The Richest Skateboarders

There are a few names in actions sports that everyone knows. Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, and Rob Dyrdek are just a few names that hail king in the action sports industry. Skateboarding has been one of the most monetizable action sports yet. Here are some of the entrepreneur slash skateboarders who took this sport and created some real money with it!

3 Tony Hawk - 120 Million Dollars

Tony Hawk has been huge in the skateboarding industry since the 90s. He started an amazing company birdhouse for the hardcore skateboarders, then hit a goldmine when he started his Hawk line of clothing. Hawk clothing was picked up by Walmart and began rapidly becoming not only a skate company, but an apparel company for people of all styles. Tony Hawk also found a massive amount of success when the video game company Activision decided to use him for a franchise of successful skateboarding video games.

2 Bam Margera - 45 Million Dollars

Bam Margera is an incredibly talented skateboarder. He started gaining recognition when he and his friends produced CKY videos. They were sold in skate shops and on the internet, and skateboarding companies started to take note of the amazing skating in the videos. Soon Bam was signed to several skate companies as a pro. Johnny Knoxville saw these CKY videos as well and loved the crazy stunts. Soon after Bam was signed on with the Jackass team, and the rest is history.

1 Rob Dyrdek - 15 Million Dollars

Rob Dyrdek started winning skate competitions when he was only 8 years old. He kept skating, and winning. He was picked up by several skate companies, then a business leader approached him. He offered to, instead of sign him to the company DC, let him help start the company. Dyrdek helped created DC and turn it into the amazing company it is today. Dyrdek also found massive amounts of success through the Reality TV market.

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