Top 10 Sexiest Women in Curling

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games in Russia are coming to a close as Bob Costas' eyes finally heal. This means that viewers all around the world are tallying up their country's final medal counts for bragging rights when they run into foreigners at the bar. Sports that have failed to consistently permeate mainstream culture such as alpine skiing, bobsleigh, and luge are forced back into hibernation for another four years. Another one of these sports is curling. I've been obsessed with the sport that many call "chess on ice"  over the entire Sochi games. I could go on and on about the intricate strategic and surprising amount of athleticism that it takes to compete in curling on an Olympic level, but I know that will not work. Instead, I will appeal to the lowest common denominator, with sex appeal.

Here are my top 10 sexiest women in curling from all around the world. All of these women have been thoroughly checked with searches to see how they match with my preferences. This means that the list is subjective and you might not agree with my opinion. Either way, this will hopefully bring the sport of curling the attention that it deserves.

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10 Jennifer Jones - Canada

Anyone could write a book about Jennifer Jones and I'm sure that someone will soon. Jones started competing when she was eleven years old and really came into her own when she won a gold medal at the 2005 Scott Tournament of Hearts. This tournament showed her impressive skills as she succeeded in making a tough shot that would've either won or lost the entire tournament for her team. Canadian media went into a frenzy and Jennifer instantly became famous for it. However, she would have to wait a long time for the 2013 Canadian Olympic Curling Trials in order to finally qualify for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

She succeeded and it's a good thing that she did. Her leadership lead to the first undefeated, gold medal victory for Canada in Olympic history.

9 Lene Nielsen - Denmark

Leslie Nielsen is the skip of the 2014 Danish Olympic team. This means that's she's the team captain and decides on the overall strategy for the Danish team in every match. Leslie began curling in 2004 at the World Junior Curling Championships before winning her first medal in 2005. Nielsen would have to wait six years before winning her first championship in 2011 at the International Bernese Ladies Cup. This firmly established her ability to skip for the Danish national team on a regular basis. The country of Denmark would even have her be the team's flag bearer for the 2014 Olympics. Unfortunately, Nielsen and the rest of her teammates would hit a few snags in the tournament. Denmark would finish in sixth place.

8 Jessica Schultz - USA

Jessica Schultz started her curling career as second for the United States at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. This means she delivers the second set of the team stone's in order to score points. Her team finished in fourth place under her leadership. In 2013, Schultz joined Erika Brown's United States curling team, also in the second position. Schultz's decision to join Brown was a good one, as they would go on to win the 2013 United States Women's Curling Championship. This victory would enable more opportunities that would lead to the 2014 United States Olympic Curling Trials. Jessica finished first in the round-robin tournament and qualified for the 2014 Winter Olympics. However, Jessica's streak ran out and she finished in tenth place.

7  7. Rachel Homan - Canada

Rachel Homan started participating in curling events when she was a teenager. Winning medals in competitions such as the Canadian Winter Games before "growing up" and participating in the 2011 Ontario Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Rachel would finish in an impressive fourth place in that tournament. She would then earn second place in the 2011 Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Yes, those are two different tournaments. The first being in Ontario, Canada. The second in Charlottetown, PEI.

Anyway, Homan would go on to qualify for the 2013 Canadian Olympic Curling Trials but did not do well enough to qualify for the 2014 Winter Olympics. She is currently working as a personal fitness trainer in order to continue to fund her curling aspirations.

6 Eve Muirhead - Great Britain

Eve Muirhead first took the curling scene by storm when she won the gold medal at the 2007 World Junior Curling Championships in Eveleth, Minnesota. She almost won at the 2009 World Junior Curling Championships, but was beaten by the hometown Canadian team in the tournament. Eve was still able to qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, but her team did not excel in the Olympic tournament. In fact, Eve was so frustrated by not getting into the semi-finals that she broke her broom on the ice. This is considered to be very unsportsmanlike in the world of curling.

Muirhead's curling career got a lot better at the 2014 Winter Olympics where she won the bronze medal along with the rest of the British team.

5 Giorgia Apollonio - Italy

Giorgia Apollonio isn't one for the spotlight. She likes to stay out of the headlines and doesn't post anything about herself online. The only facts that I could find are that she plays third position (throws the third set of stones) and is right-handed. An Italian article that I had to translate into English, reveals that Giorgia also likes curling because it brings her closer to her family. Giorgia also believes that more people need to get involved in the sport because it teaches teamwork. Giorgia attempted to qualify for the 2014 Olympics but fell short. Good thing I found this picture.

4 Anna Sloan - Great Britain

Anna Sloan was a student at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland where she became interested in curling. Sloan would skip at the 2009 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival for Great Britain. She would win them a gold medal along with developing a healthy competitive relationship with Eve Muirhead, as the duo would both simultaneously cooperate and compete against each other depending on the tournament. For example in 2011, Sloan would beat Muirhead's team in the 2011 Scottish Championship while teaming up with Eve in the 2011 World Junior Curling Championships.

Anna would win a bronze medal along with Eve for Great Britain in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

3 Ekaterina Galkina -  Russia

Yup. It's time to show the inspiration for this article, which is most of the Russian Women's Curling team. Ekaterina along with other women from the curling team representing Russia, went on a scandalous photo shoot in order to get Russian fans interested in the sport. Ekaterina started her Olympic curling career at the 2006 Winter Olympics. Her team earned sixth place and would have to wait until 2010 to be officially on the Russian Olympic team again.

Ekaterina would be in 9th place while representing the Russians at the 2014 Winter Olympics. That's unfortunate.

2 Anna Sidorova - Russia

Anna Sidorova's dream was to be an Olympic figure skater but a leg injury in her teenage years caused her to shift her focus to curling. Anna won the bronze medal as the skip of the Russian team in both the 2011 and 2012 World Junior Curling Championships. She would then win a gold medal at the 2012 European Curling Championships before qualifying for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Anna would finish in ninth place just like Ekaterina and the number one woman on this list.

1 Alexandra Saitova - Russia

Wow. I shouldn't even bother writing anything because no one is going to read this. Anyway, Alexandra keeps a low profile on the internet when it comes to personal information and not sexy publicity photos. Her previous curling experience before entering the 2014 Winter Olympics was winning a gold medal at the 2013 Winter Universiade in Trentino, Italy. She would end up in ninth place along with the rest of the Russian women's curling team.

Seriously though, look at her! I want to write more about my feelings for her but it might get weird so I'll just stop right here.

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