Top 10 Athletes Who Lack Any Sense of Fashion

Chances are, if you are a professional athlete, you probably have enough money to buy some decent threads. We aren’t saying that athletes should go out and spend thousands of dollars on wardrobes, but c’mon guys! Time and time again, male athletes in particular have shown complete ineptitude when it comes to picking out clothes for themselves. In fact, sometimes the poor post-game wardrobe choices of some athletes have actually gone on to create more talk than the actual game they just played.

If you have money, there is absolutely no reason to look like your six-year-old son or daughter just dressed you. Maybe some athletes think they are trendsetters and on the edge of starting a new trend. Or maybe, they actually have no sense of direction when it comes to colors and style. You can’t really blame them; they spend hundreds of hours on training and going through game tapes. However, when in doubt, be conservative! The parachute pants belong back in the 1980s and yes, the same goes for hairstyles, Barry Melrose!

If you’ve ever watched an interview with an athlete and gone “WTF?” this article is for you. Here are the top 10 male athletes that should have the fashion police called on them for multiple infractions of clashing colors and out of date styles.


10 Payne Stewart -- PGA Golfer

The sport of golf is all about branding. Whether it be Nike or Callaway sponsoring your balls, bags, and clubs, or a more personal branding, like style. Payne Stewart was unlike any other when it came to golf branding, as he consistently wore knickers and a hat on the course. He once said that if he practiced in normal clothes, nobody would recognize him. But, if he wore his typical get up, he would never be able to break away from the crowd. Golf genius or terrible fashion sense? Either way, Stewart brought a type of panache to golf that has laid the groundwork for many other PGA golfers to follow.

9 Ric Flair -- Professional Wrestling


The Nature Boy’s image in the ring most definitely had to relate to his name. Fans all over the country watched in awe as his shiny clothes, tan leather skin, and bulging muscles battled it out in the ring for more than 40 years. The bleach blonde hair and flashy clothes in the ring was one thing, but he was often spotted in suits of clashing colors and tacky outfits outside of the ring as well. As the years went on, it seemed like his wild styles became a trademark and helped him grow his personal brand the same way Hulk Hogan had done.

8 John Daly -- PGA Golfer

Similar to Stewart, John Daly has also gone above and beyond growing his own brand. Known for his massive tee shots, Daly has also been known to be outspoken and always with a drink in his hand. He even set up an RV in the Hooters parking lot near Augusta during the last Masters Tournament to sell his old Masters memorabilia. Much like his recent performances on the course, Daly's fashion sense is terrible. He wears outdated clothes, bright pants, and nothing to help cover up that beer belly. The best part; he doesn’t even care. He has embraced his image and he continues to be one of the PGA’s most beloved individuals, even if he earns no favors from PGA Tour officials.

7 Ryan Lochte -- Olympic Swimming


Every time the Olympics are on, the United States has a huge sense of pride in every sport. Most recently, Ryan Lochte has been able to capitalize on his success and presence outside of the pool. While he does clean up nicely, there is probably very little logic behind some of his outfits. He has worn everything from polyester to wool to latex. It appears that he is just trying to be trendy, but he should probably just leave that to the Europeans, who are actually known for fashion. His antics remind many of a spoiled frat boy, and unfortunately so does his wardrobe, right down to the... teddy bear Adidas?

6 Andrew Luck -- Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts

As the number one overall pick, you'd think Andrew Luck with have a little bit more luck with his wardrobe selections. If there was ever an athlete to abide by our "when it doubt, be conservative" rule, it would be Andrew Luck. He has always been kind of a gritty player, and it certainly comes through in his outfits. He is a down home blue jeans and white tee kind of guy, which is fine, but his suit game needs some retooling. He looks like he bought all his suits off the rack and the only color they had was grey or black. And while he's at it, he should probably clean up his beard a bit. If you've seen the Geico caveman commercial on TV, you can probably imagine how scraggly it is.

5 Russell Westbrook -- Point Guard, Oklahoma City Thunder


When it comes to bad fashion from athletes, Russell Westbrook has to be the leader of current NBA players. He wears very weird and somewhat childish prints on his shirts, as well as skinny jeans and glasses with no lenses. Honestly, if you ever went to a children’s doctor’s office in the 1990s, Westbrook’s shirts have the same print as the wallpaper did. Together, Westbrook and teammate Kevin Durant have brought the hipster craze to the NBA; it’s just unclear how successful Westbrook has been at dressing himself since then.

4 Jose Canseco -- Former Baseball Player

Amidst the massive investigation of performance enhancing drugs and the promotion of his book, Jose Canseco is also known for wearing terrible shirts and bad hats. His clothes are somewhat reminiscent of 1980s Miami, when the war on cocaine was at its pinnacle and it was cool to be a drug dealer. Unfortunately, it seems that he missed the memo. He continues to wear skintight and see-through shirts, despite the fact that he is rich. Hey Jose, the 1980s called and they want their clothes back.


3 Brian Wilson -- Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers


Brian Wilson is the king of weird in the MLB. He has made millions for his rocket arm on the mound, but he has made even more thanks to his strangeness off the field. Endorsing Sony PlayStation and Taco Bell has been a platform for him to truly experiment with new styles. In 2011, he and his epic beard showed up at the ESPYS wearing a penguin suit that was made of some sort of polyester, form-fitting blend. Talented? Yes. Fashionable? Definitely not.

2 Shaquille O’Neal -- Former NBA Center

When you’ve finished up the type of career Shaq has had, you can probably do whatever you want and get away with it. But who could forget his role in Kazaam? Not only did it feature shiny parachute pants and fancy headwear, it was probably the driving force behind the brief renewed interest in oversized pants. Off the court, Shaq has been known to wear jackets with lightly colored jeans and sneakers. He's even dressed up as Beyonce. Thankfully, the fine people over at TNT have helped him out with his wardrobe as of late. He used to be known for wearing sleeveless shirts, so Shaq knows that when the sun's out the guns come out too. But if he could just holster those bad boys for a little longer, we would all be very thankful.

1 Dennis Rodman -- Former NBA Forward


Now, if you want to talk about the all-time king of weird, Rodman is your man. Known as "the worm," Rodman has been flamboyantly dressed since he originally broke into the league. Rodman has a bunch of piercings and probably more tattoos on his body than he can count. In addition, he has branded himself as one of the worst athletes in the history of fashion. He has dressed like a woman, worn animal print shirts and pants, and has dyed his hair more than any other NBA player has. Nothing could be scarier than seeing a 7-foot man dressed in drag with tattoos all over his arms and red lipstick.


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