Spartan Race Revenues Booming: Owner Wants to go to Olympics

The Spartan Race has become a highly popular obstacle course racing event in recent years, and today founder Joe Desena is looking at the possibility of bringing the sport of obstacle racing to the Olympics. Desena estimates that the Spartan Race will make $60 million in revenue this year, the majority of which comes from entry fees from its participants.

The sponsorships the sport has attracted have also helped to generate at least $500,000 in prize money for these events. Notably, athletic gear producer Reebok has joined in funding the Spartan Race, but it is unclear as to what the company's total sponsorship is worth.

The Spartan Race revenues come from the nearly 750,000 people who have participated in the organization's events in the past year, an increase from the approximately 350,000 participants in 2011. The entry fee for getting into an event is $100.

The quick growth suggests that obstacle course racing could become an Olympic sport someday. Though the Spartan Race currently does not turn a profit, the owners hope its increasing size and influence may lead to higher revenue in the future.

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Spartan Race Revenues Booming: Owner Wants to go to Olympics