10 Hottest Players in the World Cup

Soccer superstars from across the globe are hitting up Brazil to battle it out on the field. Even if soccer’s not your thing, there’s a whole lot more to the 2014 FIFA World Cup than the game itself. In fact, one of the reasons soccer has such a huge following around the world is thanks to the players’ captivating personalities and, of course, their sexy looks too.

In honor of the exciting soccer event that’s four years in the making, we’re bringing you a list of the top 10 hottest players in the World Cup. Find out which well-known and popular soccer players you should have your eye on as the FIFA World Cup airs on TV screens worldwide. It’s worth noting that there are many more hot soccer players in teams that qualified for the World Cup, who narrowly missed out on making it onto our list!

10 Olivier Giroud – Plays for France

This gorgeous Frenchman, Olivier Giroud, is 27 years of age and has established himself as one of soccer’s hottest players in the World Cup 2014. Giroud is a forward for the French team. He’s 6’4’’ tall with blue eyes, brown hair and a strong jawline. He’s often unshaven and has tattoos visible on both his muscular arms. He’s not camera shy and that’s a good thing because the camera loves him. He looks seriously good in his soccer gear, a suit and tie, underwear, a tracksuit – or anything he cares to put on. Giroud married his wife Jennifer Giroud in 2011 and they have a daughter together (born in 2013).

9 Alessandro Florenzi – Plays For Italy

Sexy Italian midfielder Alessandro Florenzi has captured the attention of many football fans around the world thanks to his handsome appearance (and to his many good performances on the field too). At the age of 23, he’s younger than many players at this year’s World Cup in Brazil. Born in Rome in 1991, he is 5’9” with a lean, muscular body and his youthful good looks appeal to many younger soccer followers. With dark hair and dark eyes, and a cheeky smile, Florenzi is likely to get even better with age and hold onto his spot on our list of top 10 hottest soccer players for future World Cups.

8 Ricardo Kaka – Plays for Brazil

The Brazilian soccer team playing at this year’s World Cup is not short of eye candy but Ricardo Kaka is undoubtedly one of the frontrunners.  Born in Gama, Brazil, in 1982, Kaka has been playing football for most of his life and has been blessed with extremely good looks. The handsome player is just over six feet tall with dark hair (which he never cuts too short), dark brown eyes, a clear complexion and a great smile. His model-like looks have seen him featured in advertising campaigns for brands such as Armani and Adidas. He is married to his high school sweetheart and the pair has two children.

7 Yaya Touré – Play for Ivory Coast

Coming in at number seven on our list of hot soccer players is Yaya Touré who’s from the Ivory Coast.  He’s a popular and successful player, having been voted African Footballer of the Year for the past three years running. The 31-year-old is a 6’3” midfielder and he’s been playing for his national team since 2004. Bonus: his handsome elder brother, Kolo Touré, will also be representing Ivory Coast at the World Cup.

6 Robin van Persie – Plays for Netherlands

With his dashing good looks and fit physique, Robin van Persie is very well deserving of a spot on our top 10 list of hot soccer players. Born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands 30 years ago, van Persie is six feet tall with a handsome, symmetrical face and full lips. The Dutch striker has short dark hair with some grey hair beginning to shine through, which does nothing but add to his charm and appeal. He is the captain for the Netherlands team at this year’s World Cup so we’ll be seeing plenty more from him. Although he’s had some injuries lately, he has said that he feels 100% ready to go for the World Cup.

5 Javad Nekounam – Plays for Iran

Javad Nekounam isn’t as well known around the world as many of the sexy guys on our top 10 list but he’s definitely one of the most handsome – and talented – players at the World Cup this year. He’s an experienced 33-year-old midfielder who was born in Iran and now captains the national team. He is handsome and athletic looking, with dark hair, dark eyes and a dimpled chin (cute!). It’s likely to be his last World Cup so all the more reason to admire his good looks now while he’s still in the international spotlight.

4 James Rodriguez – Plays for Colombia

After having his international soccer debut in 2011, this handsome young Colombian player has shot to fame and is set to play a big role in the FIFA World Cup. Other than his midfield soccer moves, there are more reasons to keep your eye on this player when he takes to the field in Brazil. The dark eyed, dark haired player is known for his great smile (which he shows off regularly). At just under six feet tall, he’s currently 22 years old and is one of the most expensive soccer players in Colombian history.

3 Mario Götze – Plays for Germany

The youngest entry on our list is Mario Götze who, at the age of 21, is representing Germany in this year’s FIFA World Cup. Despite his young age, some in the industry have said this blonde-haired midfielder could become one of the top players in the world one day. Some of his most distinctive features are his cute smile, a little gap between his two front teeth and his pierced ears. He is 5’7’’ and needless to say, he’s in great shape. His girlfriend is hot German model Ann-Kathrin Brommel, who is likely to be one of the most attractive WAGs of the year.

2 Cristiano Ronaldo – Plays for Portugal

No list of the top 10 hottest football players would be complete without Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Born in Madeira, Portugal, this 29-year-old is one of the world’s most famous and popular athletes. He’s up there with David Beckham and Lionel Messi as one of soccer’s most legendary players of all time – and he’s extremely handsome too. Standing 6’1’’ tall, he’s got dark hair and dark eyes and muscular body, and he earned about $73 million in the past year (according to Forbes magazine in May 2014). He’s also done a lot of modelling as part of his sponsorships including for Emporio Armani underwear and jeans.

1 Gerard Piqué – Plays for Spain

This 27-year-old professional Spanish footballer is repeatedly voted as one of the sexiest players in the world and he’s one to watch in the 2014 World Cup. The 6’4’’ defender has blue eyes and brown hair, and a not-too-long beard. Born in Barcelona, he is well-known for his attractiveness and for his successful career on the field. As described by The Guardian newspaper on May 31, Piqué is not only a “footballer-genius with an IQ of 140” but he also always speaks his mind and has a very positive energy about him. Unfortunately for his fans, the hottest player on our top 10 list is off the market. He’s been in a relationship with Latin pop star Shakira since 2010 and the two have a son together, Milan Piqué.



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