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Most Valuable NHL Teams

Most Valuable NHL Teams

The National Hockey League is the world’s premier hockey association that consists of 30 professional teams. The league is made up of 23 clubs from the United States and 7 from Canada. Most professional sports teams are formed to generate revenue for owners, managers, investors and the municipalities which they represent. In other words, each NHL franchise is a business that represents a specific city. In order for any type of professional sports team to remain viable as an organization it has to be able to generate some type of revenue otherwise it will cease to exist. Hockey teams are no exception to this rule. According to Forbes, the average hockey team is worth $282 million dollars. However, some NHL clubs are worth more than others and here is a breakdown of the top 10 ranked hockey teams and their net worth.

10. Los Angeles Kings 


Black, white and aluminum were chosen as team colors for the Los Angeles Kings and their current owners are Philip Anschutz and Edward P Roski. The team has 1 Stanley Cup to their credit and they acquired this particular award in the 2012 season. They were established in 1967 and are currently worth $276 million dollars making them the tenth most expensive team in the NHL. They are the only NHL team of high value that plays in the Western Conference of the Pacific Division. Los Angeles has plenty of fans that like hockey and who support their home team the Kings.

9. Pittsburgh Penguins



The Pittsburgh Penguins is valued at $288 million dollars and they possess a total of 3 Stanley Cups. They acquired their latest Stanley Cup in 2009. The organization was founded in 1967 and they compete in the Eastern Conference within the Atlantic Division. They’re personally owned by Mario Lemieux and Ronald Burkle. They have millions of fans all over the world.

8. Philadelphia Flyers


The Philadelphia Flyers can boast about possessing two Stanley Cups even though the last time that they won one was back in 1975. Their colors are orange, black and white and the team is worth $336 million dollars. The organization is supported by hundreds of thousands of fans in Philadelphia and millions of fans within the U.S. and Canada. This team is a member of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference and they were founded in 1967. This franchised is owned by Comcast Spectator. They’re personally owned by Mario Lemieux and Ronald Burkle. They have thousands of supporters all over the U.S. and Canada.

7. Vancouver Canucks



As an organization the Canucks were first established in 1945 and this team first entered the National Hockey League in 1970. They’re owned by Canucks Sports Entertainment and the organization is worth $342 million dollars. This organization never won a Stanley Cup but they were division champions a total of 9 times and won 3 conference championships. There colors are blue, green, silver and white.

6. Detroit Redwings


  The Central Division within the Western Conference is home to the Detroit Red Wings. This team sports the colors red and white and thy have won a total of 11 Stanley Cups. They acquired their last Stanley Cup in 2008. The team I owned by Ilitch Holdings. The Redwings have a net worth of $346 million dollars. This organization is very popular in their home city of Detroit, Michigan.

5. Boston Bruins


Founded in 1924, the Boston Bruins have won a total of 6 Stanley Cups and their last win for this award was in 2011. The Bruins are located in the city of Boston and they’re owned by Delaware North Companies. The Bruins competes with teams in the Eastern Conference and Northeast Division. Their colors are black, gold and white. The organization is worth $348 million dollars making it the fourth most expensive franchise in the league. Many hockey fans that live in and around the Boston, Massachusetts area come out to support the Bruins.

4. Chicago Blackhawks 


Chicago Blackhawk fans can attend exclusive Blackhawk bars which are located all throughout the greater Chicago area. The Blackhawks are worth a cool $350 million dollars to the city of Chicago. Red, white and black are the team’s colors and they’re owned by the Wirtz Corporation. They have 4 Stanley Cups to their credit and the last cup they won was in 2010. They occupy the Central Division within the Western Conference. They have plenty of loyal Blackhawk fans who reside in the greater Chicago area.

3. Montreal Canadiens 


Coming in at third place was the Montreal Canadiens with a net worth of $575 million dollars. The Canadiens represent the city of Montreal, Canada and this team has won 24 Stanley Cups since it was founded in 1909. The Montreal Canadiens are owned by the Molson family. This organization also has a popular Canadian fan club known as the Les Canadiens. The official name of the team is the le Club de hockey Canadiens. Their team’s colors are red, white and blue. They are positioned in the Eastern Conference within the Northeast Division. Hockey fans all over the Montreal area and other parts of the Canada and U.S. support the Canadiens.

2. New York Rangers 


Located in Manhattan, New York, the New York Rangers is the second highest valued NHL team in the league. The organization has a total net worth of $750 million dollars. They first entered the NHL in 1926 and they were the first organization to win a Stanley Cup award. The Rangers won four Stanley Cups during the course of the franchise’s history and the last time they held this honor was in 1994. Red, white and blue are the chosen colors for this team and they’re supported by millions of fans all over the U.S. and the world. The New York Rangers are owned by Madison Square Garden and they’re owned by the Madison Square Garden Company. The league has placed the Rangers within the Eastern Conference and the Atlantic Division. The Rangers are a popular organization supported by New Yorkers that love the sport of hockey.

1. Toronto Maple Leafs 


The Toronto Maple Leafs is the most expensive team in the NHL and this organization is worth $1 billion dollars. The Maple Leafs is based in Toronto, Ontario within the nation of Canada. This franchise is positioned in the Eastern Conference within the Northeast Division. Even though the Maple Leafs has won the second highest amount of Stanley Cups within the league, they haven’t won a cup since 1967. This organization has a total of 13 Stanley Cup wins to its credit. Leaf Nation is the name of the main fan club that supports this organization and the team is owned by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

When it comes to valuing NHL teams, people should keep in mind that franchises which are located in larger cities tend be worth more than clubs positioned in smaller markets. This is because larger market teams typically have more of a fan base, a greater amount of assets and capital and they are capable of generating more income than teams in smaller cities.

NHL teams provide value through community services, charities, donations and by the support that they give to local businesses, schools and other community organizations. Home stadiums that cities build for NHL teams are leased to each franchise. The revenue that is paid by each team is used by the cities that the team represents. The monies go toward public works and to provide city services.

Fans generate millions of dollars each year for clubs by purchasing tickets and merchandise. NHL teams create jobs and help to build up a city’s economy by generating business for hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. Tourism to a particular city can also increase revenue since this industry is also affected by NHL teams when they play well. They also help vendors and sponsors to generate income by allowing them to advertise and sell products within their facilities and by using a team’s name and players to endorse products and services. Television broadcasts of games also generate millions of dollars each year for NHL teams and the cities they represent. Ultimately, NHL teams are big money makers for cities which are fortunate to have them especially when they’re winning Stanley Cups.


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