15MMA’s Top Journalist Banned For Life

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Ariel Helwani is widely considered to be the top journalist in all of MMA. His connections are able to help him leak some of the biggest news, including Brock's comeback and the fact that Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are having a rematch soon. He gives

the UFC tons of free coverage, but he gets on their nerves because he has been advocating for fighters - which the UFC takes as an attack on the company.

After Ariel broke the news of Brock's comeback shortly before the UFC was able to make their huge announcement, taking a lot of the wind out of the their sails, Ariel was asked to leave the event he was currently watching. He missed out on seeing Michael Bisping win the belt from Luke Rockhold, and was told that he was banned for life from covering any UFC events in person. Ariel went into more details about some of the personal attacks that Dana White made towards him and didn't hold anything back. Ultimately, he was re-instated with his media credentials and will continue to do his job, and will continue to do it very well. A huge outpouring of support from not just the MMA media, but from mainstream sports networks, likely had a huge influence on the UFC deciding to do the right thing here.

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