The 10 Most Eccentric Hairstyles In Soccer

It seems that players in different professional sports have certain fashion statements they like to make. Baseball players like to play around with their beards and facial hair, NBA & NFL players love to adorn their bodies with tattoos and many soccer players are known for sporting unique hairstyles. Whether it’s a mohawk, fauxhawk, bright colored hair or long dreadlocks, professional soccer players really love to flaunt their individuality, and their fans love it too.

In case you are expecting to see names like Abel Xavier and David Beckham here, we have reserved our list for current soccer players. Take a look at our top 10 picks for current players that are known for their eccentric hairstyles.

10 Asamoah Gyan


Ghana is a small country in West Africa that has a really good soccer team. The Ghana national football team has appeared in recent World Cup competitions and they also reached the finals in the 2015 African Cup of Nations tournament.


The captain and talisman of the Ghana team is Asamoah Gyan. He is a vibrant fellow known for his striking talent, jubilant dancing and unique haircut. He has a Mohawk haircut with his jersey number “3” shaved on both sides. He currently plays for the Al-Ain soccer club in Dubai and earns £6 million (approximately $9.2 million USD) per season.

9 Mario Balotelli


The 24-yr-old Mario Balotelli is one of the most recognizable faces in professional soccer. In his young career, he has already played for some of the best club teams in the world: Inter Milan, AC Milan, Manchester City and now Liverpool. He is known for being a controversial figure and some of his former coaches have even described him as “unmanageable.” But he is extremely talented and if he can get it all together, he might end up as one of the great attacking players in recent history. His haircuts are always a topic of conversation. He usually sticks to his mohawk hairstyle, but he also loves to add intricate designs and colors to make the look more dramatic. Added to his 6’2” stature, his hairstyle choices make him an imposing figure indeed.

8 Remy Cabella


There are players who are destined to be stars in the world of soccer, and the young, attacking midfielder Remy Cabella could be destined for greatness. He’s a slim, confident player of French nationality who currently plays for Newcastle United in the English Premier League. He is full of dangerous dribbling tricks and youthful ambition, and his exaggerated mohawk hairdo makes him look more intense on the soccer field.

7 Kyle Beckerman


The 32-yr-old Kyle Beckerman is an American soccer player who is also the captain of the MLS soccer team, Real Salt Lake. He plays the position of a holding midfield player and he has also featured many times in the American national team. When he’s on the field, it’s not hard to pick him out with his long dreadlocks. Hmmm, we wonder whether his dreadlocks make it easier or harder for him to head the soccer ball.

6 Gervais Yao Kouassi (Gervinho)


One of the speediest attacking players in soccer today is the African player, Gervinho. He currently plays for Roma in the Italian League, and he was also part of the Ivory Coast team that recently won the African Cup of Nations competition. Gervinho’s staple hairstyle look consists of medium-size dreadlocks accompanied by a black headband. He has often been teased on soccer internet sites about his large forehead, and most people believe that his hairdo and headband are what he uses to conceal it. True or not, one thing that’s for sure is that he’s one heck of a soccer player.

5  5. Marouane Fellaini 


Marouane Fellaini is one of the stars of the Belgian national team and he currently plays for the respected soccer team Manchester United in the English Premier league. Standing tall at 6’4”, his look is made even more pronounced when he lets his curly hair grow long. He has braided it several times, probably trying to contain his thick locks, and that look is just as intense. He is known for scoring a lot of goals with his head, and perhaps his thick curly hair helps him do so without feeling it.

4  4. Neymar da Silva Santos Jr.


3 Djibril Cisse


Let’s admit it, soccer players love attention. Most of them are very young, earn lots of money and they love to be the center of attention. Wherever they go, both on and off the field, the spotlight follows them, and they love it. One player who really loves to express his creativity through his hairstyles is French player Djibril Cisse. At 33 years old, he currently plays as a striker for SC Bastia in Ligue 1. Cisse is known for his speed and he’s also known for his very eccentric hairdos. With all the training these soccer players have to do during the week, when does he find the time to dye his hair and beard?

2 Serey Die


This is the second player featured on this list to hail from the Ivory Coast in West Africa. His name is Serey Die and he’s a 30-yr-old international player who plays his club soccer for Stuttgart in the German Bundesliga. His signature hairstyle is a blonde mohawk but what makes it even more unique and interesting is that it actually cuts a swirly path from the front to back of his head. He’s a really good soccer player, but it’s also fair to say that he has one of the most unique haircuts in professional soccer.

1 Rodrigo Palacio


Argentina is a country that has produced some of the best players to ever play the game of soccer. Some of those revered players have included Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. Another talented player from Argentina is Rodrigo Palacio. He plays for his country’s national team and for Inter Milan in the Italian Serie A. One thing he is also known for is his unique pony tail (or rat tail) that he carefully maintains. It’s quite an odd look, because apart from his pony tail, he shaves his head. Perhaps he uses this unusual style to distract opposing players on the soccer field.

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