The Most Expensive Sports to Play

Do you truly believe that you have played just about every sport that you can possibly take part in? Think again, because it is highly unlikely, except of course if you are a multi-millionaire who can

Do you truly believe that you have played just about every sport that you can possibly take part in? Think again, because it is highly unlikely, except of course if you are a multi-millionaire who can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars doing these 10 most expensive sports in the world.

10 Equestrianism

If you think that all there is to equestrianism is horseback riding or turning cowboy, think again. This is definitely something more than that. There are three events that make up equestrianism: the dressage part, show jumping, and eventing. This is one of the sports included in the Olympics. This may just be what started everything in terms of very expensive sports.

A person of average financial standing may have access to or may even be able to buy a horse. However, this does not mean that they can already become an equestrian and compete in the Olympics. What these people do not have, is access to or money to get themselves a dressage horse. A dressage horse is one that can perform and dance to music while it retains its posture. In the event that you can afford to get such a horse, what you will not have is the time to train it yourself.

9 Polo

As mentioned above, it is true that a normal person may have the means to purchase a horse. Well, how about several horses, specifically a team that can go into polo competitions? That’s right; you need several of them to take part in this sport because you will need to change horses a few times during a game. If you do not, the horses are highly likely to die. Basically, polo is like croquet. The only difference is that you get to play it while riding a horse.

8 Formula 1

Formula One, or Formula 1, is definitely one of the most expensive sports to take part in, whichever angle you look at. In order to become part of this, you need to have started at an early age in the karting circuit. This age bracket refers to those still in their teens. Since most teenagers do not have their own money yet, their parents will be the ones responsible for spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their kids in the sport. Even if you have the money, there are just so many Formula One circuit series that you need to negotiate before you can successfully get in. To start things off, you would need about $190,000. This is just the first of the long list of other expenses you need to worry about, except if you are able to get a sponsor.

7 Sailing

In terms of transportation, there are just a lot to choose from. A lot of people use bikes because they are inexpensive, a good form of exercise, fun to ride, and environment-friendly. Cars, on the other hand, are considered to be a necessity by a lot of consumers. So what about sailing? Sailing is basically for those who have a lot of money to burn on a superfluous boat. This requires a significant amount of upkeep. You would also need to have it docked or stored somewhere for more than 90 percent of the time.

6 Modern Pentathlon

So maybe, you have access to a horse or you may even own a horse. You also live near a body of water. You may also have access to or even own a stretch of land where you can run freely. You also have a gun. How about fencing equipment and the required amount of land area to be able to do everything? Do you have these? If no, then you cannot take part in a modern pentathlon event. Modern pentathlon, mod-pen to enthusiasts, will require you to have all of these just so you can enter the event.

5 Wingsuiting

For $2,500, you can already get a full wingsuit, complete with numerous pockets and a custom color. So why is wingsuiting included in this list of the most expensive sports in the world? Simply because getting a wingsuit is not the only thing that you would have to spend money on. You need money to pay for skydiving lessons, order high quality skydiving gear (you need top notch quality to ensure your safety), travel on air, and many other associated expenses.

4 Bobsled

In order to bobsled, you need to be in a place that gets very cold, to the point of snowfall. You also need three other people to join you. After this, you need to have access to bobsled runs. Last, but not the least, is the money to buy an extremely expensive piece of bobsled equipment. If you fail to get any of these requirements, unfortunately, you cannot go on a bobsledding adventure.

3 Hot Air Ballooning

If you are thinking of hot air ballooning as those that you see in romantic movies, you are wrong again. This is not just any sport wherein another person will pull a cord, create a fire, and have the balloon with the basket (where you will stay in) sail into the sky. What we are actually talking about is the racing type of hot air ballooning. You need to fly along while inside a wicker basket several thousands of feet from the ground. This is not, in any way cheap. You need to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for this extreme sport.

2 Ski Jumping

During your first year doing ski jumping, you may only have to spend about $1,500 to around $3,000. This is relatively cheap when you compare it with the eight previous sports discussed. So why does it place second in this list? There are many reasons why. First, you have to be a resident (or near) the few places in the U.S. where a fully-functional course is being offered. You would also need to hire and pay good money for an instructor. Lastly, you would have to get a lot of insurance – coverage for almost all kinds of insurance out there.

1 Whitianga Festival of Speed

The Whitianga Festival of Speed secures the number one spot here simply because this is where you will find all ridiculous sports that require speed (hence, the name) being performed. This is where the New Zealand Helicopter Championship events take place. So, basically in order for you to join the competition, you have to have a helicopter. This means you need millions of dollars of spare money.

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The Most Expensive Sports to Play