15Rocky Colavito - Detroit Tigers


The only team in baseball that can approach the litany of woe of the Cubs and the Red Sox are the Cleveland Indians. Once a major American League powerhouse, the team hit a bad patch with numerous horrible seasons and most fans attribute it to a single trade. The Rookie

of the Year in 1955, Colavito became hugely popular in Cleveland, with over 40 home runs in consecutive seasons and an excellent fielder who would spend hours signing autographs for fans after games. One would have to be crazy to look at this guy and think he should be traded. General Manager Frank Lane turned out to be just that nuts because in 1960, he traded Colavito to the Detroit Tigers in exchange for Harvey Kuenn, who had won the batting title in 1959.

While Kuenn was a good player, Colavito was an icon in Cleveland and losing him rocked the fanbase hard. (This wasn't helped by Lane’s infamous line of “I traded a hamburger for a steak.”) Colavito did his best but Tigers fans never accepted him while the Cleveland fans were irate at losing their star. Lane became known as “trader” to the fandom and many claim this trade kicked off a “curse” on the Indians that has never fully faded.

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