Top 15 Hottest European Female Athletes

There are seven continents on planet Earth and they are all filled with beautiful female athletes. One of them in particular is filled with intriguing women that interest people from all over the world. That continent is Europe. Europe is one of the smallest continents on Earth and is the birthplace of western civilization. The Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and the Age of Enlightenment are all historical periods that we mostly have to thank Europe for. After World War II, European countries have been coming together in order to strengthen their influence as both an economic and political power in the world. Throughout it all, they have had amazing female athletes who are beautiful.

That's enough of the random history lesson. Here are fifteen hot European female athletes. I think it's time to renew my passport.

15 Minea Blomqvist -- Golf (Finland)

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Minea Blomqvist became a professional golfer right before earning the Ladies European Tour Rookie of the Year award in 2004. She has since competed in various golfing tournaments in both Europe and the United States. In 2008, she became the first athlete of Finnish origin to win the Finnair Masters. All in all, she has achieved a lot more than I have in life even though she is only four years older than I am.

14 Lesia Tsurenko -- Tennis (Ukraine)

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Most would say that Lesia Tsurenko became noticed by the public when she replaced Maria Sharapova in the semifinals match of the WTA Premier Brisbane International tournament in 2013. Sharapova's illness was Lisa's gain as she was able to defeat two opponents before losing to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. She continues to compete in tournaments and fans are excited to see her compete in future tournaments.

13 Elisa Di Francisca -- Fencing (Italy)

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Elisa Di Francisca became noticed by most fencing aficionados after winning the silver medal in the 2006 World Fencing Championships. She also won the gold medal in the individual foil event at the 2012 London Olympics. Let's also not forget that she also won gold in the team event for Italy as well. I didn't know that Elisa's native country of Italy had a great women's fencing program until now. This just makes me want to go to Italy even more.

12 Rita Dravucz -- Water Polo (Hungary)

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Rita Dravucz, or Dravucz Rita if you're in Hungary, started to succeed in in 2001 at the 2001 Women's European Water Polo Championship along with the rest of her team when they claimed the title. She has also competed in various Summer Olympics competitions in Greece, China, and Great Britain. I always knew that water polo was an intense sport that doesn't get the attention that deserves. What I didn't know is that there are just as many beautiful women in water polo as there are in other sports.

11 Anna Kournikova -- Tennis (Russia)

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This beauty certainly brought my attention to the world of tennis when I first saw her participate in the 2000 Australian Open. Anna reached the fourth round in the single events and made it to the semifinals with Julie Halard. Unfortunately, a string of injuries hampered her ability to play and she stopped playing in around 2002. However, her long time tennis partner convinced Anna to play again on a professional basis in 2010. Let's hope that she is able to overcome her injuries.

10 Biljana Golic — Table Tennis (Serbia)

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Golic excelled at table tennis in her home country before making it big in the United States. She has been a National Collegiate Champion in almost all categories in the sport and has helped inspire women from around the world to play at professional levels.

9 Belen Mozo -- Golf (Spain)

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Belen's desire to turn pro happened after winning both the Women’s British Amateur and British Girls Amateur Championships. A feat that had not been accomplished since 1972 and led to her qualifying for LPGA tours. In 2013, she had participated in twenty events and made over $100,000. She went on to earn twenty-eighth place at the Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship. I need to visit Spain.

8 Josefine Oqvist -- Soccer (Sweden)

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I had to include a hot Swedish woman in order to complete this list and Josefine fits that criteria perfectly. Josefine became famous after scoring a critical goal for the Swedish team at the 2003 FIFA Women's World Cup semifinals. In 2011, Josefine would be a part of the Swedish team that won the bronze at the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup before giving birth to a daughter a year later. As of right now, she has signed a contract with professional French club Montpellier.

7 Claudia Toth -- Curling (Austria)

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I don't know what it is about curling but it certainly attracts women like Claudia Toth. Claudia's skill in curling has allowed her two play in two European Curling Championships. The first was in 2004 where she skipped for the Austrian team for an 11th place finish. The second was a year later where she would earn ninth place. She also turned down an offer from the German edition of Playboy to pose nude. So there's that.

6 Olivia Boeree -- Poker (England)

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As a guy who has played poker for an entire day due to a long tournament, I will say that poker is a sport. Olivia Boeree's biggest win in poker was on April 2010 when she won the European Poker Tour main event and won €1,250,000. This victory also made her the third women to ever win the main event of the Tour. Olivia has been a Team PokerStars member ever since.

5 Silje Norendal -- Snowboarding (Norway)

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I wished that I had more to say about Silje but she is successful at maintaining a private life which is pretty admirable. Silje won a gold medal at the 2014 Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado before finishing in fourth place at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

4 Anna Semenovich -- Ice Dancer (Russia)

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I don't know much about ice dancing but I noticed that Anna Semenovich kept coming up when people talk about the sport. Anna started ice dancing at the 1994 Goodwill Games with Maxim Kachanov. She then teamed up with Vladimir Fedorov a year later and would go on to win the Finlandia Trophy with Vladimir as her partner. Anna would continue to compete until she suffered an unfortunate injury in 2001 at the Russian Championships. She has since become a famous model, singer, and actress.

3 Maria Sharapova -- Tennis (Russia)

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The one and only Maria Sharapova. The Russian beauty continues to take the tennis world by storm despite her recurring shoulder injuries. In 2013, Maria earned second place in the world just behind Serena Williams. As of 2014, Maria is ranked seventh in the world but is probably ranked number one in most men's hearts. I don't think that Maria is satisfied with that terrible joke though. I'm not and I'm the one who wrote it.

2 Marta Menegatti -- Volleyball (Italy)

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No one knows who this girl is and it really upsets me. Marta's professional debut was at Barcelona in 2009 along with Greta Cicolari. They finished in thirteenth place. Marta then went on to the 2012 Summer Olympics with Greta and made it to the quarter-finals. The duo were then beaten by Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh of the United States.

1 Antonija Misura -- Basketball (Croatia)

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Another girl who no one knows but they should! Antonija Misura fell in love with the game of basketball due in part to her desire to follow in her older sister’s footsteps. Her impressive abilities on the court led to her helping her team when the Croatian Cup in 2008. Antonija then went on to lead Croatia to a bronze medal victory in the 2009 Mediterranean Games. On the not so athletic side of things, she has been crowned the Miss Mediterranean Games in 2009 due to her striking looks.

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