The Worlds Richest Extreme Athletes

Extreme sports have been a growing market ever since the mid 80s, and it doesn't look like the extreme sports market is slowing down any time soon. With huge competitions like street league, the x games, nitro circus, and even having snowboarding in the Olympics, extreme sports are getting more coverage than ever. Here are some of the super stars from extreme sports that are pulling in the big bucks.

4 Shaun White - 20 Million Dollars

Shaun White has been entertaining crowds and winning competitions for some time now. He started snowboarding when he was only 2 and joined the US Snowboard team before he could even drive a car. He is easily the most talented snowboarder in the world, and has won more gold medals than almost anyone with the x games and the olympics combined. His Shaun White brand has sold all over target and Walmart, only adding to his massive net worth.

3 Tony Hawk - 120 Million Dollars

Tony Hawk has been on top of action sports since the 80s. With his birdhouse and Hawk clothing lines, he brings in a pretty penny. He also made a boatload of money when he signed an exclusive deal with Activision, to allow them to make the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games.

2 Rob Dyrdek - 15 Million Dollars

Rob Dyrdek is an amazing skateboarder who has started the street league, helped start DC, and stared in 2 very successful reality TV shows. Robs warehouse, Fantasy Factory is a playground that any skateboarder would have a great time in.

1 Travis Pastrana - 15 Million Dollars

Travis Pastrana started his reign in the top when he would win motocross titles and Gold medals at the X Games. Where Travis really found his gold mine was the Nitro Circus. The Nitro Circus is a traveling show, showcasing the best in bmx, rollerblading, motocross, skateboarding, and scootering. Nitro Circus has brought Travis Pastrana to a whole new level of action sports stardom.

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