15 CrossFit Athletes Hotter Than Jackie Perez

CrossFit has become a pop-culture phenomenon over the past decade or more; you either love it, or hate it. There’s really no in between. However, one aspect of the CrossFit sensation is widely acknowledged by all who overlook the sport, the athletes. Particularly the women, for reasons obvious to our culture they have beamed throughout more than just lifting weights and reaching the pinnacle of their respective sport. These women are extraordinary people both on and off the CrossFit scene, they are outstanding people in their sport and for their communities— and it doesn’t hurt that they are easy on the eyes!

These fifteen women are just some of the highlights that popular culture has deemed beautiful, they are by no means the only outstanding eye-candy to blush over, they are however some of the most prominent and most successful. These women are pioneers in what is widely notarized as a male-dominated sport. Olympic lifting paired with endurance and full body movements are widely authenticated by males, conversely these women post times comparable to males and have blown us away with their beauty and physique!

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15 Lauren Fisher – 22 years old

via games.crossfit.athlete.com

Lauren Fisher is just 22 years of age; her hometown is San Diego California where she trains throughout the year. Lauren has made quite a name for herself as one of CrossFit's elite new ‘freshman’ athletes. 'Freshman' is just a fancy way to say she’s fairly new to the sport, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that with her early success. Even from sports and athletics early on, Fisher has dominated; including back-to-back California State Championships. Fisher’s talent for ‘Oly’ lifting (Olympic Lifting; compound moves with a barbell) has spring-boarded her into the spotlight of CrossFit. Like anything she’s done in her past, she has attacked CrossFit head on, participating in competitions such as Regionals (a competition for your region where you must finish in the top 5 to reach the CrossFit games). In her downtime, she enjoys lounging on the beach, and spending time with her boyfriend… sorry guys.

14 Elisabeth Akinwale – 37 years old 

via twitter.com
via twitter.com

Elisabeth is holding it down for the ‘older’ women competing not only in CrossFit, but also in any athletic competition for that matter. She is 37 years old, but has the heart of someone much younger, to even be competing at such an age is astounding in and of itself, but to be competitive amongst some of the greatest athletes in the sport is simply amazing. When she’s not competing in CrossFit, Elisabeth is a licensed social worker, and has earned herself a Master’s of Science in Social Work. She really is a jack-of-all-trades. She coaches CrossFit, mentors youth and adults in her social work, and coaches gymnastics. At first glance she may just look like a model, but her age certainly isn’t a factor when it comes to beauty and bad-assery.

13 Lauren Drain Kagan – 28 years old

via elbori1975.tumblr.com

It’s not hard to see how Lauren Kagan wound up our list, she’s equal parts sexy, strong, and fit. Kagan has a background of 14 years as an elite level gymnast, followed by an additional 5 years of CrossFit and gym training. She’s been training and doing CrossFit for 3 years now, focusing on making it to Regionals. This is no easy task, she has extremely high expectations for herself.

Outside of the gym, she has even published her own book, a bestseller on New York Times' bestseller list. The book is an autobiography about her time as an early adult as a part of the Westboro Baptist Church. She has since left the Church and tells her story about how she felt trapped in such a radical group. Nowadays you can find her on Instagram, with over 2.9 million followers, she has now developed her own nutrition plan, and built quite the physique!

12 Danae Brown – 36 years old 

via beautymuscle.net

Danea Brown is a fitness inspiration for all women who are still trying to lose that stubborn baby weight. Publicly showing her transformations pre- and post-pregnancy has shown how dedicated to fitness she truly is. Leaving mothers' across the globe scattering for answers, she has made her own dietary program, and workout regimen for mothers across the world.

Her success as a mother doesn’t stop there; she has made quite a splash in the CrossFit community. Her superhuman effort to bounce back after pregnancy made her a headline story when competing in the 2012 Australian Regional, where she rallied back in a late event to reach the CrossFit regionals.

