable wearing extremely short skirts and mixing fabrics like leather and lace, looks she manages to pull off in part because of her long, athletic build. She’s often fond of corset style dresses and she’s not afraid to experiment. Venus has appeared on numerous magazine covers and is a regular at fashion shows. She counts some of the most popular fashion moguls as her friends.


2 Henrik Lundqvist


Goalies are typically known for their quirkiness, not as fashion trend-setters. But Henrik Lundqvist, netminder for the New York Rangers, is defying those expectations. Known for his signature hair, crisp style choices and “European” flair, Henrik never skimps on style. Lundqvist is on record saying he never wears t-shirts. When stepping out into the public eye he routinely rocks skinny jeans, thin ties, sport coats or suits. He claims his favorite brands are Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Dior. The Swede doesn’t conform to the latest trends, preferring to create a signature, and unique look. His teammates don’t always understand his choices, but hockey players aren’t exactly known as fashion mavens.

1 Victor Cruz

Cruz has been voted “Most Stylish Athlete” at the New York Fashion show. He can routinely be found in, around or on fashion runways. He launched a clothing line and was so damned confident in it he named it Young Whales. Cruz has no problem rocking a red suit or wearing thirty-year-old shoes. His off-season company includes several of the largest fashion moguls. An excess of money and access to tailored fashion allows many athletes to dress well – but almost all of them pale in comparison to Cruz. It almost doesn’t seem to matter what he wears, because he’s going to pull it off and wear it better than everyone else.

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