The 15 Hottest Male Bodybuilders of All Time

Let's be honest, even though bodybuilding has long since outgrown their 'circus freak' reputation and has evolved into a serious, national and international professional sport, most of the public still look at bodybuilders with the same slack-jawed shock they had back in the day when they encountered a giant man.

Check out old footage of Arnold Schwarzenegger in public. Even though most people who saw him didn't even know who he was yet, they still stopped on the street and stared at the magnificent creature that was Schwarzenegger walking past.  A lot of bodybuilders are celebrated, admired, respected and some are even voted into office. When you look at a bodybuilder you think, 'Holy shit, is that his thigh or a small Fiat?" But amidst the grandeur of their ever bulging biceps and the shade they give from their flaring lats, the last thing anyone notices is how hot some bodybuilders really are. But why shouldn't we notice these things? After all, what goes better with an awesome body than an awesome face?

So we decided to answer our own question, and assigned ourselves a very 'tough' task of looking at bodybuilders throughout history and judge them, not by their body, their titles or their career, but by their straight up "boink" factor. You're so welcome.

Let's all give some attention where attention is much deserved.  Let's look past the constipated flexing face, triple-wide shoulders, and striated calf muscles and pay more attention as to why these 15 hottest male bodybuilders are also easy on the eyes.

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15 Flex Lewis

Via ilovebodybuilding.pl

Flex looks like the guy next door.  Well, if the guy next door could bench press your house, and from the looks of Flex Lewis, we're thinking that's totally doable for him.  He has an appealing boyish face that contrasts sharply with his beastly body and, we're not gonna lie, it's a weirdly hot combination.  Flex looks like a guy who could help frail old grannies across busy  streets simply by throwing cars out of their way.  In fact, we might have to try and get his number so the next time we're forced to parallel park, we can save a lot of time and unnecessary dings to our bumper by having Flex just put us into the parking space while we admire his pretty face through the window.

14 Victor Martinez

Via anothermarinersblog.com

Victor has had a few setbacks in his career and life, but it definitely doesn't take away from his many impressive wins and his looks! The second Dominican bodybuilder to turn professional, some of his competition wins include placing 2nd in the 2007 Mr. Olympia competition and winning the Arnold Classic in the same year. He's a big hunk of dude who can look intimidating as hell until he cracks a smile. Then he easily turns into a big sweet guy who should be cuddling a kitten, but instead he matches his sexy grin with a flex and a pose that puts his hotness factor through the roof.

13 Stan McQuay

Via angkormusclesport.blogspot.com

He stands at 5'7 but Stan definitely has the presence of a 7 foot tall giant. His shoulders are as wide as a semi, he's got a massive chest and he's ripped to shreds. He's the perfect combination of suave and strength. A body so impressive that even we are having a hard time looking past it, but we managed to do it and found a pretty handsome dude by anyone's standards! So handsome in fact that his good looks might seem familiar to you, and that's because he's graced the pages of several magazines.  Steve has a Japanese mother and Irish father making him the result of what happens when good genetics and working out collide.

12 Jeremy Buendia

Via aestheticmuscles.blogspot.com

Super wide shoulders? Check. A large chest? Check. A narrow waist? Check. Drop dead gorgeous face? SO. MUCH. CHECK.  Jeremy is hot from the top of his head to the tips of his tanned toes.  He's currently training for the next Olympia competition after his impressive debut in 2013, where he scored second place. Lucky for our eyeballs, he's documenting his road to scoring first place in the next Olympia competition on YouTube. His passion his admirable, his dedication is second to none and his gorgeous face and hot body turns all his training videos into an erotic experience. Sexy and fit, Jeremy is like a romance novel hero come to life.

11 Mark Alvisi

Via adonismale.com

Is this guy serious with that face? As if he wasn't already gifted with the pretty face genetics, he went ahead and got a hot, rock hard body to match. Mark Alvisi is so good looking, it's almost offensive to all us normal looking people. Since Mark scored the hot tamale jackpot, it would almost be a crime to humanity if he didn't get into a career that requires him to be without a shirt the majority of the time. So thank you Mark for knowing that your place in the world is to share your head-to-toe good looks and impeccable bod for us average minions to admire (and drool over).

10 Joe Weider

Via ctvnews.com

Joe is an icon in bodybuilding and a mentor to many famous bodybuilders, including Arnold Schwarzenegger.  But back in the day, when he was just starting out in bodybuilding, Joe was also quite the looker. Mr. Weider is known as the man who was mostly responsible for taking out the 'carnival freakshow' image of bodybuilding and bodybuilders, and turning it into the legit, well-respected sport that is today.  He co-founded the International Federation of Bodybuilders with his brother Ben Weider.  Also known as "The Father of Bodybuilding," he worked hard to sculpt his body and turn his love for bodybuilding into a business, all the while looking totally hot while he did it.

9 Shawn Rhoden

Via reps-id.com

Shawn Roden is also known as "Flexatron" because if you've seen Shawn flex and pose, you'll see it's an appropriate, if not a well-deserved moniker. But aside from all his shiny flexing glory, Shawn also has the good looks of a Hollywood leading man that happens to be on the body of at least three leading men put together. Shawn and his so-perfect-it-looks-fake physique has earned him a long list of wins that's probably as long as the list of panties he's made spontaneously drop with his good looks. While most bodybuilders on stage look like they're in pain when they're flexing, Shawn's face remains effortlessly handsome and calm so that his posing performance seems more like a very elaborate seduction of the audience.

