10 Most Popular Sports In America

The information is derived from those websites which are being browsed most in the United States of America. (The websites concerned with the individual sports are taken into consideration). The list shows which sports the people of a specific country watch and not necessarily the sports they play.

10 #1. Football

In America the term “Football” is basically used for the American Football. The competitions of the highest levels are organized under the NFL (the National Football League). It is particularly popular in specific areas of the United States which include the Southern areas (Texas, Florida) and the Western Areas (California).

9 #2 Baseball

Also known as the national pastime of the United States, Baseball is the most popular sport in the country. Speaking broadly there are two levels of competitions – the minor league baseball and the major league baseball or MLB. These league competitions are not only watched in the US but also around the world over.

8 #3 Basketball

After the baseball and the American Football the next most closely followed game in the United States is Basketball. The NBA (National Basketball Association), just like the MLB and the NFL are not only being watched in the US but are popular around the world. It is mostly popular in the eastern and the northern regions of the United States.

7 #4 Hockey

It is among the most popular sports in the US.

6 #5 Soccer

America is one of those very few countries where Soccer does not hold the top position in terms of popularity. Soccer is regarded as the most popular sports in the world in terms of viewership and participation although it is not that much popular in the US. However it is gaining popularity in the school based programs as about 380,000 boys and 340,000 girls participated in it during the 2008 as per the U.S Census.

5 #6 Golf

Golf is the sixth when it comes to popularity in the USA as Tiger Woods is the most popular Golfing athlete presently.

4 #7 Tennis

Next in line comes Tennis or Lawn Tennis. In this sport the US also has a great record.

3 #8 Motorsports

The Motorsports including auto-car and the motorcycle racing come next line in terms of it’s following among the people in the United States.

2 #9 Pro Wrestling

Wrestling comes next as the most popular in the United States.

1 #10 Martial Arts

The youngsters in the US are developing liking for the marital arts and that is why it has crept into the top 10 most popular sports in the United States.

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