The Top 10 Hottest Female Field Hockey Players

When it comes to field hockey – or hockey as it is simply called – there is much global attention to its gorgeous hot players. Field hockey is a popular sport in South America, Europe, Asia and









When it comes to field hockey – or hockey as it is simply called – there is much global attention to its gorgeous hot players. Field hockey is a popular sport in South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Do you remember the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton? She was a hockey player and she’s definitely one beautiful lady in the field who knows how to play the game very well. It may be a rough sport since the players really have to run fast and be adequately skillful with their hockey sticks. 

When it comes to female hockey players, men get themselves hooked on the game, keeping score on who plays the best and who is good looking. It is quite a marvel to have girl power on the field. They go agog when their favorite hockey hottie has a new photograph posted in the web and makes the headlines.

Looks like the Dutch National Team is proud to have its members included in the roster among the hottest international female hockey players.    


10 Kate Woods

South Africa starts of the list with its hockey beauty Kate Woods who lands on the tenth spot. She played in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London with the rest of the South African women’s national field hockey team. Kate played as a defender and played the entire 70 minute-game. It’s where the team got its only win in the Olympics, against the United States.   


9 Fatima Moreira de Melo

The first Dutch beauty in the list of hottest female hockey players is blonde haired Fatima Moriera de Melo. She is one of the Netherlands’ leading strikers. Fatima’s debut match pitted her team against Germany in 1997, which they eventually won. From then on, she played with the team and helped bring in a barrage of awards in different international competitions. Apart from being a professional hockey player, she is also active in a few local and national TV programs. Do you know that she is also a singer and that she has a Masters Degree in Law? That’s beauty, brains, and athletic skills all rolled into one.


8 Naomi van As

Hitting the eighth spot is Dutch forward and midfielder Naomi van As who plays for the national women’s hockey team HC Klein Zwitserland. Too bad for those men, she is currently dating Dutch long track skater Sven Kramer. Naomi made her debut in 2003 for the Netherlands women’s national team, competing against South Africa. This Dutch brunette hottie won gold medal with her team during the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Summer Olympics. Her tall physique gives her the advantage of playing with adroitness in the field.


7 Luciana Aymar

Argentinean Luciana Aymar has the striking looks that make men drool and the proficiency of being a sought-after hockey player. She is known to be the Diego Maradona and sometimes Michael Jordan in the field of hockey. During the 2012 Summer Olympics, her team won silver medal. No doubt that she has the knack to perform at her best and help her team score since she has a lot of awards under her name. This includes the FIH Player of the Year which she won for seven times making her the most celebrated and best female hockey player of all times.


6 Casey Eastham

Australia’s Casey Eastham nicks the sixth spot as hottest female hockey player. She plays for the Australian Women’s Field Hockey team Hockeyroos as a midfielder. This talented and beautiful field hockey star made her debut in the national team at the age of 17 at the Four Nations Tournament. Never mind what the Australian Hockey website thinks about her, Casey knows how to play good hockey. And yes, not to mention just how beautiful she is.


5 Nicole Hudson

Australia’s Nicole Hudson is a retired international professional player who played for the Australian Women’s Field Hockey and was the captain of the Hockeyroos. This gorgeous hockey player made her debut during the Sydney Olympics where she won a gold medal. Nikki, as she is usually called, was the top goal scorer among the rest of the players. Her skillful and subtle performance brought her to play 300 international matches and the first woman to do so for Australia. Not bad for Australia.


4 Jade Warrender

Another Aussie in the name of Jade Warrender makes it to the fourth spot. Strikingly beautiful, Jade made her debut in the arena of professional hockey in 2011 when she competed for the Australian national team Hockeyroos. Too bad, she got ruled out from joining the 2012 Summer Olympics due to a ruptured anterior ligament while training in Perth, which needed reconstruction. The team had to compete minus one of their best defenders, Nikki.


3 Emily Naylor

Playing for the New Zealand Black Sticks is Emily Naylor. This striking beauty has shown her skills while performing for New Zealand Under 18 Team. Thus, she was selected to attend the Olympic Qualifying training camp in 2003. Emily was also picked to play with the team for the 2004 summer Olympics. Because of her outstanding performance in Greece, she was nominated for the 2004 World Hockey Junior Women’s Player of the Year award and was voted by the ABCD Hockey Magazine as Oceania Player of the Century. 


2 Charlotte Harrison

At the age of 16, charming Charlotte Harrison was one of New Zealand’s youngest hockey player to be selected for the Black Sticks team. She went to play her very first match with the team against Australia as part of the 2005 Oceania Cup and World Cup qualifier. Charlotte participated at the 2006 and 2010 Commonwealth Games, as a reserve for the 2008 Summer Olympics, and as a player in the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London. As young as she is, when she plays hockey, she can definitely play with prowess.


1 Ellen Hoog

Taking the limelight during the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, Ellen Hoog eventually got the world’s attention thanks to her good looks and athletic abilities. Before the London Games, Ellen seemed to be just one of the average hockey players out there. Would you believe that this young Dutch woman has been representing her country for eight years already? She participated in the 2006 Women’s World Cup of Field Hockey where her team won the world championship. This two-time Olympic gold medalist is considered a veteran in the sport, to think that she is only 26 years old. Men are watching closely if she will do a stint just like what Brandi Chastain did when she took off her shirt. Dutch ladies are certainly hitting it big in terms of athletic abilities and stunning looks.

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