The Ten Most Valuable NFL Teams

The National Football League (NFL) is comprised of 32 teams which are located in various cities across the United States. Each NFL team is a franchise operation that is maintained by some type of business organization or by an independent owner. All NFL teams are connected to the different cities that they represent. Cities with NFL franchises count on these professional sports organizations to generate revenue within their local communities. This added revenue helps to provide city services, fund city projects and to improve the conditions of a city's metropolitan area for its citizens.

NFL teams are essentially a blessing to any city that is fortunate enough to be affiliated with a franchise. They help local businesses to earn extra income during the regular season. They also sponsor charities, require volunteer service from their athletes and provide jobs within the community to thousands of people who work with, in or around a particular franchise in some type of capacity. NFL teams are essentially nothing more than businesses and being an owner of a NFL franchise is no small matter. According to Forbes, all 32 NFL teams are among the top 50 most valuable sports franchises in the world. This says a lot about how important NFL teams are to local economies and the nation. However, here is a list of the top 10 NFL franchises that generate the most revenue within the NFL.


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10 Dallas Cowboys

Names such as Tony Romo, Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman are highly regarded among Dallas Cowboy fans. These former Cowboy quarterbacks are but a few of the many star athletes that Dallas has turned out over the years. The Cowboys franchise first debuted in 1960 and they are now located in the National Football Conference within the Eastern Division. Their team colors are blue, white and gray and they're independently owned by Jerry Jones. Their current head coach is Jason Garrett. The Cowboys have a net worth of 2.1 billion dollars and the franchise's operational expenses is around 226 million dollars of year. They are the most expensive team in the league.


9 New England Patriots

The New England Patriots is a major franchise within the NFL. This organization has won 3 Super Bowls in the early part of the 2000s and they have produced some notable players such as Tom Brady, Drew Bledsoe and Bruce Armstrong. The Patriots are the second most valuable team and they are worth 1.6 billion dollars. Robert Kraft is the owner of the Patriots and Bill Belichick is the Head Coach of the organization. New England's professional team was founded in 1960. The organization competes in the American Football Conference within the Eastern Division.


8 Washington Redskins

Washington D.C. is home to the Redskins which is a professional football team that plays within the NFL. The club competes in the National Football Conference within the Eastern Division. The Redskins are worth 1.6 billion dollars to owners Dan Snyder and Dwight Schar. Their current head coach is Mike Shanahan. The Redskins won a total of 3 Super Bowls and their team colors are burgundy, yellow and white.


7 New York Giants

The New York Giants is one of the oldest professional football franchises within the league. This organization has been around since 1925 and they currently are valued at nearly 1.5 billion dollars. This football team is owned by John Mara and Steve Tish and the Head Coach is Tom Coughlin. The Giants compete in the NFC Eastern Conference. Red, White, Blue and Gray are the team's colors. Eli Manning, David Carr and Y.A. Tittle are among the most memorable Giant's players.


6 Houston Texans

The Houston Texans is a fairly new team to the NFL but not to the city of Houston. This franchise was established in 2002. The organization is owned by Bob McNair and the Head Coach is Gary Kubiak. The Texans are worth 1.3 billion dollars. Houston competes with teams within the AFC southern division. Their colors are red, blue and white and this organization hasn't won any Super Bowls to date. This team's noteworthy players include Matt Schaub, Arain Foster and Mario Williams.


5 New York Jets

The New York Jets have been competing within the NFL since 1960 and they are the 6th highest rated franchise within the league. The Jets are valued at close 1.2 billion dollars. The Jets play in the AFC eastern division and this organization has won one Super Bowl in 1968. Woody Johnson is the current owner of the Jets and Rex Ryan is the organization's head coach. Famous players include Joe Namath, Ronnie Lott and Curtis Martin.


4 Philadelphia Eagles

The NFC eastern division is home to the Philadelphia Eagles which is the leagues 7th most valuable franchise. The organization's color is primarily green and silver and 1933 is the first year that this team competed on the gridiron. They're owned by Jeffry Lurie and their Head Coach is Chip Kelly. Some of the most noted players include Reggie White, Steve Van Buren and Ron Jaworski. The organization is valued close to 1.2 billion dollars.


3 Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are worth slightly less than the Philadelphia Eagles. The value of this organization is about 1.2 billion dollars but is worth about 200,000 million less than the Eagles. The Bears were founded in 1919 making it one of the oldest NFL team's to date. The Bears are owned by Ted Phillips and the Head Coach is Marc Trestman. The team's colors are dark blue, orange and white and they have one Super Bowl in 1985. Walter Peyton, Gayle Sayers and Mike Singletary are some of the most memorable players from the Bears organization.


2 San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers is worth close to 1 billion dollars. This organization has been playing football since 1946. The 49ers franchise is owned by Jed York and coached by Jim Harbaugh. San Francisco has won 5 Super Bowls during the course of its career. The team is located within the NFC western Division. Notable players include Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice. Red and gold is the team's colors.


1 Green Bay Packers

Green Bay is worth 1 billion dollars and is situated within the NFC northern Division. The team's colors are green and yellow. The organization was founded in 1919 and has been competing for nearly 100 years. Some of the most notable players on the team include Vince Lombardi, Brett Favre and Aaron Rogers. Mark Murphy is the owner and Mike McCarthy is the present head coach.

The last four NFL teams (Eagles, Bears, 49ers and Packers) on this list are closely valued at the same amount of money. Each of these teams has fan clubs and other organizations that are closely tied to their franchises for the purpose of generating income and producing sales of merchandise and other team products. The listed values for these teams were last recorded by Forbes in 2013. They should be taken as estimates and not as factual dollar amounts since these numbers are subject to change.


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