The Biggest Endorsement Deals In Sports

There have been some amazing deals going on lately in the sports world. Huge companies are looking to get their names out there, and what better way to do that then with athletes that are on top of their game and in front of the cameras 24/7? Here are some of the biggest endorsement deals in sports.

3 Tiger Woods - 105 Million Dollars - Nike

Tiger Woods has been one of the top golfers for the last decade. He has one more majors than almost any other golfer. Right now he is ranked number 4 on the PGA pro golf circuit. He is easily one of the most famous and recognizable golfers, so it isn't any wonder why he has a massive endorsement deal with Nike worth 105 million dollars.

2 George Foreman - 137.5 Million Dollars - Salton

George Foreman was amazing as a boxer, but where his big bucks came from were his lean mean fat-reducing grilin' machine! In 1994 George Foreman signed a lifetime deal with Salton to allow them the rights to use him as the main spokesperson and to put his name on every grill they made. They grill was a massive success and since its creation has sold over 100 million grills.

1 David Beckham - 160 Million Dollars - Adidas

David Beckham has for some time been the most popular, famous, wealthy, and powerful footballer in the world. His annual salary for his football coaching has taken a slight cut, but that has no real beating on his networth, as his massive Adidas endorsement brings him in over 20 million dollars a year.


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