Oscar Pistorius Talks about Lover Dying in Arms

In what appears to have been one of the most gruesome incidents in recent times, the South African sports star Oscar Pistorius has been charged with the offense of premeditated murder of his long time girl friend Reeva Steenkamp. A judge at a court in the South African city of Pretoria, stated that it was very difficult for him to rule out the possibility of the South African star planning the shoot out of his girlfriend, as reported by CNN.

Desmond Nair, magistrate stated that he would of course consider the idea of downgrading this charge made against Oscar, at some later date. Wearing a grey suit and a blue shirt, Oscar was present in the court room and was seen to weep quite openly over the demise of his girl friend even though there were plenty of legal eagles make their accusations against him known to the judge. Prosecutors were ruthless in the manner in which they presented their accusations before the judge but Oscar appeared to be unmoved by these accusations and kept his jaws clenched and his eyes watery during the entire length of time that he remained in the court room.

Steenkamp, who was only twenty nine years of age, appears to have been fired four to five times by Pistorius, 26 through one locked bathroom door. Pistorius carried out this heinous act after first attaching the prosthetic legs and then walking for as much as nearly twenty feet from the bedroom area. Steenkamp was shot in a room which was only about twenty square feet in size and there was simply no way by which she could have escaped. Prosecutors narrated this horrific incident before the judge, demanding justice for this inhuman and bloody murder of an upcoming model, who had only very recently made her appearance felt on a reality television show in South Africa.

According to Gerrie Nel who is one of the prosecutors of the case, there was not a single room of escape for the model and it must have been the most terrifying experience for her. Barry Roux, who is the accused person’s lawyer, stated that this was not a murder on grounds of lack of evidence. He also stated that the absence of a motive on the part of Pistorius ruled out the fact that it was a murder carried out by him.

According to Pistorius on the other hand, an intruder appeared to have entered his house and grabbed his gun, with which he supposedly shot Reeva Steenkamp. He claimed how deeply in love he had been with Reeva and that he was certain that she too had felt the same way.

Pistorius spoke about finding Reeva on the floor of the bathroom surrounded by a pool of blood. He was instructed not to wait for paramedics and take the slain victim straight away to the hospital but before he could take her to the hospital, the model appears to have died in his arms.

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