10 of the Most Expensive Homes of Pro Footballers

Like many other major athletes, footballers have the power and money to be able to live as large as possible, and they do. In fact, you only need to look at the size of their homes to find proof of that. With that in mind, we’ll be giving you a countdown of 10 of the biggest and most expensive homes of football superstars.

These footballers are worth millions of dollars each, and their homes most certainly add credence to their insane wealth. Some of them aren’t theirs anymore – the home of Mario Balotelli on this list, for instance, was one that he rented out while playing for Manchester City – but some of these homes are so lavish that it’s hard not to include them on this list. Another example is David Beckham’s house that we feature on this list, which was so expensive and attracted so much interest that it got its own name as “Beckingham Palace”. Clearly, footballers have money to burn, and they’ll have no problem spending their ridiculous amounts of cash on equally ridiculous homes which feature amenities that even some diehard football fans might think are a bit over the top. Regardless, it’s just another peek inside the lives of footballers and how they choose to spend their money, as well as where they go after they’re finished wowing their home crowds during a match.

Although it’s also another example of the sheer volume of how much athletes make compared to most other people, it’s equally fascinating to see just what they do with their money, and their homes are probably the best examples of that you can find. Here are 10 of the most expensive homes owned by footballing superstars, listed in order of their value in American dollars from the least expensive to the most.

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10 Lionel Messi: Value Unknown

Via furnime.com

He’s considered by many to not only be the best footballer in the world – though certain Cristiano Ronaldo fans may disagree – but one of the greatest of all time, and Lionel Messi’s home is one that’s certainly fit for someone of that pedigree. Undoubtedly worth millions, the house includes a spa, a private theatre and – wait for it – an indoor football pitch. Yeah, really. Not only that, but the Argentine footballing maestro is in the process of building a new home in the shape of a football (with the house looking like a pitch from an aerial view), taking the notion of loving what you do to a whole new level. There's no word on what the value of the new home will be once it's constructed, but it's safe to say that Messi will have a place on this list for years to come.

Via 101greatgoals.com

9 Kaka: $3 million

Via fanpop.com

About to start playing for Orlando City for their inaugural season in 2015, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite – better known as Kaka – has got a 1,500 square foot home in Madrid that is reportedly worth $3 million, which he bought in 2009 following his transfer to La Liga titans Real Madrid from AC Milan (who he eventually rejoined). Conveniently located in close proximity to his former Los Blancos teammates, and including a gym, an indoor pool and a six-car garage, Kaka’s home is currently being rented out by current Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale for a monthly price of $16,000.

8 Andres Iniesta: $4.6 million

Via barcaforum.com

With a home bearing his last name on it, it’s pretty obvious that Andres Iniesta wants to make his place of residence stand out to anybody who happens to be passing by it, even if some might think it’s just a tad narcissistic on his part. The Barcelona superstar and former World Cup winner with Spain owns a $4.6 million house which might look a bit small from the outside, but what’s on the inside certainly indicates otherwise: this five-bedroom mansion – built relatively recently in 2005 – includes a pool and a chapel (Iniesta is known for being a Roman Catholic).

7 Mario Balotelli: $4.86 million

Via talksport.com

He may not live in this particular home anymore – it went up for rent after he went from Manchester City to AC Milan last year – but current Liverpool hitman Mario Balotelli had one pretty impressive pad while plying his trade at the Etihad Stadium. It includes a pool, a wine cellar, a private theatre, a putting green and four bedrooms and bathrooms. Balotelli then rented out his Alderley Edge mansion for a monthly price of roughly $21,930, and is now renting out a new mansion in Cheshire to a Liverpool player that is just as extravagant as this one.

6 Cristiano Ronaldo: $6 million

Via urbansplatter.com

Although rumours have been quite rampant these days of Cristiano Ronaldo’s potential return to Old Trafford in the not-completely-distant future, the Real Madrid superstar remains among the Galacticos playing at the Bernabeu. His mansion in Madrid, which he bought in 2008, is quite simply astonishing. At a price tag of $6 million, it includes a sauna, a private theatre, a gym, a pool, and an aquarium, despite neighbours having apparently whined about his mansion ruining the look of the area it’s located in. If Cristiano decides to return to Old Trafford in the future, expect him to possibly buy an even more lavish pad.

5 Frank Lampard: $7 million

Via man-news.com

Although he’s soon going to become a member of New York FC in the MLS, and he and his fiancee have been reportedly looking for a new place to live in the Big Apple, former Chelsea great Frank Lampard – who’s currently on loan at Manchester City – is the owner of a $7 million, 19,500 square foot home. The home is one of two that he owned while he was still playing at Stamford Bridge. While the value and size of his mansion sounds crazy enough as it is, what he’s got inside is even more impressive: the Surrey mansion features nine bedrooms, twelve(!) bathrooms, a putting green, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and even a boat dock.

4 John Terry: $7.5 million

Via thesun.co.uk

For now, John Terry is still very much a Chelsea player despite having been retired from the English national team for a while now, and despite rumours that he may be pegged for a move abroad in the near future. That said, his $7.5 million mansion was on the market some time ago, and what the pad has to offer its potential buyer is quite simply immense: it includes an underground aquarium and a private cinema big enough to fit 34 people, not to mention 10 bedrooms. Terry has a penchant for profiting off of selling his homes: he sold one of his mansions in Surrey earlier this year to Sultan bin Mohammed al-Naamani while making a profit of roughly $16.3 million.

3 Didier Drogba: $9 million

Via footyblast.com

It’s unclear where Didier Drogba is living now after having rejoined Chelsea following an unsuccessful stint in China with Shanghai Shenhua followed by a season spent with Turkish giants Galatasaray, but the mansion that the Ivorian owns and lived in while in his prime with the Blues is quite spectacular. Built in 2007, the mansion comes at a staggering price tag of £14.5 million (about $9 million) with 8,600 square feet and eight bathrooms, seven bedrooms, and even a trophy room. For a footballer with a net worth of $20.8 million according to Forbes, owning a place like this certainly shows how much he can do with his wealth.

2 Wayne Rooney: $17.83 million

Via wajanjaclub.blogspot.com

Living in an area of Cheshire not far from the homes of past and present teammates like Robin van Persie and Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney’s neo-Georgian mansion is estimated to be worth about $17.83 million. What’s even more surprising is the fact that even getting the building site ready before the house was fully constructed cost $1.57 million by itself. Built in 2004, it comes with a huge pool,  a private theatre, Grecian-style statues, and undersoil heating for its lawn. Wazza, who also owns an expensive pad in Barbados, can also lay claim to a CCTV system costing around $48,800.

1 David Beckham: $20 million

Via news.uk.msn.com

He may be retired, but David Beckham is almost unquestionably the biggest “celebrity” as far as footballers are concerned, and his wealth and power both within the context of the sport and outside of it speak for themselves. Thanks in part as well to the fact that his wife Victoria is a former Spice Girl, Beckham has owned numerous big-money homes – one of which was dubbed “Beckingham Palace”, and located in London with a reported value of $20 million. Bought in 1999 not long after he got married, the mansion came equipped with a chapel, a recording studio, and its own football pitch – among other ridiculously lavish amenities.

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