Top 8 Highest Valued Snowboarders in the World

As most of us know, action sports stars have become mainstream with their extreme tricks over the past 25-plus years now. However, it wasn't until recently - 2010, in fact - that these boarders got some love from the International Olympic Committee and got invited to the Games for a chance at a scoring a medal.

With the Winter Olympics in Sochi beginning, I'm taking a look at not only some of the most popular names in the sport, but also the ones who earn the heftiest paychecks, with these; the highest-paid snowboarders in the world.

A lot of these snowboarders are worth very similar amounts, so any tiebreaks will be broken by their ability to win in big tournaments like the Olympics or the X-Games.

8 Silje Norendal - Net Value: Incomplete Number - Zero Olympic Medals, Two X Games Medals

Although I couldn't find an exact amount for what Norwegian snowboarder Silje Norendal has made in her career, one would think that it's approaching some of the others on this list thanks to her success and healthy list of sponsors.

That list includes brands like K2, Oakley and Nike, making me think that she's got some cash lined up to spend whenever she wants to.

7 Danny Kass - Net Worth: $1 Million - Two Olympic Medals, Six X Games Medals

Seeing where he is now, it's easy to applaud Danny Kass for making the decision to first pickup a snowboard at the age of 12—because he gets compensated quite nicely for it.

His riding success began in 2001 when he won his first of four US Open Championships, seven Winter X Games medals and two Olympic silvers.

Along with his brother Matt, Danny co-founded Grenade Gloves which specializes in snowboarding gear, while also starring on the Fuel TV show, The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo.

With a net worth believed to be hovering around $1 million, he made the right career choice.

6 Gretchen Bleiler - Net Worth: $1 Million - One Olympic Medal, Five X Games Medals

With a net worth of about $1 million, snow bunny Gretchen Bleiler's boarding career can be looked at as quite the success.

Helping her get to that seven digit number took a lot of hard work—especially after recovering and rehabbing from a serious injury back in 2012—but it seems to have paid-off for her as she has been featured in the Body Issue of ESPN and Fitness and Shape, along with grabbing sponsors like Coca-Cola and Oakley.

She'll have a chance to add to her resume at the coming Olympics in Sochi.

5 Lindsey Jacobellis - Net Worth: $1 Million - One Olympic Medal, 10 X Games Medals

After heartbreak at the past two Olympics, Lindsey Jacobellis is hoping that the Sochi Games are a bit more kind—as she'll be aiming to capture gold after a second-place finish in Vancouver four years ago.

Who knows what that might do for her finances, as she's currently sitting at a net worth of about $1 million thanks to sponsors like Sprint and Paul Mitchell, along with some face time on commercials for Visa and Dunkin Donuts.

If Jacobellis can capture another medal, she'll shoot up the rankings as one of the most successful women snowboarders ever.

4 Hannah Teter - Net Worth: $1 Million - Two Olympic Medals, Six X Games Medals

With a gold and silver medal from the previous two Winter Games, Hannah Teter has already made quite the name for herself on the slopes.

More than that, she's made an impact in the marketing world as well, with big brands like Burton and Samsung flocking to grab the blonde Teter to showcase some of their products.

With a bank account showing over $1 million, Teter isn't all about spending it on herself, as she's huge on donating to charities and non-profit organizations.

Talented, kind-hearted and rich, she seems to be the total package.

3 Torah Bright - Net Worth: $1.5 Million - One Olympic Medal, Four X Games Medals

After capturing a gold medal in Vancouver back in 2010, Aussie snowboarder Torah Bright will be looking to defend her title in Sochi.

More than that, though, she'll be hoping to gain even more sponsors leading up to and following the Games.

With a lifelong deal already in place with Rhythm Snowsports and additional ones with Roxy, Subway and Boost Mobile, it's easy to see why Torah has surpassed a total net worth of $1.5 million.

2 Travis Rice - Net Worth: $2 Million, Zero Olympic Medals - Four X Games Medals

Considered to be one of the most influential boarders of the past 20 years, Travis Rice has earned both respect from competitors and sponsors, as companies like Red Bull and Quicksilver have called him to help them sell products.

Travis has also been featured on boarding movies like The Community Project and That's It, That's All, just adding to his estimated net worth of $2 million.

1 Shaun White - Net Value: $20 Million - Two Olympic Medals, 18 X Games Medals

His name is the most-recognized in the sport—thanks to his success and popularity—meaning Shaun White also earns the top spot here as the best-paid boarder in the world.

More than just his medals and efforts to redefine the sport itself, "The Flying Tomato" gathers numerous marketing dollars from his sponsors like Nike, GoPro and BF Goodrich Tires, as well as a clothing line that retails through Target stores around the country.

White is the past, present and future of snowboarding, so it's not wonder why he's as well-off as he is financially with an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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