8Jason Terry

NBA star and Seattle native, Jason Terry, has so many pre-game rituals, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Terry’s most well known ritual – wearing opposing teams’ uniform shorts - began in college, when he was preparing to play in the 1997 NCAA championship game. The night

before the championship game, Terry was so pumped that he decided to wear his Wildcats uniform to bed. Over time, he swapped his uniform trunks for the opposing team’s shorts. Now, Terry must go to bed wearing the opposing team’s uniform shorts, even if it means losing sleep over tracking down a pair of trunks.

Wearing opposing teams’ shorts isn't Terry’s only pre-game ritual, though. A few hours prior to a game, he must eat a meal with chicken as the main dish. He never leaves the locker room without a headband and socks, lots of socks. Terry is known for wearing up to five pairs of socks at a time. Oh, and if he’s having a bad first quarter, he insists on changing his shoes. According to the New York Times, Terry's hometown saying is, “Blame it on the rain.” So, if his game isn't going well, Terry has to blame it on something – his sneakers.

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