Australian Man to Pay Soccer Fans to Watch Games for Him

As strange as it may sound, an Australian guy has put an advertisement offering to pay some easy money ($150) to watch Champions League Football games on his behalf. In simple words, this guy wants you to earn money for watching soccer. He prefers to be known by his online name "Dino". He is a die-hard Arsenal fan. Dino is 27 years old and works in the legal profession. His is a very busy guy, whose day starts around 7 AM.

Champions League matches happen around 4.30 AM. Therefore, it’s not really convenient for Dino. He wants someone to watch games on his behalf and assume his complete persona on social media. He does not want to lose his online identity because of pressure from work. He wants the employee to post insightful commentary and even engage in banter on Facebook in a group of enthusiasts. Dino’s already received numerous applications. This can be a dream part-time job for any soccer enthusiast.

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Australian Man to Pay Soccer Fans to Watch Games for Him