11 Brooke Ence — 27 years old

via killcliff.com

Brooke Ence is perhaps one of the most charismatic and outgoing of all the athletes listed here, she's funny, weird, and just herself. She doesn’t adapt or change for anyone, what you see is what you get, and what you get is a strong, powerful, and intense competitor. She is married, so don’t get your hopes up men, she (like basically everyone else on this list) spends 2 to 4 hours in the gym everyday! She’s relatively new to the CrossFit realm, but she’s already making waves and has made it to her first CrossFit games in 2015.

Brooke has recently been cast for a Marvel movie role, but that’s all she’s been able to reveal about the film. She has a video blog on YouTube that you can view and witness the nonchalant bad-assery and genuine humor that is Brooke Ence. She’s new, but she’s developing quite a following, and its easy to see why.

10 Sara Sigmundsdóttir – 24 years old 

via reddit.com

Sara tried several sports while growing up, with incredible energy and lack of anything resembling an attention span as not many sports could hold her patience for long. To expend this seemingly endless energy, she ran laps around her house and did makeshift workouts wherever she could. After a while, even this bored her to death, so she started going to gyms and using weights to achieve her success. Originally, she said she went to the gym to find boys, but now, having boosted herself into the limelight of the sport, she has recently said she “Ain't got time fo' dat!”, sorry guys.

Her hard work has paid off, she has made it to the CrossFit games on multiple occasions and finished in the top rankings last year at the 2015 Games. No one has been more surprised at Sara’s success than Sigmundsdóttir herself. She, like most other Games athletes around the world, is an inspiration for athletes all over the world.

9 Andrea Ager – 28 years old 

via manyfaces.armitron.com/noweakbitch.tumblr.com

Andrea Ager, Colorado Native, started doing CrossFit in September of 2010. She has since become a coach, competed and chased some of the best CrossFit athletes in the world. She has what seems to be an endless amount of accolades and top-10, top-5, finishes in most of her competitions. Hard work and determination continue to push Andrea to the pinnacle of the sport, she still trains, coaches, and continues to chase her dreams of being crowned the ‘Fittest Woman on Earth’, ultimately to win the CrossFit Games.

Taking one look at this beauty, you might think she's a contender for America’s Next Top Model, or yet another stunning attraction from Vogue, however this swiss army knife of talents is much more than meets the eye.

8 Christmas Abbot – 34 years old 

via pinterest.com/salmend.tumblr.com

Christmas Abbot is the first female ever to join a NASCAR pit crew! Not what you expected to read at the start of a page titled Sexiest Woman in CrossFit? She truly is a pioneer when it comes to dream-chasers around the world; she seems to conquer any obstacle that she sets in front of herself. Aside from rocking the Pit Crew in NASCAR with her stunning beauty, she has become a CrossFit phenom and a household name in the sport. She is equal parts tattoos, beauty, strength, and athleticism, and as you can see from her photos, she’s made a career in modeling as well. Despite what her name implies, she was actually born on December 20th, which would have harbored quite a quiver of jokes and jabs sent at Christmas while growing up, if she wasn’t so incredibly bad ass!

7 Jenn Jones — 31 years old

via districtcrossfit.com

Jenn Jones started her athletic career in gymnastics, she was competitive all the way through college on her full ride at Western Michigan University. There, she achieved a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, where she first started accepting her desire for health and fitness. She started CrossFit in 2010, she’s been back and forth competing at Regionals and at the Games with her best finish coming in 2013, finishing 6th overall in the women’s division.

You can check out all of her achievements and goals on her personal website, JennJonesathlete.com. Unfortunately, there you will also find her deep admiration and love for her husband, Jared. That’s right, she's off the market, but in terms of eye-candy, Jenn Jones more than meets the eye with her easy looks, and physique to go along with it.

6 Julie Foucher – 27 years old 

via fitness.reebok.com

Julie Foucher has balanced an array of aspirations since her emergence into CrossFit during the summer of 2009. Juggling the pursuit of a degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan, as well as CrossFit, she truly had a lot on her plate. With a background full of track and field, it would help her quite a bit when developing compound movements in the CrossFit realm. It would prove to be too much at once, and she would take time off from some of her goals during her struggle, but eventually completed them all and then some. She is the real deal, she placed 2nd in the CrossFit Games in 2012, which is no easy feat, being crowned the runner-up to the ‘Fittest Woman on Earth’ truly holds its own weight.

