10 Premier League Fan Bases With the Most Arrests in 2013/14

The Barclays Premier League is the most-watched football/soccer league in the world. Diehard supporters of the league make weekly treks to home and away stadiums to watch their favorite sides play in matches. As is often the case at sporting events, things sometimes get out of hand in the stands at international soccer games.

When cops are called in to settle things down, it's common that arrests are made.

The Premier League side with the highest total arrests of the campaign had a particularly rough year. What was supposed to be the start of a new and fruitful era didn't even last an entire season, and the information released by the UK government shows that followers of that club did not handle the disappointing season well.

Of the 823 total arrests attributed to Premier League sides, the previously hinted-at club was responsible for roughly 14 percent of them.

Here are the 10 Barclays Premier League teams with the most arrests by club for 2013-14 (All competitions).

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10 Tottenham Hotspur: 42 Total Arrests

Via theguardian.com

It was another roller coaster season for Spurs. Tottenham sold superstar Gareth Bale to Real Madrid on the final day of the summer transfer window. The club fired manager Andre Villas-Boas halfway through the campaign. Tottenham did well to scratch and claw up the league table, only to once again finish outside of the Champions League positions.

Same old Spurs.

Tottenham were credited for 21 Public Disorder offenses in 2013-14. Only North London rivals Arsenal had more arrests in that category. Spurs led the Premier League in Missile Throwing offenses with four.

9 Stoke City: 47 (tied) Total Arrests

Via prosoccertalk.nbcsports.com

41 of Stoke's 47 total arrests during the campaign occurred when the club was playing away from home. Only Manchester United and Manchester City were responsible for more away arrests. Stoke fans did manage to lead the league in one offense: Use or Possession of Fireworks of Flares.

The club's 19 arrests for that offense put Stoke 11 ahead of City, the team that finished second in that category. No other team than Stoke had double-digit arrests for this particular offense.

Stoke had a solid campaign, finishing ninth in the Premier League table. Their lousy away form kept them from even flirting with a top-six finish. Of the teams that ended the year in the top-15 of the league table, none had fewer away wins than did Stoke (three).

8 Everton: 47 (tied) Total Arrests

Via mirror.co.uk

On a positive note, Everton fans averaged fewer than one arrest per home match (eight total home arrests). Their 38 away arrests was the fifth-most among Premier League teams. One arrest was attributed to “other.”

Everton were one of three clubs to notch a Possession of Offensive Weapon charge. The 19 Public Disorder charges for Everton supporters put the club tied for third in that category. 12 of the club's 47 arrests were on alcohol-related offenses.

Everton earned a berth in the Europa League competition by finishing fifth in the Premier League table.

7 Newcastle United: 50 Total Arrests

Via chroniclelive.co.uk

It's becoming a yearly tradition for the club: Newcastle underwhelm with their on-the-pitch performances, rumors swirl about that manager Alan Pardew is set to lose his job, Newcastle ownership backs Pardew, Pardew keeps Newcastle safe, and then the process repeats itself the following season.

Don't look now, but it's happening already this fall.

Newcastle fans were equal-opportunity offenders as it pertained to home versus away arrests last season. They were responsible for 27 home arrests and 23 away arrests. 23 of the 50 Newcastle arrests were related to alcohol.

6 Chelsea: 56 Total Arrests

Via mirror.co.uk

The return of beloved manager Jose Mourinho was a mixed bag of results. Chelsea finished the campaign without winning a trophy, but the Blues easily cruised to a Champions League berth. They ended the year just four points off of Manchester City and the top of the Premier League table.

Only three Premier League fan bases were cited for Possession of Offensive Weapon offenses. Of those five arrests, Chelsea were responsible for three. 14 arrests were because of public disorder offenses, and 12 were due to violent disorder charges.

5 Liverpool: 58 Total Arrests

Via irishmirror.ie

2013-14 was a revival season for Liverpool under manager Brendan Rodgers. Striker Luis Suarez, as controversial a footballer as the sport has seen in quite some time, rightfully so won Player of the Year. Liverpool returned to the Champions League via finishing behind only Manchester City in the Premier League table.

Liverpool fans spread their offenses out over several categories last season. 16 of the 58 arrests stemmed from alcohol-related offenses. 14 were due to public disorder. 15 came as the results of violent disorder offenses.

4 Sunderland: 62 Total Arrests

Via chroniclelive.co.uk

Sunderland's 2013-14 season can be summed up in one word: “Whew!”

Against advice handed out by fans, analysts and most followers of the sport who have common sense, Sunderland began the season with Paolo Di Canio, who helped keep the club in the Premier League during the previous campaign, as manager.

To the surprise of just about nobody, it didn't work out. Sunderland were a disaster in the first month of the season, and Di Canio didn't make it to the end of September before he was shown the door by the club.

Sunderland managed to avoid relegation once again, and the club also finished atop one table. No Premier League team had more pitch incursion charges than did Sunderland (17) last season.

3 Arsenal: 67 Total Arrests

Via redlondon.net

The Gunners stumbled out of the gates, losing their regular season opener at home. Arsenal eventually, as is usually their nature, righted the ship. While they were unable to contend for the BPL title, Arsenal managed to yet again earn Champions League and finish ahead of North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Manager Arsène Wenger also led the Gunners to FA Cup glory, an achievement that ended what had been a long trophy drought.

37 of the team's 67 total arrests occurred during Arsenal home games. A few involved pitch invasions, and four included charges of violent disorder.

2 Manchester City: 71 Total Arrests

Via manchestereveningnews.co.uk

City supporters had plenty of reasons to be thankful and in good spirits last season. While their Manchester rivals turned into a figurative dumpster fire of a team, City climbed to the top of the League table. Unlike a couple of years back when City didn't win the Premier League title until the final minute of the season, MCFC took care of West Ham 2-0 on Survival Sunday to finish off the championship run.

City also won the Capital One Cup in March.

48 of City's 71 total arrests came when the team was away for matches. No other Premier League side had more away arrests last season.

1 Manchester United: 112 Total Arrests

Via metro.co.uk

See, United fans? 2013-14 wasn't all bad for you. You topped multiple tables!

United fans ran away with the title for total arrests. No team was responsible for more arrests at home matches than were United. Their 65 alcohol-related offenses was double of that for the club that finished second in the category (Manchester City had 29).

Needless to say, MUFC fans were unhappy that the David Moyes experiment went terribly wrong. United never really got going under Moyes, and the Champions League mainstays could not turn their season around. United finished seventh in the Premier League table and without any European football for this season.

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