Gareth Bale Rents $16 000 Villa Near Real Madrid Superstar

Gareth Bale is no stranger to big paydays with the winger recently transferring to Real Madrid for $139 million. These new found riches has landed Gareth in the posh celebrity oasis of La Finca. For nearly $16,000 per month, Bale will be able to enjoy a seven bedroom estate that is said to be a virtual copy of teammate Cristiano Ronaldo’s home. The homes are so similar that it is said the only way to differentiate between the two will be by examining the ultra-luxurious furniture that will occupy the space.

The $12.9 million mansion is situated in what is called the most exclusive and secure residence in all of Spain. With a cool $16,000 being spent on rent alone, it is safe to say that Gareth Bale is living the high life. With big name celebrities such as Penelope Cruz occupying La Finca, the star winger has secured a home among the stars.

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Gareth Bale Rents $16 000 Villa Near Real Madrid Superstar