The Most Valuable MLS Franchises

Major League Soccer (MLS) first began as a LLC in 1993 and this confederacy of American soccer teams almost folded a decade later. After being in business for about 20 years the league has b

Major League Soccer (MLS) first began as a LLC in 1993 and this confederacy of American soccer teams almost folded a decade later. After being in business for about 20 years the league has been slowly gaining popularity and support among American fans and businesses. Increased game attendance, television viewers and corporate sponsors has helped to keep MLS from collapsing within the U.S. Starting in 2007 the league had managed to add expansion teams in feasible markets, international players to team rosters and made it a point to develop and promote the sport of soccer within the states. Since that time, MLS soccer has gained a strong fan base among the younger generation of Americans and it's making huge strides as a viable business operation. Here is a list of the top 10 MLS franchises and their respective value.

10 New England Revolution

The New England Revolution is the tenth most valuable MLS soccer franchise in the league. This organization has a net worth of $21 million dollars and it generates at least $10 million dollars on an annual basis. The Revolution was founded in 1995 and is owned by Robert Kraft. Jay Heaps is the organizations head coach. The Revolution had top notch MLS soccer players in the past including Chris Albright, Walter Zenga and Joe-Max Moore. New England hasn't won any MLS Cups or Support Shields since the team first began to play in 1996. The colors for the New England Revolution are red, white and blue. Gillette Stadium is the team's home arena.

9 Real Salt Lake

The estimated value of Real Salt Lake is $30 million dollars making it the 9th most expensive team within the MLS. Real Salt Lake generates $7 million dollars in revenue for each season that it plays. The organization has secured one MLS Cup without a Supporter Shield. Red, gold, blue and white are the franchise's colors and they are owned by Del Loy Hansen. The team plays its home games at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah. The current head coach of Real Salt Lake is Jason Kreis. Notable former players on the Salt Lake squad include Jeff Cunningham, Eddie Pope and Will Johnson. Real Salt Lake is a fairly young team that was established in 2004.

8 Colorado Rapids

Maroon, blue and white are the team colors for the Colorado Rapids who debuted in the league in 1996. The Rapids had captured one MLS cup in 2010 but they have not obtained any Supporter Shields. This particular soccer club has is valued at $31 million and it is capable of generating $11 million dollars on an annual basis. Stan Kroenke is the club's owner and it is coached by Oscar Pereja. The Colorado Rapids produced past players such as Colin Clark, Mehdi Ballouchy and Connor Casey. Dick's Sporting Good Park is the home stadium for this club.

7 Houston Dynamo

The Houston Dynamo was founded in 2005 and after two years in the league they had managed to win 2 MLS Cups back to back in the years 2006 and 2007. The Dynamo hasn't won any Supporter Shields. The team dons a bright orange and red uniform and they're based out of BBVA Compass Stadium. Philip Anschutz, Oscar De La Hoya and Gabriel Brenner are the co-owners and personalities such as Danny Cruz, Brian Mullan and Eddie Robbins were former members of this organization. The team is worth $33 million dollars and it produces $10 million dollars annually.

6 DC United

DC United is a MLS football club that has won a total of 4 MLS Cups and 4 Supporter Shields. This franchise is one of the best known clubs in the MLS. The team is co-owned by Erick Thohir, Jason Levien and William H.C. Chang and the team's head coach is Ben Olsen. DC United uniforms are colored red, black and white and the organization has been in business since 1995. Famous players such as Eddie Pope, Ben Olson and Christian Gomez have donned a United jersey. RFK Stadium is the team's home arena.

5 New York Red Bulls

The New York Red Bulls is owned by the energy drink company that produces Red Bull and is valued at $36 million dollars. The team generates a $10 million dollar a year income and they were founded in 1995. Mike Petke is the head coach of the team and the organization home stadium is in Red Bull Arena within the state of New Jersey. Tim Howard, Michael Bradley and Eddie Pope are some of the premiere players that played with this organization in the past. Red and blue are the team's primary colors and they also sport some yellow in their uniforms as well.

4 FC Dallas

Football Club Dallas or FC Dallas hasn't won any MLS Cups or Supporter Shields during the seasons that they played. This team has been a part of the MLS since 1996 when they were initially known as the Dallas Burn. FC Dallas is worth $39 million dollars and the franchise is able to create $15 million a year from merchandise, sponsorships and ticket sales. Red, white and blue are the team's colors and their home arena is FC Stadium in Frisco, Texas. Corey Gibbs, Kenny Cooper and Mark Dodd are some past great players who played for the club. Clark Hunt is the team's owner.

3 Chicago Fire

The Chicago Fire began in 1997 and the organization is represented by the colors red, blue, silver and white. The Fire has won one MLS Cup and one Supporter Shield. Toyota Park is the home stadium for this club and Andrew Hauptman is its owner. Chicago Fire is worth $41 million dollars and has the ability to bring in annual income of $16 million dollars. Frank Klopas is the team's current head coach and notable players include C.J. Brown, Josh Wolf and Dominic Oduro.

2 Toronto FC

Toronto FC is based out of Canada and the organization is worth $44 million dollars. This Canadian soccer club amasses $17 million dollars a year in income. Toronto FC is still a relatively young franchise and was created in 2006. Since that time the organization has not want any MLS Cups or Supporter's Shields. They are coached by Ryan Nelson and co-owned by Kevin Payne, Kevin Tenenbaum and Tom Anselmi. Toronto FC is nicknamed the Reds TFC and they are the only Canadian based club in the MLS. Former notable players include Dewayne De Rosario, Chad Barrett and Jim Brennah. BMO Field is the team's home stadium.

1 Los Angeles Galaxy

The Los Angeles Galaxy is the MLS top rated team in terms of revenue and MLS Cup wins. The team is actually tied with DC United in terms of MLS Cup and Supporter Shield victories. The Galaxy has won 4 trophies in each category but they are worth considerably more than DC United. Los Angeles galaxy is valued at $100 million dollars making it the leagues top money earning franchise. Each year this organization is capable of bringing in a $36 million dollar profit. Blue, gold and white are the team's present colors but when they debuted in 1995 they were green and gold. The Galaxy is owned by the Anschutz Entertainment Group. The Home Dept Center Stadium is the team's home stadium and Bruce Arena is the team's head coach.




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The Most Valuable MLS Franchises