She is absolutely stunning, brilliant, and athletic! She is something else… and she’s single.

5 Miranda Oldroyd – 34 years old

via mirandaoldroyd.squarespace.com/pinterest.com

Miranda Oldroyd has had her fair share of adversity, involved in a very serious car wreck, she was lucky to be alive and unscathed, or was she? Complications with an X-ray had led Oldroyd to believe she was able to compete in the CrossFit games, upon further review (and severe pain) she would come to find out that, in fact, the entire time she was competing with two fractures in her neck! Simply amazing that she had the drive and heart to compete with a serious life injury, it’s a testament to the type of athlete she truly is.

When she’s not breaking the boys' necks that turn and stare, she enjoys her life in southern California, training at CrossFit Chalk in Costa Mesa. She has developed quite a following, including 35,000 Twitter followers. It's not too hard to see why she is both beauty, and braun!

4 Katrin Davidsdóttir – 23 years old

via wallpart.com

Just last year, the beautiful Katrin Davidsdóttir won her first crown on CrossFit's biggest stage. Katrin has developed a strong following, in part because of her beauty, her down to earth demeanor, and also in part because of her amazing athleticism. She is brilliant on Snapchat, allowing all of her fans to see her day-to-day workouts and general hilarity. Most people love how down to earth she is, you can really relate to her and all she does.

Katrin has (more than any other athlete in CrossFit) sparked more of a debate about gender equality within the CrossFit community. She has put up numbers in workouts that rival the men’s best athletes, she's truly an inspiration for not only women, but also even men across the CrossFit sport.

3 Lindsey Valenzuela — 29 years old 

via allrookie.com

Lindsey Valenzuela has been an athlete all her life, she grew up participating in Jazz dance, and she swam and played volleyball. She was incredibly versatile even at such a young game, and such versatility has translated into her CrossFit career. She always practiced Olympic weightlifting training, especially during her collegiate career for Volleyball at Cal State Lutheran. Although her collegiate career got cut short, her passion for all things competitive did not.

She is young and relatively knew to the CrossFit Games, having appeared this last year for her first time. She has been competitively attacking CrossFit for 4 years; she maintains a regimented diet, ‘The Dolce Diet’, the same diet bad-ass Ronda Rousey uses to cut weight for her UFC fights. With a body like that it isn’t hard to believe she keeps a strict diet, and those looks to boot!

2 Christy Phillips Adkins — 31 years old 

via girlswithmuscle.com

A CrossFit veteran, having competed in 5 straight CrossFit games under the name Christy Phillips, she recently tied the knot with fellow CrossFitter Tim Adkins and left us all in the dust! But don’t let the early disappointment fool you; she is equal parts sexy, fun, and badass. She is a Rogue registered CrossFitter which makes her a tad more notarized when it comes to the integrity of the sport. Rogue is widely considered as the main sponsor for CrossFit and having chosen Christy to sponsor is quite an honor.

Eager to attack the sport, Christy would finish in the top 10 of athletes in 2009, 2010, and 2013. Which is seriously impressive, with a continuing push of up-and-coming athletes it's increasingly difficult to stay relevant, Christy has managed to keep her name in the mix and continues to impress both with her workouts, and her pure beauty.

1 Rebecca Voigt — 35 years old

via girlswithmuscle.com

With an impressive 3rd place finish in 2011, Rebecca (or Becca) Voigt made a name for herself in the CrossFit sport. Like most of the other beautiful ladies on here, she started her athletic resume with youth sports, such as basketball and soccer, eventually continuing her athletic career to the collegiate level.

It's easy to see why Becca has made our list, what’s not so easy to see is the hard work she puts forth every day, in every workout, to stay as fit as possible. She weighs and measures all of her food, and has recently said she wants to give the games one more go; as she said, she “Wants to know when [her] career is over, [she] gave it everything [she has]”. She’s certainly come a long way already in leaving her mark on the sport, and in our mental photo booth!

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