The Richest Scooter Riders

Freestyle scooters have been taking over the skatepark lately. Videos of pros doing double backflips, handrials, double front flips, and many more tricks have been popping up on youtube. Freestyle scooter riding is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing and most popular extreme sports right now. Here are some of the top dogs who are making the most money within the scooter world.

2 Ryan Williams - MGP Pro Rider / Nitro Circus Contestant

Ryan Willimas has been hitting up the scene for quite some time now, dominating with amazing tricks and fast style. He has been the first to do may tricks like the double flair and double front flip 360. Ryan Willimas is regular on the Nitro Circus tour, where he pleases the crowd with huge style and big tricks. Ryan Williams continues to earn a fat paycheck while riding for his sponsor Madd Gear Pro while still raking in the money from Nitro Circus. Along with this, he makes a portion of the sales from all the signature Ryan Williams scooter parts that Madd Gear Pro sells. Ryan Williams is at the top of his game in the scooter world.

1 Dakota Schuetz - Lucky Pro Rider / YouTube Celebrity

Dakota Schuetz has been claimed as one of the worlds top riders, winning the International Scooter Association's world competition. He picked up a pretty purse for wining this competition and kept hitting it hard right after this. YouTube celebrity Devin SuperTramp contacted Dakota Schuetz about making a video, and it went huge! Dakota was on the Ellen show only a few short weeks after that video was put on YouTube. The video now has over 2.4 million views making Dakota possibly the most famous scooter rider in the world.


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