15 Hot Photos Of UFC Champ Miesha Tate

Here's some background info about Miesha Tate and her career as a professional fighter, but if you want to skip right ahead to the pictures I won't hold it against you.

Miesha Tate is the new woman of the hour over in the UFC's bantamweight division. Miesha Tate recently choked out Holly Holm to win the championship belt. Holly Holm is the lady that dethroned former dominant champion Ronda Rousey with the head-kick knockout "heard 'round the world."

Things are going to get very interesting now because Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey have a history, and a very bitter rivalry. These two genuinely dislike one another- it's not just hype to try to promote a fight.

Miesha and Ronda's feud goes back all the way to 2012, when the two first fought. Ronda submitted Miesha via arm-bar and won Miesha's Strikeforce championship belt from her. Fast forward to late 2013 when the pair would meet again. This time it was Miesha challenging Ronda for her UFC championship belt. Miesha would make it into the third round before being arm-barred by Ronda once again, and it remains the longest fight of Ronda Rousey's career. Miesha was the champ when Ronda came around, took her belt, then became a superstar, so there's definitely been motivation on Miesha's side. But it's finally her time to shine.

15 Bathroom Mirror Selfie


Even the baddest female fighter on the planet isn't immune from stopping for a quick bathroom mirror selfie session to show off when her curls are on point. She's looking to continue her reign as champ with a win over Ronda, and to avenge the toughest losses of her career at the same time. But first, thankfully, she's got time to strike a pose or two.

14 Turn The Other Cheek


13 Cupcakes by the Ocean


Miesha changed her nickname from "Takedown" to "Cupcake;" it represents her evolution as a mixed martial artist. Originally, she was known as a tough wrestler but as her game became a lot more versatile, she didn't want to be limited to one style. That doesn't mean she's shying away from a big takedown, but she's got a lot more tricks up her sleeves. And cupcakes, too.

"I just want to have a fun nickname, have a fun mentality again." - Miesha Tate

12 Put 'Em Up


11 Sultry


Along with raw fighting talent and performance on any given night, an MMA fighter's career success is largely based on their marketability, which can be defined in numerous ways.

10 Batgirl


9 Covergirl


Miesha has appeared in plenty of magazines, for obvious reasons. Not only is she Covergirl material, but she's also a great ambassador for the sport of MMA. Miesha is well-spoken, intelligent, and also a world champion. It doesn't get much better than that.

8 Pumpin' 


You would be surprised how many men (with zero training, zero fight experience, usually not even in shape) think they could demolish ladies like Ronda, Miesha, Holly... the top female fighters on earth.

7 Wonder Woman


There's a new Wonder Woman movie coming out, and it's a damn shame that they didn't cast Miesha Tate. She can kick all kinds of butt, and she's clearly a fan, too. Sure, Gal Gadot will do a great job in the role, but Miesha seems like a lock. Also, getting into acting is kind of the natural progression for top-tier female MMA fighters.

6 Sitting Pretty


5 Casual

From all done up for photo shoots and magazine covers, to just chilling casually in the car, Miesha can pull off any kind of look.

4 That Look In Her Eyes


Yeah, she definitely lifts and DEFINITELY squats, but probably not while wearing heels. In an interview with Shape magazine, Miesha gave some tips for achieving a killer body, and her top piece of advice was to practice martial arts. Training martial arts isn't just a great way to get into killer shape, it also helps with all sorts of things like self-esteem, meeting new people, and being able to protect yourself in dangerous situations.

3 Natural Beauty


Here's a photo from Miesha Tate's Facebook page attributed to Nick Honard. Miesha is very proud of this photo, here's the caption:

"I am proud to say there is no photo editing, no airbrushing, no alterations to the photo other than the black and white filter. Women should be proud to promote a healthy body image and not that unrealistic crap you see on the covers of magazines these days."

2 Killer Abs


Miesha shows off her dangerous abs. Professional fighters train every single day, and their intense training camps can last months at a time. It's a lot of stress on the body, but that's what it takes to prepare for battle inside the cage.

1 Gun Show


Strong is sexy, and Miesha Tate is about as tough and strong as they come. She's accomplished a lot in her career, and she's finally getting the spotlight that she deserves in the UFC. Despite their bitter rivalry, Miesha owes a lot of where she is right now to the existence of Ronda Rousey. Ronda brought a lot of attention to women's MMA, and Dana White has often been quoted saying that if it weren't for Ronda, that women wouldn't be fighting in the UFC right now.

Every great fighter needs a great rival to really cement themselves as a legend. If you aren't fighting anybody that matters, and you don't have any opponents that can get fans interested in seeing you fight, you'll never make it to that top level.  Fortunately for both Miesha and us, Ronda's waiting again.

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15 Hot Photos Of UFC Champ Miesha Tate