The 10 Athletes Who Have Been Linked to Adult Entertainers

2013 was a rough year for the adult entertainment industry. DVD sales and rentals were both at roughly their lowest of all time and continue to drop.

On the other hand, the industry still exists and isn’t going anywhere. The world isn’t going to change too much, so the $100 billion business will survive, even if they have to further modify some of their ways and policies to appease the bureaucrats and puritanical leaders in the US. Over the years, adult stars have provided us with plenty of entertainment, simply by being seen with other celebrities. It’s often funny to look at media reactions to them interacting with people outside of their business, as if reporters are like “morality zombies” slowly droning along, pointing at the adult stars, groaning “unclean, UNCLEAN!” The fact of it is, they’re just people, doing a job, and if you judge them for their job, you’re probably jealous.

No matter what though, there is always a stigma around any athletes or celebrities seen with adult stars, but again, it’s just perpetuated by the fools and trolls, as the great Warlock Charlie Sheen would say. Anyway, here are 10 athletes who were/are involved with adult film performers, bless them all!

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10 Hines Ward and Lisa Ann

9 Chuck Liddell and Jayden James

This is a strange one which became minor news back in 2009. There were several instances of The Iceman and Jayden Jaymes being photographed together at various parties and finally at a New Year’s party down in Mexico. Apparently there were taken while Liddell was still engaged. Brave, to say the least, but in his defense, he claimed that his engagement was already called off.

Here’s where it gets strange and it's hard to decide who to believe. Jaymes claimed, after these pictures surfaced, that despite the time they had spent together, she had just been hanging out with him for some easy publicity. That has to be a tough pill to swallow for Chuck, so for the novelty of it all, I call shenanigans on her and her story.

8 Jennifer Capriati and Dale DaBone

Not everybody knows that around the end of her career and for a few years after, former tennis star Jennifer Capriati dated male adult film star Dale DaBone. Now, I don’t want any of you immature clowns out there thinking I’m going to make some jokes about how if you close your eyes while watching women’s tennis, it sounds like aggressive, slow girl on girl, because I’m trying to write a serious article here.

Capriati and DaBone were a couple between 2003 and 2009. Their relationship became very public in 2010, when according to sources, Capriati had an accidental drug overdose, which some believed to have been a suicide attempt. Dale DaBone spoke up after this event, saying that it may have been partially his fault, claiming that he had contacted her prior to the overdose and that she missed playing tennis and was irate at his decision to return to the adult industry. I guess it’s hard to see one’s ex-boyfriend agree to appear in a Batman adult film parody.

7 Barry Bonds and Devon Shire

One of the most prolific sluggers in MLB history, Barry Bonds was also able to bag an adult movie star. This is long before Bonds was suspected of steroid use, back in 1995, when he was just a fresh faced youngster. During that year, he was already dealing with his divorce but he said there was no question that he would support his ex-wife and his kids, saying “I love my babies”. On top of that though, he was being sued by adult star Devon Shire, also known as Jennifer Peace, with whom he had an affair earlier that year, and she claimed he had gotten her pregnant. But Bonds was not fazed by any of this and chalked his lawsuit up to bad luck and bad press.

6 Dwight Howard and Mary Carey

This is one of the funniest and most socially awkward situations I’ve ever heard. First off, I have to show some respect, as Dwight Howard is a seven-time All Star and three-time defensive player of the year, but the details of this little entanglement are so painfully unusual that I have to wonder what was going through this dude’s head. It’s no secret that Howard is very serious about his Christian faith, so obviously when he met a young adult star, it was his mission from God to convert her, right?

Let’s look over the story. The two met in an airport, shot the breeze, hit it off and continued to communicate for about a month over the phone. Over that time, Howard read Mary Carey prayers numerous times, trying to persuade her to leave the business. One evening while she was over at the home of Chris Kirkpatrick, of NSYNC, Howard tracked her down, confronted her, and when she pulled him into the washroom to tell him to leave, he dropped his pants, causing her to run out screaming. So to recap the alleged story: a man who claimed to have wanted to use his NBA career to spread the word of God, pulls out his junk in front of an adult star, in the bathroom of one of the guys from NSYNC. That one hurt my brain a bit.

5 Rashad Butler and Mya G

I could give you a few minutes to Wikipedia Rashad Butler, but I’ll do the work and throw down some of his insignificant stats because I’m diligent. He played college ball for Miami, and was drafted by Carolina in 2006. He hardly played during his rookie year and was cut in early 2007. He was on the roster for the Texans for a couple of years but did next to nothing, partly due to injury. He signed with Cleveland in May 2013, but was cut and in November, he signed with the Steelers only to leave the team two days later.

Probably the coolest thing about this guy’s career is the fact that he had/has a relationship with an adult star. There really is no funny story and there was little in the way of controversy because she is a little known name, Mya G, who basically got a small amount of fame for a massive behind, and he is one of many extremely forgettable linemen in the NFL. Sources say that the two started dating in 2011 and it was reported that he was cheating on her in 2012, but nothing was ever confirmed.

4 Tanard Jackson and Jemini

This is actually kind of a nice story. Tanard Jackson has had some success in the NFL, starting his rookie season with the Bucs back in 2007. He was also a starter for 2008 and 2009, but received a year suspension in 2010 for his second substance abuse violation of the year. Prior to his suspension he started a relationship with actress Jemini, who became pregnant that summer. Reports at the time said that the two planned to make the relationship work and raise the child together.

3 Tiger Woods and Joslyn James

I don’t care what any of you say, I still feel worse for Tiger Woods than anyone else in that entire situation. Not because of the massive count he has on his belt, that’s awesome, but I do feel bad that he was judged harshly for doing something that any other man out there would do in half a heartbeat, if given such an opportunity. After all, like comedian Bill Burr brilliantly points out, "there is no seminar to help newly rich men cope with the army of gold-digging woman who will be coming out of the woodwork."

Among Tiger’s awesome lineup of conquests, was his frequent outings with Joslyn James, a veteran in the adult industry. She was one of many mistresses to come out with their stories during Tiger’s rough period and at this link, you can read some of what he texted. Most of it is pretty tame but still probably not safe for work.  After years of painfully boring Tiger Woods speeches after winning golf tournaments, it’s actually kind of funny to see his texts during his "glory" days.

2 Rob Gronkowski and BiBi Jones/Britney Beth

1 Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy has done nicely for himself, bagging the most financially successful adult star in the business, Jenna Jameson. This is particularly impressive because Tito Ortiz is not the most handsome individual. I mean, on the other hand he had a great MMA career, has a phenomenal work ethic and is a musclebound dude. But no matter how he looks, Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson had a monogamous relationship from 2006 until 2013. They had twins in 2009 and other than a domestic disturbance in 2010, they had a pretty normal relationship until 2013. They split up in that year mainly due to constant conflict in the relationship and some alleged drug issues on both sides. So you mean to tell me a relationship between the world’s most successful adult star and a professional cage fighter had some issues with stability? Imagine being the judge for a child custody case like that.

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