10Rob Martell - NHL

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Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rob Martell made his officiating debut in 1996. According to the NHL Officials Association, Martell has never officiated a single playoff game during his entire 18-year career. Recently, Martell has been involved in some questionable calls including a goal called off for interference during a Kings-Ducks

game in March this year. Even worse, Martell was part of the crew that officiated a Kings-Red Wings game in January where both referees and linesmen lost sight of the puck when it was deflected up into the air and hit Los Angeles' goalie, Jonathan Quick in the back before falling into the net. Apparently, nobody was looking for the puck, nobody noticed that it went in off of Quick's back or bothered to check the rule book that states a play must be blown dead if the officials have lost sight of the puck. Rules were meant to be broken, right?

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