Brazilians Outraged at $3.6 Billion Stadium Construction Costs

Though many Brazilians are excited for the opportunity to host the upcoming World Cup events in 2014, they aren't as pleased about the construction costs. It is reported that it will cost about $3.6 billion to build the new stadiums necessary for hosting the events. This has sparked a series of protests throughout the country, with Brazilians wanting to know why these stadiums cost so much to build, and if the money is being spent properly.

Part of the issue stems from the fact that funding for the stadiums comes from public funds, and has helped line the pockets of billionaire businessman Mata Pires. Though Pires has been involved in many stages of the stadium development, he has declined to be interviewed on this subject.

Many are asking about how the funds are being used, stating that they may be better utilized elsewhere. With the issue still unresolved, some are suggesting there should be an investigation.

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Brazilians Outraged at $3.6 Billion Stadium Construction Costs