10 Most Valuable NFL Teams 2010

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8 1.Dallas Cowboys

Forbes Rank:1

Team Value: $1.85 billionDallas Cowboys are owned by Jerral Jones(Net Worth: $2 billion), who bought the team in 1989 for $150 million.

Facility : Cowboys Stadium ,Opened Year :2009,Capacity: 100,000 , Cost to build:$1.25 billion, Average Ticket Price:$160

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad for 2010-2011

7 2 .Washington Redskins

Forbes Rank:2

Team Value:$1.55 billionWashington Redskins are owned by Daniel Snyder (Net Worth: $1.1 billion), who bought them in 1999 for $750 million.

Facility: FedEx Field ,Opened Year :1997,Capacity: 91,704 Cost to build:$251 million, Average Ticket Price:$85

6 New England Patriots

Forbes Rank:3

Team Value:$1.4 billionNew England Patriots are owned by Robert Kraft (Net Worth: $1.5 billion), who bought them in 1994 for $172 million.

New England Patriots Gillette Stadium,Year Opened:2002,Cost To Build$325 million,Average Ticket Price$118

New England Patriots Cheerleaders 2010-2011

5 New York Giants

Forbes Rank:4

Team Value:$1.3 billionNew York Giants are owned by John Mara and Steven Tisch, who bought them in 1925 and 1991 for $500 and $150 mil, respectively.

New York Giants-New Meadowlands Stadium,Year Opened:2010,Capacity:82,500,Cost To Build:$1.6 billion,Average Ticket :Price$90

The Giants don't have an official cheerleading squad, but fans still roar.

4 5.Houston Texans

Forbes Rank:5

Team Value:$1.2 billionHouston Texans are owned by Robert McNair (Net Worth: $1.4 billion), who bought them in 1999 for $700 million.

Houston Texans Reliant Stadium,Year Opened:2002,Capacity:71,054,Cost To Build:$449 million,Average Ticket: Price$68

3 6.New York Jets

Forbes Rank:6

Team Value:$1.1 billionNew York Jets are owned by Robert Wood Johnson IV, who bought them in 2000 for $635 million.

New York Jets and New York Giants owned New Meadowlands Stadium

New York Jets Cheerlaeders 2010-2011

2 7.Philadelphia Eagles

Forbes Rank:7

Team Value:$1.16 billionPhiladelphia Eagles are owned by Jeffrey Lurie (Net Worth: $1 billion), who bought them in 1994 for $185 million.

Philadelphia Eagles,Lincoln Financial Field,Year Opened:2003,Capacity:67,594,Cost To Build:$360 million,Average Ticket Price:$69

Chiladelphia Eagles Cheerleaders 2010-2011

1 8.Baltimore Ravens

Forbes Rank:8

Team Value:$1.1 bilionBaltimore Ravens are owned by Stephen Bisciotti (Net Worth: $1.5 billion), who bought them in 2000 for $600 million.

Baltimore Ravens M&T Bank Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders conducting their 2011 calendar shoot at various location throughout Nassau and Paradise Island including Bonefish National Park, Clifton Heritage National Park, the ground of Wyndham Nassau Resort, and Ft. Charlotte.

9.Chicago Bears

Forbes Rank:9

Team Value: $1.1 billionChicago Bears are owned by McCaskey family, who bought them in 1920 for $100.

Chicago Bears - Soldier Field,Year Opened:2003,Capacity:61,500,Cost To Build:$660 million,Average Ticket Price::$88

The Chicago Bears football operation does not have cheerleaders. How unfortunate, and sad for a city like Chicago, where some scantily-clad pom-pom wavers would go a long way over the course of a typical nasty winter.

The Honey Bears were the official cheerleading squad of the Chicago Bears franchise from 1976 until 1985.

After the ’85 Bears, famous for their Super Bowl Shuffle, the McCaskey family decided to get rid of the Honey Bears, claiming their cheerleaders didn’t fit the team’s tough image.

Many Chicago Bears fans claim the team lingers under a Honey Bear Curse, given their Bears haven’t won a Super Bowl since.

10 Denver Broncos

Forbes Rank:10

Team Value: $1 billionDenver Broncos are owned by Patrick Bowlen, who bought them in 1984 for $78 million.

Denver Broncos-Invesco Field at Mile High,Year Opened:2001,Capacity:76,125,Cost To Build:$401 million,Average Ticket Price:$78

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