The Highest Paid Formula 1 Drivers for 2013

Most individuals will realize that Formula 1 drivers are going to make good money. However, not many people will know that these drivers will take home approximately $150 million at the end of the year. When you really stop and think about it, this breaks down to a lot of money for the racers that you are watching race on the big screen. However, you may not know who the highest paid drivers are.

Formula 1 racer cars are like small jets. This could be why some of the drivers are the highest paid athletes that you are ever going to find in the world. It is certainly a dangerous job. This sport has a very high volume of watchers and it is certainly a sport that is going to bring in a great deal of money each and every year. It goes without saying that these drivers are going to expect to make a lot of money each time that they get in the car to race.

This is definitely a dangerous job as they are going to be driving at more than 200 miles each race. It can be very difficult for them to navigate the turns and keep control of their cars. The men that are driving these cars need to be the best and they have to be ready for anything that the track throws at them. Keep reading to learn who the top 10 highest paid drivers actually are.

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10 Romain Grosjean – $1.5 Million

This is the driver for the Lotus F1 team. Romain Grosjean was from France originally but he now lives in Switzerland. However, it appears that he can live just about anywhere that he wants to when you really stop and look at what he is making each year.

9 Sergio Perez – $2.5 Million

Sergio Perez is a driver for the McLaren racing team and most people know that he is a Mexican driver. What you really need to know about Sergio is that he is in the top ten of the highest paid drivers right now, but he is still relatively young when compared with other drivers. Therefore, you may find that the amount of money he is making will increase over time and he will be making a lot more.

8 Kimi Raikkonen – $3 Million

You can see that the amount of money the drivers make is continuing to rise when you look at Kimi Raikkonen. He was the world champ of Formula 1 in 2007. He is now driving for the Lotus team. What is very interesting to know about this driver is that even though he is in the top 10 when it comes to the highest paid drivers, he was actually making a lot more a few years ago.

7 Felipe Massa – $6 Million

This driver for Ferrari is of Brazilian origin. This is not a bad salary for a driver when you consider the fact that this driver has never won a World Championship while Felipe Massa has been driving.

6 Mark Webber – $10 Million

Mark Webber comes from Australia and he is a driver for the Red Bull Racing team. He is just like Felipe Massa in the respect that he has never won a World Championship but he is still making a great deal of money each year. Even though he has never won, he is thought to be one of the best drivers that is on the track and he can often be one of the most difficult to beat.

5 Nico Rosberg – $11 Million

Nico Rosberg is a driver for the Mercedes team. He is a German racer on the Formula 1 racetrack. He is currently in the middle of the top 10 when you stop and consider the amount of money the drivers are making.

4 Sebastian Vettel – $12 Million

While $1.5 million is a lot of money, you can see that the higher up the list you go, the more money the drivers make. This is just one more driver that drives for the Red Bull team. Those individuals that know a lot about Formula 1 racing can most likely tell you that they know Sebastian Vettel. He has set a few records of his own over time and he is good at this sport. It shows with the records he has set as well as by his placement on our list of the top ten highest paid drivers. It is also very interesting to know that he is the youngest driver to ever lead a race and to ever secure the pole position.

3 Jenson Button – $16 Million

If you have heard of McLaren then you have most likely heard of Jenson Button. He is a British driver who won the World Championship in 2009. Maybe that is one reason he makes so much money for doing his job. He is the number three top earner when looking at the list of the top ten drivers for Formula 1 racing.  Those that read Top Gear may even remember that he was named “Man of the Year” in 2009 and again in 2011.

2 Lewis Hamilton – $27 Million

This man won the World Championship in 2008 and lost the World Championship in 2007 by only one point. Lewis Hamilton is one of the men that makes the most money when you consider this sport. Lewis has been known to do endorsements for Reebok and even Puma. He is currently driving for the Mercedes AMG team.

1 Fernando Alonso – $30 Million

Most people are not able to state that they will ever know what it is like to make one million dollars in their lifetime, let alone $10 million in one year. However, that is exactly what Fernando Alonso makes. He has won the World Championship two different times. He is Spanish and he has a deal with Ferrari.

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