13 MMA Fighters That Would Make Great WWE Personalities

The world of MMA is home to some of the most physically gifted athletes in history. The endurance, athleticism and sheer fighting instinct of these martial artists are really outstanding. Seeing two well-trained fighters in the cage or ring is a thing of beauty.

Unbeknownst to some, these athletes are also some of the rowdiest guys there are. They’re not just pure muscle and brawn, as the events leading up to a fight are what makes them bag a lot of money. Basically, attracting the audience almost assures more fights and better payouts. Whether it’s just an act, or they’re just naturally rowdy, MMA fighters are without a doubt charismatic.

Some of these fighters could even make it big in the WWE if they try. In the WWE, charisma is just as important as athleticism as the audience plays a big role in a wrestler’s success.

We’ve seen some pro-wrestlers transition into MMA; Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar are some of the more successful wrestlers turned MMA fighters. Another wrestler who’s looking to make a shift into MMA is Phil Brooks; also known as CM Punk.

With the MMA promotions being home to an entertaining ensemble of characters, there are fighters out there that can rile up the WWE Universe and here are a few.

13. Sage Northcutt

This up and coming fighter is an ace with the ladies. And with his boy next door looks, it’s not easy to see why. Aside from his charm and undeniable charisma, Sage is also a skilled fighter. He’s an accomplished Karate practitioner, holding 77 world championships under his name. Although he’s yet to prove himself with the bigger names in UFC, we can expect a lot more from Super in the future, despite already having a UFC loss on his record.


11 Georges St-Pierre

Although he isn’t as noisy as most fighters on this list, GSP, also called “Rush,” is one of the more dominating figures in MMA. His sheer athleticism is enough to scare would-be opponents in his path. We’re not sure how Rush would do with a solo career in the WWE, but he’d do well in stables like the League of Nations alongside Rusev, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio. Plus, his stint in Captain America: Winter Soldier lets us know how he handles choreographed fights.

10 Hong Man Choi


A giant by any normal human’s standards, Hong Man Choi made the most out of his MMA career at Pride FC. He took on some big names in the industry, including the Last Emperor, Fedor Emelianenko. When it comes to intimidation factor, we’re sure most fighters had second thoughts when then finally come face to face with Hong Man Choi. If he gets a shot at the WWE ring, a matchup with other giants like Big Show or Braun Strowman might literally bring the house down.

9 Randy Couture


Perhaps one of the pillars of the UFC, "The Natural" is one of the fighters that adult MMA fans grew up with when they were kids. Some also call him Captain America, and the crowd just loves it when he enters the octagon. Did we mention that Couture can act? He played Toll Road in hit action franchise, The Expendables. If he teams up with another patriot; let’s say John Cena, in WWE, we’ll be hearing “USA!” chants around the globe. Currently, Couture does business with UFC's main rival, Bellator.

8 Roy Nelson

There’s no wondering why Nelson’s moniker is "Big Country." Unlike most fighters on the UFC roster, Roy Nelson’s physique isn’t really that sculpted. But don’t let the belly fool you, Nelson packs a mean punch, especially in that right hand of his.

What makes Nelson more lovable is that he embraces his physique and even uses it to his advantage in fights. If he does make it to the WWE, he’d make a good partner to wrestling veteran Mick Foley.

7 Ronda Rousey

There’s no doubting Ronda Rousey is one of the best women MMA fighter there is. Aside from her impressive career in martial arts, Rousey also had a few stints on the big screen. Her biggest role on screen so far is on Expendables 3. Aside from the action flick, Rousey also played a role in Furious 7 and the Entourage movie.

What makes Rousey even more qualified for a role in WWE is that she’s been in the WWE ring herself. Back at WrestleMania 31, Rousey along with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson taught Triple H and Stephanie McMahon a lesson they won’t soon forget. Her few moments under the WWE spotlight are surely memorable.

6 Kazushi Sakuraba


Known as the Gracie Hunter, Sakuraba is one of the legends when it comes to MMA. His go-to discipline when fighting is without a doubt his grappling repertoire. And listen, if you’re a guy with a title like the "Gracie Hunter," you’re already a certified badass.

Aside from being a professional MMA fighter, Sakuraba is also an accomplished pro-wrestler in Japan. Being in several promotions, Sakuraba has established Japan into one of the more prominent martial arts scenes there is. Although Sakuraba is past his prime already, one can’t help but dream of seeing him in the WWE.

5 Anderson Silva

Let’s all agree that Anderson Silva is the most entertaining fighter to watch. The fluidity of his strikes and the way he dances around the octagon are a sight for the eyes. His showboating may have gotten him in trouble with his opponents a couple of times but we can also agree that he’ll make more use of his dancing skills in the WWE. As of late, though, Silva had some pretty forgetful performances, including his latest controversial loss against Michael Bisping.


4 Quentin Jackson

Most commonly known as "Rampage," Quinton Jackson is a force to be reckoned with and a personality to watch out for. His trademark howl is sure to make his fictional WWE entrance send chills down the spines of both the fans and the audience.

His antics outside the ring include his constant bullying of his friend (?) Ariel Helwani; a renowned MMA Journalist. If Rampage makes it to the WWE, it’d be fun to see him bully Michael Cole who is sure to be a “beta” in the eyes of Rampage.

3 Charles Bennett


Besides being one of the most vicious MMA fighters of all-time, "Krazy Horse" is also a class act with his antics and in-ring gimmick. He likes to taunt his opponents during the fight, he LOVES the camera, and most of all, he’s scary, especially when he’s tearing a teddy bear in front of our eyes. We’re not sure how the WWE could handle a character such as Bennett. We’re not even sure if wrestlers would want to go toe to toe with him.

2 T2. The Diaz Bros.


These two brothers from Stockton are infamous for being obnoxious both in and out of the ring. While outside, both Nate and Nick are characters to watch as they constantly throw insults at their next opponent, or at any other fighter for that matter.

When in the ring, their bravado never seems to falter. Just look at the fight between Silva and Nick Diaz. Who else would provoke the Spider themselves? These two can do wonders for WWE, in fact, we can already see a Diaz Bros. vs. Dudley Boyz matchup. A few Stockton slaps here in there would also look good in the WWE ring.

1 Conor McGregor

Who else did you expect to be on the top spot? Conor McGregor is currently the highest paid athlete in the UFC, bagging in a whole lot of figures with each fight. Aside from his superb striking skills, "Mystic Mac" is also a well-proven crowd pleaser.

There’s a reason why McGregor’s a crowd favorite and it’s not just because of his fighting skills. He’s a loud mouth but what’s good is that he can walk the talk most of the time. One thing is for sure, we don’t want to be faced with McGregor in the cage and at a smack-talk contest. His trash talking skills may even be enough to shut up The Rock himself.

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