The Most Successful Snowboarders

Snowboarding has been one of Americas fasting growing sports since the 80s now. Back when it started, there weren't even professional riders, but now that the sport is so big, there are snowboarders living the dreams of professional athletes on the level of NBA players. Here are some of the most successful snowboarders out there.

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4 Shaun White

Shawn White has been one of the best snowboarders for a long time now. With snowboarding being added into the olympics, Shawn White has his collections of gold medals! He has been rocking the scene for quite some time now. He has his own clothing lines and other products available at Target. His net worth is estimated at $20 million.

3 JP Walker

JP Walker is one of the OGs in the snowboarding world. He has been pushing the boundaries for years with his amazing trick and huckjam style. He was the first to grind on a ski lift! JP Walker has kept it crazy for this long, it doesn't look like he will stop any time soon!

2 Jamie Anderson

The queen of snowboarding is here. Not only Is Jamie great at grabbing medals at the X games, but she is a great spokes person for the sport. With modeling deals and other endorsement contracts, Jamie keeps pushing the sport further and further.

1 Torstein Horgmo

Torstien has been one of the best snowboarders in slope style for quite some time. His video parts never disappoint fans and his style is unmatched by any other snowboarder. He is one of the most dialed and solid snowboarders out there.

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