The 10 Hottest Legends Football League Players

Some things are just better left separate. It’s like drinking and driving. Driving is fun. Drinking is really fun. Doing both together can have reprehensible consequences though. The same goes for dr

Some things are just better left separate. It’s like drinking and driving. Driving is fun. Drinking is really fun. Doing both together can have reprehensible consequences though. The same goes for drinking and texting, too. Just ask most guys what their last drunk text to their ex looked like and they’ll wither in shame.

Anyway, some things that would not normally seem to fit together sometimes work perfectly. For example, take lingerie. It’s amazing. The same goes for football. It's America’s best pastime. Normally, combining lingerie and football would be horrifying. For example, Peyton Manning is a legendary football player, but God please don’t ever let him prance around in lingerie on television. But there are situations where lingerie and football work together seamlessly.

Welcome to the Legends Football League.

The women who make up the LFL are no slouches on the field, either. They have real skills and play a tough game. It would be unfair to deny that these girls also look amazing in lingerie. They’ve broken ground on the idea of putting football players in skimpy outfits, but they actually make it work.

To help support this league, check out the the top 10 hottest Lingerie Football League Players.

10 Brittany Henderson - Las Vegas Sin

Las Vegas has a ton of attractions. They have gambling, of course. Then there are the nightclubs, the shows, and the gambling. And of course, there's gambling. But a new show has rolled into town and her name is Brittany Henderson. She doesn't exactly sing like Celine Dion. She doesn't do any magic like David Copperfield. But when someone looks like her, they don't actually have to do anything besides kind of stand there.

9 Michelle Angel - Los Angeles Temptation


Remember that girl from high school who was kind of tough? Maybe her dad rode a motorcycle. Maybe she was a gearhead. She might have been a smoker. She might have grown up in the rough part of town.

8 Monique Gaxiola - Los Angeles Temptation


For those who failed Spanish in high school, her name is pronounced “Guy-hole-a.” - not “Gacks-ee-ola.” For Monique though, she’d prefer people to call her by one name - The Gax.

No one of course knows what the hell that means, but they don’t have to. This is similar to why people called Deion Sanders “Neon.” Neon, for those who also failed chemistry, is an odorless, colorless gas that is a little lighter than air. How does this relate to Deion Sanders? Who cares.

7 Deena Fagiano - Chicago Bliss


This may be the only time where an offensive lineman is the best looking person on the team. For most linemen in the NFL, they probably eat their weight in pancakes on a daily basis. Most of the big guys up front are usually the curviest on the squad, but it’s not usually a good thing off the football field.

6 Jessika Howard - Seattle Mist


Steve Largent: eat your heart out. You are no longer Seattle’s best wide receiver in its history. Forget about “stats” and “fan loyalty.” Nobody cares that you were “inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame" either.

5 Katie Whelan - Seattle Mist

Katie Whelan describes herself as a giant - and she’s not kidding. She stands nearly six-feet tall, making her one of the tallest players in the league and taller than most any woman she’ll come up against. Her height can create significant advantages for the Mist on the field.

4 Adrian Purnell - Atlanta Steam


Adrian Purnell goes both ways. She admits this on her Facebook page. It’s what makes her such a popular figure in the LFL, too. The ability to go both ways attracts the attention of everyone on and off the field, too; it's incredible.

3 Tai Emery - Las Vegas Sin

Maybe the LFL should start a combine like the NFL does. For the uninitiated, the NFL Combine is an event held every year in Indiana. Here’s a bit about what they do: first, they have prospective NFL players strip down to their underwear and stretch. Then, they herd them into a big room where the players take off their shirts and people gawk at their physique. After that, a bunch of guys stand around and talk about their "measurables" for about three days.

2 Angela Rypien - Baltimore Charm


Angela has the genes - her dad is former Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien. She has the talent to go with it - she’s the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Charm. She has the charisma - it’s what makes her the face of the LFL. She has the looks too. This, of course, just makes it really unfair to everyone else that’s in her presence.

1 Cassandra Strickland - Las Vegas Sin

How does Cassandra Strickland break defenses and break hearts at the same time? Better yet, how does she manage to break ankles and hearts at the same time? Either way, Cassandra Strickland is as cool as the other side of the pillow on the field, but is hot as fired up coals off it. The kicker is that she’s a graduate of UC Berkeley - one of the finest schools in the country.

So, if score is being kept, she’s probably tougher than most of the men she dates. She’s better looking than the men she dates. She’s also smarter than the men she dates. Losers need not apply.

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The 10 Hottest Legends Football League Players