8 Ben Pakulski

Via mitos.tumblr.com

Ben is a powerhouse of a man, who might literally be the size of a house with legs as thick as tree trunks. But even better? He's not bad to look at, in fact, we'd say he's pretty enjoyable to look at with his square Superman chin and intense eyes. If he suddenly appeared at an emergency situation to help, wearing a cape and tights, no one would be surprised because he's got that superhero look down pat. Ben also bucks the bodybuilding stereotype of being the 'big dumb jock' and relies heavily on science to map out his plan for sculpting his body to perfection. Brains AND brawn? Yes please.

7 Mike O'Hearn

Via evolutionofbodybuilding.net

As someone who's seen Mike O'Hearn in person, we are here to tell you that pictures don't do him justice. He is hot on a whole different level that anyone with eyeballs can't miss. You just can't help but stare at him. So it's no surprise that he's been featured on over 500 magazine covers and won the title of Fitness Model of the Year SEVEN TIMES. But even if in some alternate universe Mike O' Hearn didn't decide to become a bodybuilder, he would have still gotten into the business of entertainment, because if we didn't already mention, his face is not that of a normal person. Mike O' Hearn, who stands at a towering 6'3, doesn't really need an amazing bod to get noticed, but praise be to the heavens above that we live in the universe where Mike did decided to have an impressive body to go with his impressively beautiful face.

6 Brandon Curry

Via 3.bp.blogspot.com

With shoulders as wide as Brandon's, we suspect he has to walk sideways through most grocery aisles. The dude is huge but on top of his unreal lats and admirable V frame, is his gorgeous pretty boy face. A look that should belong to a boy band member. Brandon could easily fit the role of 'bad boy with a heart of gold' guy that all the girls throw their g-strings at. And with the smooth, effortless way he poses, we're betting Brandon could nail some serious music video dance moves, It would be the first boy band in history no one dare make fun of. So Brandon, if you're reading this, we hear One Direction is looking for a fifth member. Just sayin...

5 Mark Dugdale

Via musclemecca.com

When you search Google images for Mark Dugdale, you'll see tons of bodybuilding pictures where he's grimacing or doing a power grunt while lifting two buildings, or something equally impossible. But if you keep scanning, you'll also see candid relaxed shots of Mark that'll make you do a double take. A naturally handsome dude who has an infectious, "all-over" smile that lights up his whole face; from his chinny chin chin, to the tips of his eyelashes.  His Facebook says he's an 'exceptional guy striving to leave an exceptional legacy,' which is nice, but they forgot to mention that his sexiness factor is also quite exceptional.

4 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Via youtube.com

Did you ever doubt this guy would be on this list? When you speak of bodybuilding, you can't go without mentioning the magnificence of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But there's a reason Arnold is the person who put bodybuilding on the map and that reason would be his near-perfect body. We know we're supposed to focus on their sexy, but Arnold's body was exactly what made him sexy because...well, his body was HOT. He was a Greek Statue come to life. Never has there ever been a bodybuilder who was as perfectly proportioned as Arnold was, looking at his body was a treat and it was hard to look away. Top that off with a handsome face, a foreign accent and being naturally great on camera, and there you have bodybuilding's ultimate mascot.

3 Frank Zane

Via rheohblair.blogspot.com

Finding a perfect image of Frank Zane's hotness was easy because Frank Zane overfloweth with hotness.  The hardest part was trying to stop ogling and drooling all over ourselves enough to choose which picture to use in this article (another challenge in itself!) in order to properly convey just how sexy Frank was in his heyday.  I mean, look at that picture - he oozes a 70s type sexuality that you just don't see anymore with his hair, and Clint Eastwood squint, it's enough to make you want to bang him under a disco ball.   Not to mention that Frank's bodybuilding poses seemed so effortless, almost like dancing and it made him look like a living work of art.   Just think, if Frank moves that fluid on stage, you can only guess how this guy performed under the sheets. #boomchickawahwah

2 Steve Reeves

Via reddit.com

Steve Reeves, otherwise known as the hottest Hercules dude to ever play Hercules, is so unbelievably good looking, you almost can't look directly at him because your eyes get overloaded with gorgeousness. It's really no wonder why Steve was cast as Hercules back in the day and his role is now an iconic part of movie history.  When you think Hercules, you think Steve Reeves in a full-on beard and a barely there toga, sweaty and whipping a chain around...phew.  Excuse us while we fan ourselves.  Clean shaven or bearded, Steve was the guy that all guys wanted to be and the guy that all the girls wanted to hook up with so they could get a sneak peek of his mythical body under that toga.

1 Bill Pearl

Via clubedoferreiro.files.wordpress.com

You're looking at our number one pick for hottest bodybuilder and you're also looking at the World's Best Built Man of The Century. And with his near perfect body, no one is surprised he was honored with that title. At his prime, Bill Pearl was a stud. Head to toe muscle, big burly chest, square tense jaw, - the man was the definition of HOT and also the term, 'hubba hubba'. Bill was so freaking sexy, we're seriously thinking of starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund the building of a time machine. Because possibly causing a rip in the fabric of time is worth the risk to go back to late 50s and try to tap dat ass.

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